maxon Product Range 2024/25

Drive systems for laboratory automation As laboratory procedures and processes grow increasingly complex, automation is becoming more important. Here reliability, precision and speed play key roles: maxon motors and drive systems are used in various laboratory applications for dosing liquids, analyzing and transporting samples, and moving axes. The exceptional reliability, high precision, and excellent dynamics make it possible to accelerate laboratory procedures and perform these reliably without downtime. In particular with regards to the XYZ axes, the high power density of maxon’s motors helps to save space and the high dynamics combined with a precision multi-axis controller facilitates optimization of the laboratory procedure and thus increases the throughput rate.

Drive systems for the semiconductor market The semiconductor industry is at the center of technological innova- tion and requires drive solutions that can keep up with its momentum. maxon offers drive systems specifically tailored to meet the challenges of semiconductor production. Our motors and systems are known for their precision and reliability and also have the flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements of microchip and semiconductor production. Whether it's precisely positioning wafers, carefully controlling etching processes, or handling sensitive components, maxon drives offer consistent and precise performance. They can play a decisive role in achieving more efficient and precise semiconductor manufacturing. Join us in discovering solutions that redefine semiconductor technology.

Drive systems for the oil and gas industry The production of oil and natural gas constantly requires new technologies and innovations in deep drilling technology. The equipment used for deep drilling is exposed to extremely harsh ambient conditions, including temperatures above 200°C, high pressure and extreme shocks and vibrations. maxon drive systems are used in a variety of drilling applications, hydraulic valve controllers, communication mechanisms and measuring instruments. The maxon Heavy Duty range of motors is designed for these operating conditions and features efficiency levels of up to 88% in air and over 70% in oil. In addition, these motors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures as well as pressure, shocks and vibrations. This makes them ideal and reliable solutions for applications in extremely harsh operating conditions.


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