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HIP, LEG, & KNEE PAIN Find The Cause and LiveWIthout It!

How Physical Therapy Can Help


Sat. Jan. 19th at 10am Kindly RSVP to by 01/12/2019



Hip, Leg, & Knee Pain Find the cause and live without it!


Your hips, knees and lower legs are tough—but injuries happen. Your hips and knees are your largest joints, supporting your body’s weight. They work in close coordination, giving us the mobility we need. Between arthritis, injuries and age, however, pain can flare up. If you’re experiencing hip, knee or leg pain, call us to schedule a closer look. Before you do, however, let’s examine the pain itself. What Causes Hip,KneeAnd Leg Pain? Hip, knee and leg pain are surprisingly common. Their source can come from a variety of things. If you’re experiencing pain in any part of your leg, pinpointing the exact spot can help you determine the cause. ManaPhysicalTherapyhaspinpointed several leading causes of hip, knee and legpain.Whilemanycausesexist, the most likely are:

inflamed. Cartilage may wear down, reducing the “buffer” between bones. Insomecases, limitedbloodflowmay cause bone tissue death, or necrosis. If you’re experiencing redness, inflammation and immobilized joints, While leg pain is noticeable by a slew of symptoms, several stick out. Aching or stiffness around the hip, groin, back or thigh may be a sign of deeper problems. A decreased range of motion, too, is a sign of deeper problems which may later result in hip, knee or leg pain. Sometimes, inactivity can contribute to immobility—and later pain. If you’re limping, lurching or are experiencing bad balance, contact a physician. While some hip, knee and leg pains go away, those lasting longer than several months may be hinting at a deeper issue. Sources pain/basics/when-to-see-doctor/sym-20050684 pain-and-your-body.aspx and-hips-a-troubleshooting-guide-to-knee-and- hip-pain articles/7619.php the condition may be severe. What Are The Symptoms?

Join Us For A MAX CHALLENGE WEIGHT LOSS SEMINAR Sat. Jan. 19th at 10am Kindly RSVP to by 01/12/2019

• Tendonitis • Pinched nerves • Osteoporosis • Cancer

• Arthritis • Dislocation • Hip fracture

• Sprains • Strains

While some causes are more severe than others, a physician can identify each.As thebodyages, jointsbecome

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647 Route 18 South, Unit I • East Brunswick, NJ, 08816 (Next-door to Stop & Shop) “My husband and I both go to Mana PT and love it. The therapists are great and help us with our aches and pains. Definitely helping with our stressful jobs. We love getting acupuncture at Mana, too!” - Nancy J. Patient Review PRONE HIP EXTENSION While lying face down with your knee straight, slowly raise up your left leg off the ground. Hold your leg in the raised position for 2 seconds before resting. Alternate with your right leg, then repeat 10 times Relieve Hip Pain



Mana Physical Therapy teams up with local fitness center, THE MAX Challenge

community atmosphere fostered by the trainer. For a Physical Therapist, the best part aboutTHE MAXChallenge is theirexpertise in exercisemodification.Even ifbeing treated, it’s very likely that the staff at MAX can help you to navigate your injury in a way that allows you to stay active and continue working towards your goals. As always, when finishing physical therapy treatment, whether a patient was exercising before treatment or not, regular exercise is recommended to keep muscles and joints healthy and strong.

truly makes sense! Mikki went on to tell us, “Our nutrition program is based on real food purchased in your everyday supermarket and is extremely easy to follow. We offer our members many resources to help them understand how to incorporate nutrition into their everyday lifestyle and keep them accountable throughout theirday”. After learning about THE MAX Challenge, we sent Dr. James Coomber, owner of Mana Physical Therapy, in foraworkout tosee for himself. He had a great session and really enjoyed the welcoming

THE MAX Challenge offers an all- inclusive program to help you get into the best shape of your life in just 10 weeks. Their combination of fitness classes, nutrition counseling and accountability is guaranteed to get you into top physical condition, while not pushing one beyond their comfort or ability level. “We work with everyone from the former college athletes,tothe long-timesedentary, and everyone in between” said Mikki Curcio, Co-Owner of THE MAX Challenge. She went on to describe how they incorporate all levels into a single workout and it

Want to get to know THE MAX Challenge? Join us for a joint seminar held at Mana Physical Therapy on Saturday, January 19th, 2019 at 10:00AM. Kindly RSVP to by 01/12/2019. We plan to speak to and educate you on shoulder pain / shoulder injuries and THE MAX Challenge will be speaking to one of their main specialties, weight loss. The seminar is completely free and open to the public, with refreshments provided for all who attend. We hope to see you there!

How Physical Therapy Can Help

Increase your mobility and independence with the right physical therapy

In many cases, physical therapy can help patients increase leg mobility. In doing so, they can stretch, flex and strengthen the muscles responsible for support. If a joint appears deformed, or if sudden swelling occurs, contact a physician immediately. A good physical therapy program can assist with post-operation treatment, too. If you’ve undergone treatment for osteoporosis, dislocation or a fracture, your therapist can help you reclaim full mobility—andahealthy lifestyle.Fromstart

to finish, we’re dedicated to your ongoing wellness. On every level, physical therapy serves to enhance the patient’s quality of life. We’re here to help, and we have years ofexperiencebackingevery therapyoption. Contact oneof our providers today, and tell us about your symptoms. Visit or call to schedule your appointment with Mana Physical Therapy today!

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• Back Pain & Sciatica • Neck Pain & Headaches • Shoulder Pain • Hip and Knee Pain • Elbow,Wrist&HandPain What We Treat

• Foot and Ankle Pain • Motor Vehicles Injury • Balance&Gait Disorders • Arthritis • Chronic Pain

• Running Injuries • Ergonomics

• Sports Injury • Vestibular Disorder • Work Injury

• Pre-Surgical Rehab • Post-Surgical Rehab • Neurological Disorders


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