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Hip, Leg, & Knee Pain Find the cause and live without it!


Your hips, knees and lower legs are tough—but injuries happen. Your hips and knees are your largest joints, supporting your body’s weight. They work in close coordination, giving us the mobility we need. Between arthritis, injuries and age, however, pain can flare up. If you’re experiencing hip, knee or leg pain, call us to schedule a closer look. Before you do, however, let’s examine the pain itself. What Causes Hip,KneeAnd Leg Pain? Hip, knee and leg pain are surprisingly common. Their source can come from a variety of things. If you’re experiencing pain in any part of your leg, pinpointing the exact spot can help you determine the cause. ManaPhysicalTherapyhaspinpointed several leading causes of hip, knee and legpain.Whilemanycausesexist, the most likely are:

inflamed. Cartilage may wear down, reducing the “buffer” between bones. Insomecases, limitedbloodflowmay cause bone tissue death, or necrosis. If you’re experiencing redness, inflammation and immobilized joints, While leg pain is noticeable by a slew of symptoms, several stick out. Aching or stiffness around the hip, groin, back or thigh may be a sign of deeper problems. A decreased range of motion, too, is a sign of deeper problems which may later result in hip, knee or leg pain. Sometimes, inactivity can contribute to immobility—and later pain. If you’re limping, lurching or are experiencing bad balance, contact a physician. While some hip, knee and leg pains go away, those lasting longer than several months may be hinting at a deeper issue. Sources pain/basics/when-to-see-doctor/sym-20050684 pain-and-your-body.aspx and-hips-a-troubleshooting-guide-to-knee-and- hip-pain articles/7619.php the condition may be severe. What Are The Symptoms?

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• Tendonitis • Pinched nerves • Osteoporosis • Cancer

• Arthritis • Dislocation • Hip fracture

• Sprains • Strains

While some causes are more severe than others, a physician can identify each.As thebodyages, jointsbecome

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