E-vote system still possible?

Les entreprises qui ont fourni les systèmes de vote électronique utilisés par lesmunicipalités de l’Ontario lors des dernières électionsmunicipales tentent encore de convaincre les membres de conseils municipaux d’ici et d’ailleurs que le vote électronique est rentable et pratique. —photo d’archives


tional paper ballot systemand was not part of the e-vote setup, thus had no troubles with its vote collection and tabulation like other municipalities did. Daigneault also noted that any cyber system allowing voters to cast their ballots at home or anywhere in the world, through either the Internet or their mobile phone, must also be “sensible in terms of cost” com- pared to the traditional paper ballot setup. Whether or not Alfred-Plantagenet Town- ship would be willing in future to take part in an e-voting system is still undecided. Dai- gneault noted that many residents still prefer going to the polling station andmarking their paper ballot while others are open to the idea of being able to stay at home and vote. “We have both ends of the spectrum,” he said. Nos publicitaires dépassent la concurrence d’un échelon


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The last municipal election in Prescott- Russell saw the introduction of electronic voting for almost the entire region. A series of glitches, in almost every municipality that introduced e-voting as an alternative to the traditional paper ballot, has made local councils leery of cybernetic voting for future elections. The companies that provided the flawed e-voting systems, used by Ontario muni- cipalities in the last civic election, are still trying to convince council members in Pres- cott-Russell and other parts of the province that cyber votes are still a cost-effective and convenient means of conducting local elec- tions. Scytl, one of those companies, was sche- duled to make a presentation lobbying for e-voting during Alfred-Plantagenet Town- ship council’s Nov. 7 regular session. But the company’s representative was not able to attend and the township council remains inclined to the traditional paper balloting method. But the townshipmay be willing to take part in a possible Request for Proposals through the United Counties of Prescott- Russell (UCPR) for a safe and glitch-free e-voting system. “This would be for one single company that would overlook the election setup,” said Marc Daigneault, chief administrative officer for the township. Daigneault noted that the original plan during the last civic election was to have one single cybervote company handle the e-voting system for Prescott-Russell. Then one of the UCPR member municipalities decided to go with another outfit. Alfred- Plantagenet Township stuck with the tradi-

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