maxon Product Range 2021/22

Aerospace Drive systems for the aerospace industry For more than twenty years, maxon’s drive technology has been driving the Mars rovers on the Red Planet. Today, hundreds of drive systems can be found in modern long-haul aircraft. Back here on the ground, maxon and its customers develop drive solutions consisting of individual components or sophisticated technical systems for passenger aircrafts, helicopters, spacecrafts and even unmanned aerial vehicles. maxon guarantees the unrivaled quality of its efficient, reliable and powerful drive systems for the aerospace industry. maxon has been EN 9100 certified (equivalent to AS 9100) since 2012. This standard was created especially for companies that develop and produce components for the aerospace industry. In our in-house laboratories, we test our drives for resistance to vibration, shock, cold, heat and vacuum. The name maxon is synonymous with customized precision and stands for an extensive support network that guarantees the highest Swiss standards all over the world. Our dedicated aerospace team assists customers with simple applications as well as complex, multi-year development projects. maxon engineers have used the knowledge they have gained from numerous special projects, such as the drives for the Mars missions, to other aerospace projects and have further developed this expertise for serial production. Our state-of- the-art technology and extensive laboratory tests make this possible. We never stand still. We are forever expanding the possibilities of aerospace technology, whether for passenger spacecrafts, helicopters or spacecrafts.

Aviation → Aircraft control systems: Actuators for small control surfaces, air and liquid valves of all types, fly-by-wire control systems, flaps, air-conditioning systems → On-board communication and cabin equipment: Actuators for antennas, window shade systems, pow- er seat adjustment, washing rooms, locking devices for overhead baggage compartments Aerospace → Drives for rocket engine valves, solar array drive and deployment. Actuators for docking and separating systems → Mission-specific mechanisms for research spacecraft and robotic probes, in particular for the moon and Mars Unmanned flight → Infrastructure: Actuators for docking, servicing, starting and landing systems, robotic systems for maintenance work → Payload mechanisms: Control surface actuators, electro-optics, gimbal and load drives, winch and load locking mechanisms → Drive systems consisting of an optimized combination of motor, controller and propeller for multirotor, fixed-wing and VTOL aircraft


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