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The Vankleek Hill Russell Gauley Breakfast

The Russell Gauley Breakfast donates a significant amount of money to this vital service. “We have such a giving community here,” remarked Bernique. “I have sponsors for things like eggs and bread. We have some nice donations from local businesses. People will often pay the $12 ticket with a twenty- dollar bill, and say keep the change.” The breakfast usually sees approximately 1,200 guests. Donations for food and raffles are given to raise as muchmoney as possible for the cause. Last year’s breakfast raised approximately $9,200. “I always like to raise another $100 each year,” exclaimed Bernique. “I am so grateful to everyone for all the help.”

have been over $100,000 by now,” joked Bernique. “But $89,000 is still good.” Getting to treatments can be difficult for some patients. Either the cost is beyond their budget, or they just don’t feel well enough to drive, or take several buses to get to their required destination.The Canadian Cancer SocietyWheels of Hope service helps patients get to where they need to be with volunteer drivers, taking them to their appointments, and then waiting around to take themback home. The service isn’t just a ride to the doctor’s office. It’s also support and someone to talk to in a sometimes stressful situation; however, there is still the cost of gas, which can be quite expensive.

The Russell Gauley Breakfast was once again a great success raising funds for the transportation department of the Canadian Cancer Society. Seen here are 2-year-old Lochlan Barton and his dad, Steven.


in an effort to help those afflicted with cancer get to their much needed doctors’ appointments and treatments offered only in the city. “He (Gauley) at the time was going for treatments. He realized it costs money to get people to their appointments,” indicated Evelyn Bernique, organizer of the event for the past 14 years. “We have some treatments locally, but we have to go to the city for the bigger treatments.” Bernique, who is going to the city for treatments herself, has raised more than $89,000 in the 14 years she has been involved with the breakfast. “I was hoping it would

As far too many people know, cancer is a terrible disease. It not only hits the individual in immeasurable ways, but it also affects family members, friends, and the community. For 31 years, people have gathered in Vankleek Hill to raise funds for the patient transfer program of the Canadian Cancer Society. It all started with one man: Russell Gauley. Gauley began this fundraising event

Evelyn Bernique, along with 45 volunteers, has put on another successful fundraising campaign for the Russell Gauley Breakfast. Bernique is seen above with sisters Luella Stephens and Debbie Dandy.


Semaine de la santé mentale des enfants

Valoris pour enfants et adultes de Prescott-Russell offre : ‡ des services d’évaluation, ‡ des interventions individuelles, familiales ou de groupe, ‡ la présence d’intervenants scolaires dans six écoles, ‡ des programmes fondés sur des données probantes tels que Triple P et C’est ta communauté.

Valoris for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell offers: ‡ evaluation services,

‡ one-on-one, family or group interventions, ‡ school-based interventions in six schools, ‡ evidence-based programs such as Triple P and Communities That Care.

Children’s Mental HealthWeek

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