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Blow the Roof off ‘Usual and Customary’ Dentistry, Part III. Conclusion

By Dr. Tom “The Gems Guy” Orent


that first phase of care, there should be sufficient trust and a strong enough relationship by the first recall visit.

The most common “bread and butter” patients we see in general dental practices typically have lots of work to be done but NO CLUE that there’s anything wrong … let alone any inkling that they need extensive expensive restorative care! “Doc, I just moved from Chicago. Lived there all my life. Loved my dentist, Dr. Bob. In fact, my parents went to him when they were kids too! He’s amazing. 92 years old and still practicing. Gosh, he must love being a dentist! Anyway, he personally cleaned and checked my teeth just about six months ago. He said everything was just fine. Guess all I need now is a cleaning and a quick checkup …” Classic! New patients who have no symptoms may assume that things are just fine. Meanwhile, you take one look and know that you’re in for a difficult discussion about the need for care (in the absence of symptoms). Furthermore, hearing about the cost of that care could easily send your brand-new patient running out the back door. In Parts I and II, we discussed how to avoid sending patients running. If you missed those articles go back to the last two issues now and read them. You’ll discover exactly how to RETAIN ALMOST EVERY NEW PATIENT. It’s not that you can’t discuss what they need. If a patient would benefit greatly from $25,000 worth of crown and bridge, it’s our moral and ethical obligation to discuss it with her. But as you discovered in Parts I and II of this series, if you ever actually want to treat this patient, the timing of that discussion is the critical factor. At the end of Part II, we’d completed the Phase I exam and deliberately expressed, almost as an afterthought, that after we’d completed the Phase I care, we’d like to have her back for a more complete and thorough evaluation of the back teeth.

If you’ve been on Planet Gems for a while, you’ve heard me detail my system for selling best-option long-term dentistry before. If you’ve landed recently, this may be your first introduction to the concept. If effectively applied, you will find yourself placing at least one or two more quadrants of best-option crown and bridge per week … one or two more than you currently perform. Oh yes, the math … Although fees vary widely, the average quadrant of inlays, onlays, buildups, and crowns is close to $5,000. If you only added a single quadrant per week, you’d enjoy a $250,000 annual increase in revenue! Many of our members have seen double that increase. Meanwhile, patients are receiving whatever you determine to be the best possible care … “lifetime dentistry.” Your new patient, Betty, is no longer a new patient. She is a recall patient. Betty arrives for her recall visit. Your hygienist, Linda, chats with her briefly just to reconnect on a personal level, followed by the usual updates of medical history, hospitalizations, changes in medications, allergies, etc. “If you ever actually want to treat this patient, the timing of that discussion is the critical factor.” Prior to commencing the 4-step process to sell quadrant dentistry, Linda completes full-mouth periodontal probing and charting. If periodontal infection persists, today is not the day to move forward with diagnosis and treatment planning of crown and bridge restorative care. Barring emergency needs (pain, bleeding, swelling, fracture, etc.), periodontal infection is our primary focus until appropriately resolved. Once we have confirmed sound periodontal health, it’s time to begin the 4-step process. Important: If you have not yet watched my video training on my “Theory of the Bobble Headed Dog,” it’s critical that you do so prior to going any further. Otherwise, what your hygienist must do won’t


Based upon what we learned from the Mercedes study (six positive interactions), after first meeting your new asymptomatic patient for an exam, a cleaning visit, and whatever short visits might be in

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the screen, not only will these four teeth be many times larger than life, but the open margins, leaky, stained, or carious areas, and any crazing or visible fractures will jump out at Betty almost as if she were at Disney watching one of those 3D bug movies! I had five hygienists in my two practices. We did this for thousands of patients over the years. One of the more common responses we got was “Linda … are those my teeth on the screen?!?” At this point, Linda hasn’t said anything at all about the photo on the screen other than to confirm that yes indeed, those are Betty’s teeth. Linda looks at Betty while pointing to the screen, If your RDH sees wide-open leaky margins, caries, and/or broken fillings, then she must express her concern at this point. Use the word “concerned.” “Betty, I’m really concerned about your teeth here on your upper right. I’m going to make sure Dr. Smith comes in before the end of your visit. I know Dr. Smith is going to want to see these today …” Think back to my Theory of the Bobble Headed Dog. Your patients are far more likely to believe your hygienist when she is the first one to point out the need for care in the absence of symptoms. When the doctor enters the room, he is simply a second opinion, reinforcing what Linda has already told Betty. Yep, that’s right. This PowerPoint is documentation of Elizabeth’s old amalgams … the ones her prior dentist told her were “just fine.” Elizabeth’s reaction to seeing what was left of these teeth after removing the old (failed in place) amalgams was somewhere between horror and disbelief. Download this presentation by accessing the GoldMine video training mentioned above (Episode 004) and clicking on the “More Files” icon. Put a shortcut to this presentation on every desktop in your office. Betty has just seen her old failing-in-place amalgams in living color high-resolution, blown up larger than life. What she is about to see — Elizabeth Silver Fillings v2 .ppt — will be an even bigger eye-opener for her. As you’ll see when you watch this presentation, Elizabeth’s fillings only had very slightly visible open margins. Overall, they looked intact, they were functional, and they were asymptomatic. What Betty is about to witness is what you and I have seen hundreds (thousands?) of times: old amalgams with leaky margins that, when removed, reveal extensive caries below. Elizabeth was blown away when I showed her what was underneath her old silver fillings … and even more so when she saw how little solid tooth structure remained. Download both the .ppt and the .pps files from the “More Files” section of GoldMine Episode 004. The .pps is a slideshow and will run automatically once you open it. The .ppt file will require that you open it in presentation mode, then click through it slide by slide. Use whichever one you prefer. Don’t attempt this without first listening to and watching the GoldMine video. You’ll hear the dialogue I recommend during the PowerPoint presentation. I intentionally use scripting, which is different than what you and the patient will see on the screen. They see the graphics, read the text, and hear what you are saying. The results of effectively presenting this 4-step process can be life-changing for the patient’s health … and practice-changing professionally and financially. STEP 2: ELIZABETH’S SILVER FILLINGS POWERPOINT

THE 4-STEP PROCESS TO SELL BEST-OPTION LONG-TERM QUADRANT DENTISTRY Before I begin, I’ll point out that a significant portion of this strategy is visual. Within the scope of this article, I’ll present a brief outline of the concept. If you truly want to make this happen (and you CAN DO THIS!) in your practice, have your entire team watch GoldMine Team Training Toolkit

Episode 004, “How to Sell Quadrant Best-Option Dentistry.” Be sure to open the “More Files” folder in order to access all the presentation graphics required as part of deploying this strategy.


The very first step is for Linda to shoot a DSLR photograph of the worst quadrant. Bear in mind that this is an asymptomatic patient who doesn’t think they have any dental problems or need for care. All Betty knows is that when we completed her initial exam six months ago, the doctor mentioned that we’d be performing a more thorough evaluation of the old mercury-silver fillings at a subsequent visit following completion of the first phase of care. Linda uses a mouth mirror to inspect all of the teeth. She is going to focus on the worst-looking quadrant for two reasons. Of course, the first reason is that we want to triage the area most in need of care for rehabilitation first. Second, but equally important, since it’s visually the worst, we’ll have the best shot at gaining acceptance of our recommendations for care. That will only happen if Betty owns the problem. You can come up with a dozen reasons not to use a DSLR camera. Don’t own one. You have one but don’t really know how to use it. Know how to use it but it takes too long. We have a great intra-oral camera. If you want to have the best shot at highest acceptance, don’t change anything. Use a DSLR camera that comes with a flash system designed for intra-oral photography. It might take you a few hours of practice and training in order to get good at it, but it will be some of the most valuable training time you ever invest in. Ever. You must shoot the quadrant photos in an intra-oral photographic mirror. It’s impossible to shoot at 90 degrees straight down at the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth unless you use this type of mirror. You can get them at any of the sites that sell dental photography systems. If you don’t already have a favorite and/or are looking to buy a camera as well, reach out to Peter Gray at Tell Peter you are a Dr. Tom Orent Gems member. I get nada from Peter, except that he treats our members really well. If you buy a camera system, he’ll give Gems members the very best trade-show special they’ve been offering recently. If you buy from PhotoMed, they’ll put a rep on the phone with you and walk you through all of the camera settings and help you troubleshoot until you get amazing photographs. Linda now has a high-resolution photograph of Betty’s worst quadrant. Put the photo on the computer screen in front of Betty and blow it up so that the four teeth fill the entire screen. Be sure you are showing only four teeth. Not half an arch. Not a full arch. Just four teeth. Blown up on

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After saying, “Betty, I’m really concerned about your teeth here on your upper right. I’m going to make sure Dr. Smith comes in before the end of your visit. I know Dr. Smith is going to want to see these today …” your hygienist opens the Elizabeth’s Silver Fillings PowerPoint presentation and says, “Betty … you’ve got to see this.” That’s it. A simple six-word transition, and you’re into the PowerPoint. Download this from the GoldMine Episode 004 “More Files” section, Jerry’s Fractured Molar Member Laminate Version v2.pdf. You should have received a laminated version of this graphic storyboard. If not, ask your Personal Gems Concierge to ship one to your office. Immediately upon closing the PowerPoint presentation, grab the laminated Jerry’s Fractured Molar storyboard. Linda sits side-by-side with the patient and reads the story to Betty as she shows her the photos on the laminated storyboard. STEP 3: JERRY’S FRACTURED MOLAR

My team always told a story about a patient in her 40s. We told her about the need for care, but she waited … and waited … until one day, she called us in a panic, saying that her tooth had broken. “Nancy’s tooth had split right up through the roots and into the bone. At that point, it was too late, and there was nothing we could do except extract what was left of her tooth. She ended up needing a bone graft, implant surgery, and a crown. Six visits, eight months, and at nearly three times the expense of what we could have done for her had we treated it in time.” Watch the video. Take your entire team into an operatory and practice taking the photos, using the PowerPoint and Jerry’s Fractured Molar storyboard. Practice all the verbal skills until the 4-step system becomes second nature. After you begin using this system with your patients, use the challenge forms to measure and track your progress and success. Ask your Personal Gems Concierge to schedule a call with your coach to review the system. Offer and deliver your very best possible dentistry on each and every patient. Your patients and you deserve nothing less! PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT


This is the final step. Stories sell. If you haven’t heard me say that before, write it down somewhere you’ll see it often. STORIES SELL! Now it’s time for Linda to tell Betty a true story about a patient in your practice who LOST A TOOTH due to not getting it treated in time.

“Together we are dedicated to improving the health and longevity of 3,000,000 people, one smile at a time.”

Dr. Dave Kirby, Australia, Dr. Sandra Cameron, Jamaica, Dr. Tanveer Ahmed, United Arab Emirates, Dr. Steven Goguen, MA, Dr. Al St. Germain, NH, Dr. Alex Rabkin, MA, Dr. RaymondMascolo, NY, Dr. AdamTan, Canada, Dr. Chris Ha , CA, Dr. David Tillman, TX, Dr. Franklyn Alexander, TX, Dr. Chris Mertensotto, MN, Dr. Richard Leong, OR, Dr. James Frohnmayer, OR, Dr. Parley Hubler, TX, Dr. Arpan Patel, PA, Dr. Juddy Lin, CA, Dr. JohnMarkel, MD, Dr. Todd Ryan, MI, Dr. Thomas Streko, NJ, Dr. Magdalena Nowak, MA, Dr. Darrell Hedrick, MO,

Dr. Howard Baylarian, NY, Dr. Tammy Rhea- Bohnenkamp, IA, Dr. Glori Enzor, FL, Dr. Gemma Kwolek, CT, Dr. Peter Hoffman, PA, Dr. DC Bonadeo, MI, Dr. Jeffrey Busch, TX, Dr. JohnMcLaren, MI, Dr. Guy Fortier, IN, Dr. Kathlyn Nelson, RI, Dr. Thomas Kirkdorfer, MI, Dr. RyanMayo, VA, Dr. Alex Shturman, CA, Dr. Ramon Bana, FL, Dr. Maqsood Chaudhry, VA,

Dr. Kani Nicolls, NC, Dr. Jeff Bartlett, FL, Dr. Darren Thomas, OH, Dr. David Fox, KY, Dr. Timothy Bringardner, PA, Dr. John O’Donald, MI, Dr. Carl Horchos, PA, Dr. Maury Masliah, CA, Dr. Landon Rockwell, UT, Dr. Abbey Lee, GA, Dr. Charles Wolfe, PA, Dr. Jeffrey Martin, NC, Dr. Marshone Clark, MD, Dr. Gurjit Randhawa, CA, Dr. Richard Silvera, CA, Dr. Loyd Dowd, TX, Dr. Razvan Jordache, MA, Dr. Steve Dawson, IL,

Dr. Biju Cyriac, PA, Dr. Jimmy Pitts, TN, Dr. SeanMelton, MT,

Dr. Scott Jolly, AR, Dr. Gary Taylor, GA, Dr. Mark Tickle, AL, Dr. Visse Storm, CA, Dr. Ike Lans, VA, Dr. Ken Schwartz, NY

Dr. JDMurray, GA, Dr. Joel Scheir, NY, Dr. FranklinWells, TX, Dr. Barry Omohundro, TN, Dr. Robert Clay, IL,

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10 Questions You NEE D to Ask Dur ing a Hir ing Interview

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Most practices offer a wide array of services to serve their patients better, and the hygienist’s role in this is crucial to the growth of the practice. Most patients are tentative when the dentist recommends treatment, especially in the absence of symptoms. A great hygienist will make her patients aware of the need for care ... long before the doctor sets foot in the room. Furthermore, she’ll let the patient know some of the possible recommendations for treatment her doc is likely to make. With this knowledge, one answer to look for would be “I love to help educate patients regarding the NEED for care and motivate them to accept the very best possible solutions to oral problems to achieve maximum health and longevity.” These are just two examples of 10 questions you should ask hygienists (or any teammember) during an interview, but they’re also applicable across ANY position you are hiring for. For the remaining seven questions, head on over to In the search bar, type “10 Questions to Ask.” In the top five results, you’ll find a document titled “Hiring - 10 Questions to Ask an RDH During Interview.” Of course, if you’re looking for more information, reach out to your Gems Concierge to schedule an appointment with your Certified GG12 Coach. COLLABORATE Not only does Creative Hub let your team see an ad take shape, it allows them to do so from across zip codes. With cloud-based project folders, you can collaborate with creatives, executives, and patients across the globe. This streamlines workflows and ensures your next mobile ad ticks all the right boxes. GET INSPIRED These tools are all well and good, but what if the creative juices just aren’t flowing? That’s where Creative Hub’s “inspiration” section comes in. This is the icing on the cake: Facebook has curated some of the best mobile ads from top brands to show off just how much the medium can do. You can even drill down into the exact format you want to use, such as looking at the best applications of vertical video. Creative Hub is a huge boon for small businesses like dental practices. We’ve used it for our own social media campaigns, and the amount of time and stress saved by being able to see a working mockup has been invaluable. And the best part of all? This powerful marketing tool is completely free!

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The Impact of Shar ing Information

For the last five years, I’ve acted as a Senior Practice Analyst with Gems. During that time, I have been fortunate enough to talk with dentists from all walks of life and have evaluated virtually every type of practice, from the multilocation operations doing eight figures a year to the practice that can’t manage to crack through $200K in revenue. During the RoadMap to Success process, there’s one question that makes almost every dentist squirm. Now, it’s important to point out that I don’t derive any sort of pleasure from subjecting anyone to painful questions, but the fact is that these questions do more to shine a light on the issues and induce action than almost anything else during the onboarding process. The question I ask is, “Do you share your numbers with your team?” Not surprisingly, the most common answer I hear back is a very sheepish “No.”

irrespective of the direction of the change (brighter or darker), each change brought about an increase in productivity.

The researchers concluded that the light had no impact on production. Instead, the workers knowing they were being evaluated and knowing what was being measured led to the increased production. What does this have to do with your practice? Everything … because your team wants to help you succeed. (If they don’t, you have the wrong team.) But in order to make your practice everything it can be, they need input and direction; otherwise, you’re leaving them blindfolded, trying to hit a moving target in a dark room. It all starts with tracking; if your team doesn’t know what’s important to you/ your practice, they cannot improve on it. This tracking isn’t intended to be the way the “bean-counting, sweater-wearing” accountant does it … it’s supposed to be fun … to spur action, excite your team, and drive production. Once you start measuring and reporting on the factors that drive results, the team rallies around improving them. If you need a place to start, pick just one or two of the challenge forms found at Site Map GG12 Elite Coaching GG12 Challenge Forms. You can pick from fluoride, DIAGNOdent™, worn enamel, or 10 other powerful options, each with the ability to add at least $50,000 (some may produce over $100,000 increases) to your practice every year. After at least a month or two of consistently measuring and reporting, continue that challenge form and add just one more (and so on). The researchers at Hawthorne Works also discovered that the increased production occurred only as long as the results were reported. When the reporting stopped, the increases did too — sometimes they even regressed. All this suggests that if you’ve done something before, don’t assume that it will continue in perpetuity without ongoing feedback and direction, and that is the power of Gems.

After digging a little deeper, there are a few common reasons (excuses) that people give for why they don’t share the practice’s numbers with the team:

• Because the dentists don’t know the numbers themselves

Because they don’t know what/when to share

• Because they don’t want their team to really know how much money the practice is making (or not making)

Because they don’t think it will make a difference

If you want to improve your results, you must look past these and share the numbers with your team. If there’s one thing we learn from kids, it’s that sharing can be hard. But research has proven that sharing information will have a significant impact on the results. This is referred to as the “Hawthorne Effect.” In essence, it says that whatever is measured improves, and whatever is measured — and reported on — improves exponentially. This phenomenon was discovered based on productivity research conducted with workers at the Hawthorne Works, a Western Electric factory operating outside of Chicago. After letting the workers know the company was measuring the impact light had on productivity, they discovered that

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GG12 OFFICE HOURS: Twice each month, my office door is open for your visits. This is an optional opportunity for GG12 doctors and teams to call in and reach me directly with questions about dental practice management. GEMS INSIDERS’ CIRCLE™QUARTERLY Q&AWEBINARS: Four times each year, I’m available in the evening for up to 90 minutes to answer your questions about any topics of your choice regarding dental practice management. GG12 FAMILYMEMBERS’ SPRING RETREAT: The spring retreat is here! Doctors and teammembers often tell us they have never experienced anything like our retreats in all their years attending dental continuing education. Experience it for yourself and form a lifelong bond with other Gems Family members. Register now! December 10: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST — GG12 Office Hours December 19: 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST — GG12 90-Minute Team Training Webinar December 19: 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST — GIC Webinar: “Privacy is Dead! How the Criminal Underground is Making YOU the Hot New Commodity on the Dark Web!” Mr. Charles Henson December 20: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST — GG12 Office Hours 1. “Betty, download Tom’s FSI from the members’ website.” Due by 12/3/18 2. “Lucy, add a patient testimonial, our contact info, and an offer deadline of 1/10/19 to the FSI.” Due by 12/4/18 3. “Betty, call the Newton Times Newspaper and order 10,000 inserts to be printed and inserted for distribution in zones 4, 6, 7, and 9 on Jan. 3, 2019.” Due by 12/6/18 The acronymmany entrepreneurs use to create goals like these is SMART, which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time- sensitive. TOBI should have several smaller SMART steps in order help make your TOBI a reality. We break the spreadsheet into four columns, and each one has a significant impact on moving the process forward. One of the most important is “Team Member Responsible” because it creates built-in accountability. Using Google Sheets, everything is updated in real time. Everyone can see who has followed through on their tasks and who hasn’t. It’s not designed to make people feel bad; it adds a layer of accountability for the teams. Doctor, leverage your time and rotate teammembers rather than trying to do everything yourself. Every teammember will have the opportunity to become invested in your practice’s success. It’s essential to keep your eyes on the prize. DO NOT OVERLOAD your Action List with multiple big ideas (Strategies). Start one and nail it before adding the next. As Dr. Orent says, it’s fine to have one clinical TOBI and one business team TOBI running simultaneously. But that’s it! The more strategies you put on your Action List, the more it turns into a big board of ideas rather than a productivity booster. I see Action Lists with so many ideas full of great vision, but instead of placing them on the main page of the sheet, make a new tab titled “Upcoming Goals.” Customization is one of the most effective ways to use Action Lists as long as it’s kept simple. Walk through the process with your GG12 Coach. Once you have a good grasp of how it should work, you’ll enjoy and benefit from using it at team meetings and nearly every GG12 function. If you’re looking for more information, gather your team and watch the video of my Gems Family Retreat presentation, “Discover the Simple Secret Science Behind Consistent Practice Success!” Go to Site Map AUDIO/VIDEO PROGRAMS RETREAT PRESENTATIONS”

Inability to accomplish goals isn’t an intentional act on the part of doctors or team members; it’s caused by lack of direction. As a Gems Family Member, you now have a system to map out the steps required to accomplish whichever practice-building strategies you desire; The “Action List.” Action Lists help you organize your goals and create a plan to attack them head-on. As a GG12 Coach, it’s my job to help define and then walk you step-by-step through the process to ensure everything is clearly understood. We’ve developed a turnkey Google Sheet, the “Gems Action List,” with which you can detail every step you need to achieve favorable outcomes. This is especially helpful with The One Big Idea (TOBI). In order to maximize your chances of greatest success, you must identify your TOBI, and your TOBI must be broken down step-by-step on your action list. That starts with being as explicit and specific as possible: For every big goal, you must identify the smaller steps hyperspecific to your desired results. The larger the target, the more steps required. For example, let’s say you want to boost cosmetic services. “Running a cosmetic ad” is not going to get you quantifiable outcomes. Instead, try something like: Simple Tool Boosts Productivity and Gets You RESULTS By Chuck Nemitz, Certified GG12 Coach


The Gems Family Members Spring 2019 Retreat is in Atlanta this March! If you’re ready to experience a transformative time for both your practice and your life, head on over to and click the retreat banner in the top left corner. For the latest up-to-date information about what’s happening on Planet Gems, go to and click on “Calendar” (menu bar, top left of homepage). If you have questions, please contact your Personal Gems Concierge or call 1-888-880-GEMS (4367).

90-MINUTE GG12 TEAMTRAININGWEBINARS: GG12 Team Training Toolkit Dental Practice Transformation members, please block out this monthly program on your calendar. These occur just once each month, but they could easily be the most important 90 minutes you and your entire team will invest. 6 | 1-888-880-GEMS (4367)

CNN recently dubbed 2018 “The Year of Women.” The millions of supporters who joined the Women’s March, the survivors who bravely came forward with their stories of sexual harassment, and the participants who typed “#MeToo” on their social media posts show that women will no longer stand on the sidelines. In the world of dentistry, their roles have become even more prominent. Modern female dentists tell stories regarding their experiences starting out in the field. Many say that in the late 1970s, patients often claimed that they didn’t realize a woman could even be a dentist. In fact, Dr. Seldin of California explains that in her first year of dental school, her class was only 20 percent women, and that was considered very high. Dr. Seldin’s personal experience represents the gendered trends that took place throughout the country. In 1982, women made up only 3 percent of practicing dentists in America. As time has passed, women have become more common in the profession, so much so that in 2014, women represented 47 percent of students enrolled in dental programs, and by 2020, 30 percent of the dentists are expected to be women.. Over the last 40 years, female dentists have striven to reduce the gender gaps in the dental industry. They fought for their education and training rights and for their positions, but they are still fighting to earn equal wages. In 1990, male dentists made almost twice as much as female dentists, earning, on average, $143,874 — while women brought home $65,744. In subsequent decades, the difference in gender pay has decreased but still hasn’t stabilized. In 2010, male dentists earned about $185,200, while female dentists earned about $120,475. The Rise of Female Dentists 2018 Is the Year of Women

That being said, the wage gap continues to shrink as more women establish themselves in the field. Closer to home, here in our Gems Family, Elizabeth and I have been fortunate to know and work closely with many amazing women who prove that being a caring, kind, clinically skilled dentist and a developing a highly successful practice is gender blind. A shout out to Dr. Terrie Cribbs, GG12 Coaching Member, who has not only experienced record growth while with our GG12 program, but who has always generously shared her ingenious marketing strategies with our other Gems Family Members.

Give Employees the Bonuses They Deserve ( and Want !)

When looking for (and trying to retain) the best team members, we are competing not only with other dental practices but with other local business of all types, small and large. Without the hard work and dedication of the team members who work to achieve a common

goal, success would elude even the brightest leaders. If you offer a competitive wage without a reasonable benefits package, you’re saving money in the short term, but you will lose the ability to attract and retain the best and brightest. Penny-wise and pound-foolish. This is by no means an all-inclusive list but just a few of the benefits Elizabeth and I offered our 35 dental team members. Most of these benefits are still in force for our Gems Team Members today: HEALTH INSURANCE You don’t have to pay the entire amount; rather, figure out a fair split with the team member. Not having it available seriously reduces the

folks you can attract to work as a part of your team; Other benefits include dental coverage, car detailing once per month, $25-per-month book allowance (about any topic which the team member feels could help them become a more valuable team member), vacation, sick days, personal days, gym membership (how cool would that be anyway!?), and continuing education contribution. Of course, before you introduce any new benefits, be sure to run it by your HR attorney first. Think a little further outside the box and you’ll be able to attract and retain team members who are a cut above and will help you continue to grow your practice and your profit.

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p.8. Patagonia Is on a Mission-Driven Mission

Marketing on a Mission How Patagonia Shatters the Concept of Mission-Driven Business

It’s no secret that a rock-solid mission is crucial to a business’s success. Every company needs guiding principles to drive it forward. An effective mission statement harnesses those principles into a single unwavering focus. Head to any website of a company you support, including ours, and you’ll see the benefit of effective strategic planning on display. In the laying or re-laying of a business foundation, companies come up with values that matter to the collective soul of their identity. You’ll see it in multiple forms — “about us” or “who we are” are common — but a mission/vision/values section that details the purpose behind the actions of a company will be proudly on display. Patagonia is a great example. unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” You can tell every word was carefully crafted to embody ideals that are important to the company. Every word packs a specific and necessary punch to explain their values and why they do what they do. When you read it, it’s easy to see why someone would be drawn to Patagonia. They make their message accessible — in more ways than one. MORE THANMONEY It doesn’t take long to find information about what drives a successful business, and there’s a very specific reason for that. It’s not because a mission statement is a selling point, but because all great companies want their consumers to know that goods or services are only one part of their purpose. Committing wholeheartedly to business principles would make for a pretty dull company. Would you want to work for a business if their mission statement was “We consistently have a 12 percent growth rate with profit margins at 48 percent while limiting attrition, increasing lead conversion rates, and have systematized models for operations?” The only employees who’d come to work for that company are robots. Successful businesses commit themselves to something more meaningful than just the bottom line. They start with a reason. Patagonia explains why their business exists and how that influences their desire to drive sales forward. Where Patagonia differs frommost for-profit companies is that their mission statement is very active on social issues that matter to them — they are a mission-driven business, but their mission isn’t focused on business. Self-labeled “The Activist Company,” Patagonia oversees a convergence of two ideals that have often been on the opposite side of the social issues table: business versus the environment. Patagonia’s mission statement is so distinctive it almost functions as its unique selling proposition (USP). Product users engage with the brand because it stands for something that matters to them and because it’s different. If the brand backs up their mission statement with high-quality Zip over to their website and you’ll see a well-formed, concise mission statement on the front page: “Build the best product, cause no

products or services, it gains loyal followers. From loyal followers, you gain organic growth that you just can’t find anywhere else. Most outdoor enthusiasts can agree that, 10 years ago, Patagonia was just another middle-of-the-road company. Now, it’s an industry leader, and it’s accomplished that status in the most authentic way. If you don’t agree, you haven’t heard of their “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign. THROUGH THICK AND THIN 2011 wasn’t exactly the height of consumerism in America. Every business was desperate for sales. In a down economy, one of the most affected industries is recreation. Less available money to spend means the American family has to be diplomatic about where their cash goes — most prioritize food and shelter over new outdoor gear. Yet, on Black Friday in 2011, Patagonia ran one of their most famous campaigns ever. “Don’t Buy This Jacket” was an advertisement across multiple publications asking consumers not to purchase their R2® Jacket. Even though the advertisement was laden with the benefits of the jacket, they peeled back the curtain on how grossly inefficient it was to make such a jacket from new materials and the environmental impact consumerism has on the planet. So if it kills the planet, why does Patagonia make it? That seems hypocritical, right? Well, that’s where their initiative of “Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle” comes in. The R2® Jacket mentioned in the ad wasn’t made from all new, raw materials. Instead, the source threads came from 60 percent recycled polyester. CREATIVE OR REAL? Marketing like this isn’t a creative way for Patagonia to encompass their mission. It is their mission. And it’s not just broadcasted in their marketing and executed in their production; it’s practiced in their operations as well. One percent of all sales, or 10 percent of pre-tax profits, go to environmental groups, demonstrating their continued commitment to their calling. You could argue that what Patagonia is doing with their business model is very purposeful — offer up a contrarian standpoint that goes against the status quo and make sure everything about operations backs that up. But brands like Vans, Hurley, and Burton have built empires off the same concepts. Patagonia breaks that mold because their counterculture movement should be counterproductive to their bottom line. Donating profits, discouraging sales, and funding activists are not in anyone’s business manual. But that’s precisely why it works. People want to be a part of a story, and Patagonia tells a tale that is important to many people across the world. By taking a stand for what they believe in, their branding, marketing, and loyal followers have perpetuated their story at the tallest peaks, on the largest waves, and in the healthiest streams of the world. Every great business is mission- driven, but Patagonia is driven by something more: a calling.

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