ESA Sustainability Report



In recent years, San Carlo has put the emphasis on reducing saturated fat content across its portfolio, notably achieving a 15.4% reduction in potato crisps between 2017 and 2021. San Carlo has also worked to reformulate its products in relation to salt content, reducing, for instance, salt in potato crisps by 12.5% between 2018 and 2020. These efforts are supported by new products launches such as the Veggy Good range, balanced salty snacks made from 100% natural ingredients. The range is comprises three different thin and crunchy triangles (rice and three legumes, chickpeas, red rice and lentils) and extruded crunchy squares with carrot and lentils, all providing a source of fibre and protein of vegetable origin, with low salt and fat content. Good for health and good for the environment, the Veggy Good range comes in a new recyclable paper packaging.



Zweifel has launched a number of reformulated and new products in the past years, for instance, developing baked or popped snacks with lower fat content (up to 60% less fat than traditional potato crisps) and using new ingredients to increase the overall fibre, wholegrain and protein content. The new Vaya range perfectly reflects the innovation efforts with tasty products made of chickpeas, beans, peas and sweet potatoes.

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