maxon Product Range 2020 / 21

Lab automation → Liquid handling (pipetting robots) → Point of care diagnostics (POC) → DNA sequencing → PCR analysis Power tools → Strapping tools, battery-powered staplers → Pruning shears, plant tying machines, saws, harvester implements → Electric screwdrivers, nail guns, pressing tools Oil and gas industry → Measurement while drilling (MWD) → Measurement and inspection systems → Valve controllers → Hydraulic pump systems Semiconductor industry → Wafer production → Semiconductor finishing → Pick-and-place applications → Analysis and test systems for product testing Test and measurement technology → 3D measuring devices → LiDAR systems → Surface testing devices → Scanner → Total stations → Precision scales Safety systems → Safety doors → Locking systems → Mobile inspection systems → Surveillance cameras

Industrial automation Drive systems for industrial automation

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are affecting manufacturing processes at every company, including maxon, where industrial production is being redefined. We are constantly raising our standards of quality, efficiency and flexibility to a new level. This is essential because complex mechatronic systems only work if components are of the highest quality and perfectly matched to each other. maxon is one of the only suppliers in the world that develops and manufactures DC motors, gearheads, sensors and controllers itself. Our customers benefit from this in many ways, for example in the manufacturing of drive systems for lab automation, the oil and gas industry, test and measurement technology or semiconductor production. All these applications require the highest accuracy, sustainability, reliability and quality. Our interdisciplinary engineering team works closely with customers to develop the perfect, tailor-made solution for customer-specific applications. From simple modifications to completely new designs, maxon offers everything from a single source.


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