maxon Product Range 2023/24

Here on the ground, maxon and its customers develop drive solutions consisting of individual components.

Modified catalog products for aerospace applications In addition to the catalog range, maxon offers its customers from the aerospace industry specially modified aerospace products. These are adaptations of products that were previously developed over the course of more than ten years for similar applications with very strict environmental and quality requirements. The available products include various preconfigured DCX, EC-4pole, EC flat motors, GPX UP planetary gearheads and ENX 10/16 XT encoders, and others. All products have been optimized for demanding environmental conditions such as vibrations, temperature, vacuum, or corrosion. In this way, we decrease the development time and complete new projects cost-efficiently. By prequalifying the products, we significantly reduce the risk.

Application-specific drive solutions For selected fields of application, maxon provides tailor-made special solutions. For the manufacturing of sophisticated, professional drones, the so-called UAVs (Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles), these are propeller drive motors and controllers (Electronic Speed Controllers, ESC). The products are closely matched to each other and are characterized by unrivaled efficiency and reliability for the highest safety and profitability during operation.

Custom drive systems When customers have requirements that go beyond the capabilities of the existing solutions, maxon also develops completely new drive systems. These can be novel components such as electric motors, gearheads, sensors, or controllers, or combinations thereof in the form of a complete actuator. Here maxon supports the customers during the specification phase, stands by their side during the industrialization, and supplies constant high quality for very demanding applications.


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