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The World’s Strangest Museums THE MUSEUM OF WHAT?

Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum Osaka, Japan It’s not just college students who love ramen. Since the invention of the instant noodles by Momofuku Ando in 1958, ramen has evolved into a beloved dietary staple from Japan to Jamaica. In addition to viewing some of the wilder examples from around the world, you can even design your own packaging. Bring along some chopsticks, as there are plenty of samples to slurp up. Plenty of museums are hands-off, but that’s usually to protect the precious objects held within. At the Kansas Barbed Wire Museum, not touching the exhibits is just sound advice. The development of barbed wire was instrumental in settling the American West, and this museum pays tribute to its invention and evolution. The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum Rush County, Kansas

Everyone knows the Louvre and the Smithsonian, but you might be surprised to learn about some of the stranger museums around the world. For nearly every passion, there

takes for granted until they don’t have access to one. In India’s capital, you can explore the fascinating history of commodes. Divided into three sections — ancient, medieval, and modern — you’ll be shocked at how much you can learn about history and culture through an examination of the ways a society flushes (or doesn’t). There are plenty of museums dedicated to exceptional artwork from history, but only one dedicated to less successful artistic endeavors. The Museum of Bad Art, or MOBA, promotes itself as the home of “art too bad to be ignored.” A trip to MOBA will leave you smiling, laughing, and feeling a little better about the fact that you’re not Picasso. The Museum of Bad Art Dedham, Massachusetts

is a building somewhere dedicated to it. Take a look at some of the


Sulabh International Museum of Toilets Delhi, India A functioning toilet is something everyone

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