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There is no better reward than recognition for a job well done. Celebrate your firm – and people – and gain serious bragging rights. Zweig Group offers six awards programs specifically focused on architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental consulting firm achievement. Each award has a different focus; successful start- ups, rising stars in the industry, marketing excellence, overall firm success, best workplace practices, and outstanding leadership.







WIN BIG WITH THE TRIFECTA Be among the best of the best and join an

elite group of award-winning firms. The Trifecta Award celebrates high-performance firm’s winning an award in three areas of firm operations: growth, creating a great place to work, and excellence in marketing.


hot firm award [deadline to submit - May 20]

The Hot Firm List recognizes the 100 fastest-growing AEC firms in North America. Placement on the list is


2021 Top Five Universal Engineering Sciences Anser Advisory, LLC Salas O’Brien Westwood Professional Services LJA Engineering 2020 Top Five NV5, Inc. Anser Advisory NELSON Worldwide Westwood Professional Services LJA Engineering 2019 Top Five NV5 Global, Inc. NELSON Worldwide Dennis Group Ardurra Hargrove Engineers + Constructors 2018 Top Five NV5 Global, Inc. CMTA CRB Ardurra-King Hargrove Engineers + Constructors

based entirely on revenue growth over the previous three-year period. Demo- graphic data will also be gathered so Zweig Group can analyze correlations and produce noteworthy and valuable statistics to share with you. Entry Criteria: •

Firms must derive majority of their revenues from the practice of architecture, engineering, planning, environ- mental consulting or allied disciplines. Interior design, landscape architecture, and design/build firms which provide design services are also eligible • Public entities such as departments of transportation or municipal public works offices are not eligible • Firms must have made at least $1MM in revenue in 2018 • Firms must have been founded on or before December 31st, 2016, were in business for the entirety of this 3-year period, and were still in business as of January 1, 2022 Upon completion of a quick registration on the Zweig Group website, applicants will receive an invitation to complete the award questionnaire. Firms should expect to provide simple, straight-forward financial information, and verification doc- ument(s). If you’d like to request an example of the question- naire, please contact awards@zweiggroup.com

See all the past winners here


best firm to work for [deadline to submit - May 6]

Firms will be categorized by firm size and discipline, and ranked based on a combination score comprised of 20% corporate survey and 80% employee surveys. This Best Firm to Work For application process doubles up as employee survey for participat- ing firms. Your firm’s entry fee entitles you to survey data of your firm’s Employee Survey, and additional benchmark data which shows the aggregated results of all the employees from all the participating firms. Zweig Group’s industry experts are available to offer further analysis and data-driven insights into your employee feedback. To make the survey results even more meaningful, firms have the option to upgrade the reg- istration to include up to 10 additional customized questions in the Employee Survey. A Zweig Group representative is available to assist in development of these questions. The responses to these custom questions will not count towards rankings in the awards program. The Best Firms to Work For award recognizes the top AEC firms based on workplace prac- tices, employee benefits, retention rates, and much more.


best firm to work for

To get started, firm representative should complete a quick regis- tration on the Zweig Group website. Upon completion, registrant will receive a preview of the corporate survey with the link to submit responses when ready; firm leader/representative should expect to spend 1-2 hours to complete the corporate survey. The link to participate in the employee survey will be emailed to the registrant upon registration, and it is the firm leader/registrant’s responsibility to distribute the em- ployee survey link to all staff for timely participation. 2021 2020 2019 2018 PAST WINNERS LISTED BY CATEGORIES

To be eligible, firms must have a minimum of 10 full- time employees, of which at least 5 are design or en- gineering professionals. For firms with 50 EMPLOYEES OR FEWER, a minimum of 60% of the firm’s staff must complete the Employee Survey. For firms with 51-199 EMPLOYEES, a minimum of 50%, and for firms with 200 EMPLOYEES OR MORE, a minimum of 40%, of the firm’s staff must complete the employee survey. Zweig Group will send updates on participation levels leading up to survey deadline upon request. Zweig Group will not, under any circumstances, disclose the names of firms that apply but do not make the list of winners. Data submitted by firms will be used in defining the overall survey sample set. All information submitted is completely anonymous and confidential. If you have any questions about customizing the employ- ee survey, or if you’d like to request a sample survey, please contact awards@zweiggroup.com


marketing excellence [deadline to submit - May 27]

The Marketing Excellence Awards recognize outstanding and effective marketing in our industry.


2021 2020

2019 2018

Award entries will be judged by a team of senior AEC marketing professionals, and evaluated based upon overall creativity, messaging, results achieved by the campaign, and level of design. Upon completion of a quick registration and payment on the Zweig Group website, applicants will receive a pre- view of the submission survey and a link to the Reviewr portal to begin the submission process. Firm represen- tative can expect to provide demographic information of the firm, description about the campaign(s), overall firm marketing practices and budgets, and upload support- ing materials. Winning projects will be highlighted at the ElevateAEC Conference this September in front of fellow outstanding marketers of the industry. If you’d like to request a preview of, or have any questions about, the submission process, please contact awards@ zweiggroup.com


ADVERTISING - an individual print or digital advertisement or ad campaign.

marketing excellence: categories

INTERNAL MARKETING - Campaign de- signed for an employee audience to increase communication and collaboration within a firm or division. Examples include: company intranets, recognition program, awards pro- gram, or communications associated with mergers, acquisitions, or new business-line initiatives. NEWSLETTER - INTERNAL - An internal, employee-focused publication produced via print or digital media. CORPORATE ID - BRAND REFRESH - A con- sistent graphic image applied to your firm’s print and/or digital collateral materials for the purposes of rebranding your firm. HOLIDAY - A print or digital piece produced for one-time use to promote brand aware- ness of your firm during a holiday (holiday card, e-card, party invitation, client-appreci- ation gift, etc.) RECRUITMENT/RETENTION - A program designed to recruit potential or retain current employees through print and/or electronic communications, including but not limited to ads, brochures, form letters, pamphlets, post- cards, announcements, and email promotions. SPECIAL EVENT MARKETING - A marketing piece produced for a one-time event (i.e., char- ity event, an anniversary celebration, open house, community event, rebranding celebra- tion, etc.). Entry should include visual proof (i.e., pictures) and all marketing materials used to promote the event. WEBSITE - A public website that either pro- motes your firm or has been launched by your firm for a specific project.

BROCHURE - A print or digital publication describing your firm’s general capabilities.

CORPORATE ID - NEW IDENTITY - A consistent graphic image applied to your firm’s print and/ or digital collateral materials for the launch of a new corporate identity. INTEGRATED MARKETING/BRAND AWARENESS - Both printed and digital methods of distribution such as emails, direct mail, display ads, banner ads on a third-party website, or other compo- nents that take place over an extended period of time to promote brand awareness of your firm. NEWSLETTER - EXTERNAL - A newsletter con- ceived and created by your firm, with content developed internally, intended for external distri- bution. The intended audience is clients and/or potential clients, teaming partners, peers, local business press, and other interested parties. PROJECT PURSUIT - Item(s) that were used in support of winning a single project. Materials can include anything that was used to win a project including: qualifications packages, proposals, pre- sentations, interview tools, leave-behinds, or other pieces that contributed to the total effort. SOCIAL MEDIA - Any marketing effort that utilizes online social media tools to provide a platform for thought leadership, collaboration, and user inter- action. Maybe one platform or a combination of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linke- dIn as well as blog posts or podcasts). VIDEO - A video that either promotes your firm or has been created by your firm for a specific project pursuit; a video created for external communica- tions; or one created for internal communications.


trifecta award [deadline to submit - May 6]


2021 Bowers + Kubota Consulting, Inc. CORE Consultants Half f Associates, Inc. ISG Landry | French Construction LJA Engineering Matthews Design Group McAdams Patel, Greene & Associates, LLC Westwood Professional Services

WIN BIG WITH THE TRIFECTA Be among the best of the best, and join an elite group of award-winning firms. The Trifecta Award celebrates high-performance firms winning an award in a single year in three areas of firm operations: growth, creating a great place to work, and excellence in marketing. This convenient bundle is a one-stop-shop to apply for the 2022 Hot Firm List, the 2022 Best Firms To Work For Awards, and the 2022 Marketing Excellence Award.





rising stars awards [deadline to nominate - March 25]

The Rising Stars Award recog- nizes younger professionals whose exceptional technical capability, leadership ability, ef-


2021 2020

2019 2018

fective teaching or research, or public service has benefited the design professions, their employers, project owners, & society. • Nominees must be 40 years of age or younger as of Dec. 31, 2021, and working in the United States for a private-sector company (or self-employed), public agency (i.e., federal, state, county, or city), military, a non-profit organization, or educational or research institution. • Self-nominations are acceptable. • Nominees should have a record of demonstrated exceptional ability and professional accom- plishments related to the AEC Industry in one or more of the following capacities: management; leadership; teaching; research; and/or public service. • Any private-sector company, public-sector agency, military unit, non-profit organization, or edu- cational or research institution may submit a maximum of four nominations per firm.

To recognize a Rising Star, please complete a short registration on the Zweig Group website; nomina- tors will then receive an invitation to complete the nomination questionnaire. The Rising Stars Award is judged solely on the information submitted in the questionnaire, it is imperative to be complete and succinct.


jerry allen courage in leadership [deadline to nominate - June 30]

The Jerry Allen Courage in Leadership Award is giv- en each year to an AEC professional who has made tremendous impact on the company through cou- rageous leadership.

WHO WAS JERRY ALLEN? Born in Texas in 1940, and the first of his family to graduate college, Jerry Allen seemed des- tined to make an imprint on the AEC Industry, one that would exceed his lifetime. After serving as City Engineer for the City of Fort Worth, Texas Public Works Department, Jerry joined Carter & Burgess, Inc., a 40-person engineering, surveying, and landscape architecture firm, on April 28, 1969. There he stayed and worked the next 33 years, where he became the company — and the company became him. Known not only for being the CEO of Carter & Burgess, but also as an innovative and inspira- tional leader, under Jerry’s direction, Carter & Burgess grew from some 200 employees and $17 million in revenue in 1988, to 2,300 employees and $381 million in revenue by 2002 when he passed away. Jerry, who was an incredible athlete and in fantastic physical condition most all of his life, was struck down by cancer at age 62. Jerry Allen was a friend and mentor to Mark Zweig, Founder & CEO of Zweig Group. In his honor, a portion of the proceeds from the awards program will be donated to The American Cancer Society.


THE AWARD | The award winner is a tremedous leader that has overcome obstacles to advance their firm(s) to a new level of success and accomplishment. Nominees can be in any role and come from architecture, engineering, planning and environmental firms of all sizes and types.


2021 Nathelyne A. Kennedy, WSB

2020 Calvin T. Ladner, LJA Engineering

2018 David Goodson, PE, RLG Consulting Engineers

2019 Paul Greenhagen, Westwood Professional Services

List of past honorees can be found here.

Upon completion of a simple registration on the Zweig Group website, nominators will receive an invitation to complete a nomination questionnaire. To request a sample of the nomation form, or any other inquiries, please contact awards@zweiggroup.com


top new venture [deadline to submit - June 30]

The Top New Venture Award honors the up-and-coming start-ups in the AEC industry. Firms are ranked based on revenue growth, as well as entrepre- neurial spirit, which include story of founding, firm structure, ownership characteristics, etc. Entry Criteria: • 50% of 2021 fiscal year revenue must be derived from the AEC industry • Public entities such as departments of transportation or mu- nicipal public works offices are not eligible • Competing firms must be founded AFTER January 1st, 2017; and have at least $1,000,000 in revenue for 2021 Upon completion of a registration on the Zweig Group website, applicants will receive an invitation to complete the short award questionnaire.


2021 Enovate

2020 JAX Engineering, Inc.

2019 Catalyst Environmental Solu- tions Corporation H2R Corp Shear Structural, LLC 2018 CORE Consultants Batture, LLC Woodblock Architecture


We’re connecting global leaders, solving industry issues, presenting next practices, and celebrating the most successful firms in the industry.

Previously known as the Hot Firm and A/E Industry Awards Confer- ence, Zweig Group’s annual conference is the largest gathering of award-winning AEC firms, making it the industry’s most compre- hensive business conference for leaders and aspiring leaders of AEC firms in the US. All our award winners are recognized at this annual conference, in the presence of all other industry leaders. Find out more at https://zweiggroup.com/pages/conferences

closing note

Zweig Group’s Awards are at the center of one of the five tenants of our mission, Elevate the Industry, that tenant is “Celebrate.” There is so much good that this industry brings to the built environment and to the lives of the people who work in it. We want to celebrate the firms, people, and accomplishments of the A/E/C Industry. Through our six awards programs, we celebrate great workplaces, tremendous revenue growth, outstanding marketing, rising stars, courageous leadership, and up-and-coming firms. These awards give the winning firms and people the recognition that they deserve in an industry that is often overlooked by society. The win- ners of our awards truly do help to elevate the industry as a whole. Celebrate your success, celebrate your accomplishments, celebrate your employees and help Zweig Group Elevate the Industry.

Celebrate your success, cele- brate your accomplishments, celebrate your employees .” Kyle Ahern Awards Manager



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