maxon Product Range 2024/25

Active implants Many therapeutic approaches prove to be far more effective within the body than external methods. Whether precise dosage of medications or supporting heart or muscle functions, maxon drives do it all with maximum efficiency and reliability. Professional project organization and a proven risk management system enable the smooth execution of medical technology projects in risk classes IIb and III. All production processes, production facilities, testing sys- tems, and documentation meet the highest quality guidelines.

Surgical robots Robot-assisted or robotic surgery is mainly used in minimally invasive surgery and makes it possible to carry out all kinds of complex interventions with much more precision, flexibility, control, and efficiency than with conventional techniques. There are two different methods: either with a direct telemanipulator or with com- puter control. maxon offers a wide range of customer-specific products and system solutions for both methods in order to meet complex customer requirements with respect to force feedback, safety, standards, traceability, etc., and to make a sig- nificant contribution to medical technology. The benefits for the patient are a much shorter surgery and healing time, as well as fewer complications and less risk of infection and scarring.

Surgical power tools In many surgical interventions, doctors rely on power tools. The areas of appli- cation are extremely varied, ranging from sawing bones to other small-bone and large-bone applications to stapling tissue structures. For each case, maxon offers the perfect drive solution from different motor and gearhead families. These brushless electric motors are characterized by extremely high power density and, not least, can be autoclaved up to 1,000 times.

Exoskeletons and prostheses For people with a physical disability, everyday tasks such as climbing stairs or opening doors can represent a huge challenge. maxon has been heavily involved in this field for years, providing technical solutions that make life easier for those affected. For exoskeletons and prostheses, we have developed motors optimized for torque and weight, as well as system solutions. With our mix of engineering disciplines, we also offer the possibility of tailored approaches for specific applications. maxon will conti- nue to drive the development of products and system solutions for exoskeletons and prostheses in the future.

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