maxon Product Range 2023/24

Active implants Many therapies are more effective when applied inside the body than from the outside. These include targeted dosage of medication, as well as support for the heart and muscle functions – tasks that can be performed with high efficiency using maxon drives. Professional project organization and a proven risk management system makes it possible to efficiently implement medical technology projects in risk class IIb + III. The production processes, production systems, inspection systems and documentation comply with highest quality guidelines.

Exoskeletons / prosthetics People with disabilities face many challenges in everyday life. Tasks such as climbing stairs or opening a door can be a big hurdle. For many years now, maxon has been investing its technical solutions and know-how into making life easier for these people. As part of this commitment, we have developed motors and system solutions with torque and weight optimized for use in exoskeletons and prosthetics. Additionally, our interdisciplinary engineering enables us to develop tailored solutions for special applications. In the future, maxon will continue to promote the development of products and system solutions for exoskeletons and prosthetics.

Drive components for medical technology applications must meet extremely demanding requirements.

Surgical power tools In many surgical procedures, surgeons use battery-operated power tools when they need to mill or saw through bone or drill holes. This is frequently the case in trauma surgery, if hands or feet are involved. Power tools have also proven their worth in hip joint surgery. With the EC-4pole series, maxon offers the perfect drive solution for this purpose. This brushless electric motor has two pole pairs, resulting in a very high power density and high torque, and can withstand 1,000 autoclave cycles.


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