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Are you prepared for the worst?

days a week, by professional information and referral specialists, who are trained to assess caller needs and to refer them to the most appropriate resources. The service runs in conjunction with 911, but there is a difference; 911 is meant for life threatening- emergencies, such as a heart attack or an accident where medical care is required immediately; 211 is the number to call for information on community-based health, social and government services. It is the number to call when help is needed, but

you aren’t sure where to turn or who to ask. Often, calls are made to 911 that aren’t life-threatening emergencies. These calls, and the subsequent response from Police, Fire, and Paramedics, can tie up emergency resources when support is available elsewhere. More information can be found on 211 and its resources at For more information on being prepared for an emergency can be found at www.

two, get bottled water. It is important to be prepared. At the very least have bottled water available in your home, and your car.” Being prepared means knowing where to get important information. If a disaster strikes and information on how to deal with it is needed, the place to call is 211. The service, which is offered through the United Way and is in service throughout the province, can put you in contact with a multitude of services including emergency housing, food, and information on where to find loved ones. “If there were a disaster, you could call 211 to get information on what is going on,” said Densmore. “Or you could call volunteer services.” Calls are answered 24 hours a day, seven


What do you do in the case of an earthquake or flood? This is eastern Ontario, but it could happen. Would you knowwhat to do? May 3 to9marks EmergencyPreparedness Week, which is a national awareness initiative that has taken place annually since 1996. This initiative is an opportunity for families to plan and be prepared for an emergency. “Take the 52-week challenge and put something for your emergency kit aside once a week,” said Jodie Densmore, executive director of the United Way of Prescott Russell. “Week one, get a bin. Week

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