Accushield Flex + WCS Care (UK)

WCS Care Attracts Staff Back to the Workplace & Eliminates 85% of Agency Usage

WCS Care Attracts Staff Back to the Workplace & Eliminates 85% of Agency Usage


Flex for WCS Care About WCS Care

WCS Care is dedicated to providing care at a price which enables as many people as across their 13 care homes in Warwickshire, UK. Using the latest innovations, techniques and approaches in their homes, they work hard to improve the lives of the people who live within their memory care and assisted living communities, and employe roughly 60 employees per location. Challenges Facing ongoing staffing shortages, WCS Care struggled to fill last-minute vacancies, often requiring hours of manual calling and costly overtime and agency usage to fill the gaps. Workforce Turnover Unable to facilitate flexible scheduling, WCS Care was experiences a high-level of turnover at their communities with staff leaving to find a better work/life balance. Administrator Efficiency & Stress 1 2

Lower staffing levels increased the total volume of staffing gaps within the schedule and relying on a manual system, WCS Care administrators spent hours manually calling staff, often resulting in stress and decreased efficiency. Labor Premiums The lower staffing levels and difficulty connecting with available staff had downstream impact on labor costs, often requiring overtime or agency usage to fill staffing gaps. Impacting costs and morale. Quality of Care With a spike in agency presence, the concern around care continuity and quality arose as the quality of internal staff far exceeded that of agencies.



" When I get my university schedule, I pop in the days I can work (into the Flex app), so instead of thinking I was going to have to stop... I can earn while I learn!"

Frontline Staff, WCS Care

Solution and Results

Solution WCS Care decided to shift their mindset and innovate their scheduling and call-out process, selecting Flex as their platform of choice. providing staff flexibility to their workforce and boosting the efficiency of their internal team. Automated Scheduling and Call-out Flex's automated call-out empowers their administrative staff to share open and last-minute shifts, directly with their available full-time and part-time team members, filling shifts faster, boosting team utilization, and increasing efficiency for administrative staff. Staff Flexibility + Work/Life Balance With Flex's app, staff are empowered with the ability to view all open shifts and choose when and where they want to work. They receive automatic notifications every time a shew shift is available and have the

opportunity to pick up multiple shifts according to their qualifications. Expanding Their Employer Footprint as a Secondary Employer

With the ability to now offer flexible shift opportunities, WCS Care has organically attracted previous staff to their workforce to pick up added shifts that work around their schedules and primary jobs. Boosting their incomes and acting as a secondary role while filling more shifts with qualified at the community level.


89% Shift Fulfillment from scheduled and last-minute shifts

85% Agency Reduction

98% Staff Engagement and 99% adoption among their workforce

90% Administrative Time Saved

in under 3 weeks by filling more vacant shifts directly with their workforce

" Flex enables us to deal with the sector staffing crisis. This will be achieved y outpacing staffing agencies, establishing a competitive advantage, helping our staff manage their incomes, taking the focus off of the hourly rate and onto how much and when they choose to work, and expanding our employer footprint to be a second income to other potential employees who don't currently consider us as an alternative to top up incomes."

CEO and Founder, WCS Care | 404.301.3101

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