Whistl Magazine Spring 2017

Whistl magazine Spring 2017

Interviewwith MarkDavies of Whistl DoordropMedia


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Wells Said

Earlier this year we published our 2016 annual report and I’mpleased to say thatWhistl achieved a profit (before tax) of £9.6m in its first full year following themanagement buyout of the company in 2015 – a very solid performance and slightly ahead of our budget for the year. EBITDAwas £13.6mon a turnover of £592m, plus we saw an overall increase in volumes with parcels up 8.6%, DoordropMedia up 19.7% and a 30.2% jump in international volume. It’s thanks to our continuing innovation, investment in our operations and superb accountmanagement that we’re able to deliver such great results. We understand that customers expect quality, efficiency and solutions thatmeet their business’ requirements, that’s why somany of our clients continue to rely on us for their mail, parcel and doordrop needs. HomeServe for instance has renewed their contract with us for a further three years. And we’re delighted that IKEA, who has beenworking withDoordropMedia for over 25 years to distribute their catalogues, has extended their contract with us to handle their UK post and directmail for the next three years. And nowour new super depot in Bolton has opened, we’re in an even better position to build on our success and grow the business further, strengthening our operational infrastructure, increasing efficiency and creatingmore job opportunities for local people in the area. The future looks bright, with lots of exciting newopportunities on the horizon. We’re certainly looking forward towhat promises to be a busy second half of the year. As always we’ll keep you postedwith all the latest news @whistluknews.

NickWells Chief Executive Whistl


Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017


GREAT INCENTIVES ONOFFER! Royal Mail has introduced a number of new incentive schemes that offer discounts in the formof postage credits. The good news is that you can redeemall of these with Whistl! The First Time User Scheme is for customers who have never used advertising mail or who haven’t used it for the previous two years. Customers can qualify for discounts of between 2.5p-15p an item (depending on the product and service used) for up to threemailing campaigns within a 12month period. Discounts are significantly higher for mailings completed before 30 June 2017, so be quick if you want to take advantage! The Testing and Innovation Scheme offers discounts for customers testing new mail applications such as a welcome pack or promotional messages on statements and invoices. Discounts vary between 15% for advertising mail and 30% for business mail. In the case of business mail there is an additional offer of a 10% discount for six months to support the roll out if the test is successful. Royal Mail’s Scheme for Growth is ideal for AdMail, greenPost and Doordrop Media customers seeking lower mailing prices for their advertising mail. It’s a great way of testing newmarkets or adding a teaser or follow upmailer to an existing campaign. It’s not just senders of mail that can benefit. There’s also a Scheme for Catalogues that aims to achieve lower prices for catalogue weights between 101-150g. That means you could increase the number of pages in your catalogue, add a letter or large letter without incurring a price increase. Formore details on all of the Royal Mail Incentive Schemes visit www.whistl.co.uk

Great news! You now have evenmore ways to get in touch with us if you have a query about a tracked parcel.

Our new Click to Chat service, available 7 days a week from8am to 11pm, enables you to talk online in real time to an expert with just the click of a button. Similar to instant messaging, Click to Chat is available via the parcel tracking page within Despatch Manager and provides a quick and convenient way of accessing the support you need, whether it’s a simple question about an item you’re tracking or an issue that needs resolving. Irene Boctor, Head of Customer Service at Whistl said: “Click to Chat is a fantastic new communications channel that complements our traditional customer support services. We’re always looking at ways we can improve the customer experience and this new online service gives customers another way of getting in touch with us during extended working hours, 7 days a week.” For more information about Click to Chat contact your Whistl Customer Services representative.

This new online service gives customers another way of getting in touch with us during extended working hours, 7 days a week.


Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017

Greatnews,Whistl hasnowopenedabrandnew224,938 square foot superdepot inBolton, oneof theNorth West’s leading logisticsanddistribution locations,which is set tocreateupto500newjobs inthearea. The Grade A facility based at the Logistics North site in Bolton, has enabled us to bring our existing Leeds andWarrington operations under one roof, and with 33% extra capacity, it gives us room to expand our mail, parcel and ecommerce business tomeet customers’ growing needs. With immediate access to the M61, the super depot boasts excellent transport links and state-of-the-art facilities that will enable us to further improve operational efficiencies. Nick Wells, CEOWhistl said: “We’re delighted to announce that we have invested in this grade A facility at Logistics North in Bolton. The new depot provides an excellent working environment for our staff and will enable us tomaintain the high quality standards and efficiency we’re reputed for. “In fact within the first three days of opening we got off to a cracking start, sorting 6.4million items, 403,588 unsorted items and 18,428 unsorted parcels. It’s certainly full steamahead and we look forward to working with Bolton Council on recruiting people to join our Bolton team.” Councillor Cliff Morris, Leader of Bolton Council, said: “This is NEW BOLTON SUPER DEPOT OPENS FOR BUSINESS


great news for local people and will be of tremendous benefit to our town and residents. I amproud that our hard work behind the scenes has paid off bringing new jobs and additional revenue to the borough.”

4 Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017

The online retail journey, Whistl all the way

ThoughtWhistl was only about delivery? Noway – you can rely on our input at all stages of the journey.





PROMOTION As the second largest postal operator and themarket-leaders in doordropmedia we can help you generate traffic to your website with highly competitive postal rates for your promotional DM campaigns and intelligent targeting for your doordrops.

TRANSACTION We’ll help you convert visitors into customers with signed-for certainty and tracking to help your customers buy with confidence.

FULFILMENT We keep it simple with a single IT platformcovering all delivery services and options supported by wider fulfilment services including storage, pick, pack and despatch available through our preferred partners.

DELIVERY We give you flexibility, and choice for your customers, with a comprehensive range of services, timings and options fromPremium to Economy, nationwide or worldwide.

To find out more about howwe can help your e-tail business visit www.whistl.co.uk/onlineretailjourney


Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017

6 Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017

Makemore impact on the doormat

Ever sincemail – both addressed and unaddressed - has been delivered to households, it’s been one of themost effectiveways to get yourmessage into the hands of a captive audience. HereMarkDaviesManagingDirector ofWhistl DoordropMedia, explainswhy directmail and doordrops remain a valuedmediumandhow integrating themas part of a coordinated campaign can significantly boost response anduplift sales.

See the sensational results some of our clients achieved when they implemented a two-stage doordrop and DM campaign. 40% The average increase in DM response rates, pre- to post- doordrop campaign for a leading retail client 38% The average increase in response rates when DM& doordrop were combined for a financial services client 25% The average increase in sales uplift when DM& doordrop were combined for amajor telecoms client £

44% of people feel better informed by mail they value and 57% of people who receivedmail they valued felt more positively about the brand that sent it. It’s not surprising when, in an increasingly digital world, we find ourselves inundated with emails, constantly confronted with pop up ads and intrusive social media chatter. That’s why we’re seeing more andmore people tune out of the digital mediumand tune in to the physical because people value something they can see and touch 24%more highly than something they can only see on screen. Doordrops and direct mail give readers a tangible experience that the digital medium does not, inspiring more customers to engage with themessage and take action. When they’re used together as part of a coordinated campaign, they forma potent mix that can significantly boost response. Take one of the UK’s leading blinds retailers for instance; they recently saw a massive 40% increase in response when they followed up a doordrop campaign with direct mail a couple of weeks later. That’s because both work in complementary ways. Doordrops are fantastic at raising awareness with your target audience and getting recipients to engage with the brand. Direct mail that’s addressed to the householder deepens

that personal connection and encourages people to take action. By integrating the two channels and carefully timing delivery, brands can achieve a big uplift in response. This is whereWhistl can really make a difference. As market leaders in doordrops, and as the second biggest postal operator, we’re able to plan, coordinate and integrate your doordrop and DM activity so that precisely the right people can be reached at the right time with the right medium. With our analytical insights we can pinpoint and align themost receptive audiences, achievingmaximumcoveragewith brand- building doordrops followed by targeted DM to drive recipients to act and respond. From retail and leisure to hospitality and charity, this marketing strategy has proven to deliver brilliant results across all sectors and is particularly effective for customer acquisition.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you uplift response

with integrated doordrop and DMmarketing, email

whistl.magazine@whistl.co.uk today or visit www.idoordrop.com


Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017


Each week, Whistl DoordropMedia reachesmillions of households distributing leaflet, catalogue and sampling campaigns for a wide range of clients. To get the best results we work closely with advertisers to carefully select the right homes for their promotional campaigns, whether it’s a high impact postcard, glossy catalogue or sample to try at home. Here, we catch up withWhistl Doordrop Area Controller Lyn Wellavize to find out a littlemore about what her job entails.

I manage a vast area… that covers the Midlands andWorcestershire. I’m responsible for planning the distribution of doordrops across the region and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Every day… I liaise with the Operations Team at our Head Office in Marlow to review and get up to date on all ongoing and new campaigns. I then contact my team to check that they are on schedule and haven’t encountered any problems. I like tomake sure everything runs smoothly… that’s why most days I talk to the distributors who are about to start leafleting for a new campaign tomake sure they have received the right stock in the right quantity, and that they have the right maps, bags and necessary stationery. I often turn up unexpectedly… tomeet the teams working in my area. They are all experienced, reliable people and I’mpleased to say I have a great working relationship with them. I’ll help themdistribute to households on a couple of roads, and occasionally I take a picture as proof of delivery. The best part of my job is… meeting the public. I knock on the doors of an area that I know has been covered tomake sure they have received the leaflet. Most people are

charming and just love to chat, sometimes I even get invited in for a cup of tea! Every day is so different… one day I could be knocking on doors on a terraced street, the next day I could be walking up a long drive to a £1 million mansion! It’s important we do this tomake sure our clients’ campaigns have been safely delivered. We’ve got one of the best reputations for reliability in the industry, so it’s important we maintain our high standards in delivery. When I get back to the office… I have a nice cup of tea before updating the distribution status on the system so that Head Office can monitor and reply to any emails, calls and queries. My normal working day is… 9am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday but I always make myself available for my teams 24/7. I think they appreciate it and I think it reflects in the great working relationship we’ve developed. Out of hours… I’m a quiz fanatic and love doing the Telegraph crossword and Sudoku. I’m also the communications officer for my local Women’s Institute and enjoy all the activities we do. Most of all though I love going on holiday with my hubby to wonderful exotic places, especially on a cruise!


Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017

We’re pleased to say thatWhistl is a founder member in a new cross-industry initiative that aims to provide a robust measure of howwell addressed and unaddressedmail performs compared to other channels. The year-long initiative which is being driven by a Joint Industry Committee for Mail, includingWhistl, Royal Mail, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers, aims to provide a greater insight into how customers react tomail, how they read it and why they value it. To achieve this the committee set up a Mail Audience Research Board. Global market research company TNS has been appointed to quantify factors suchas opened, readand re-read rates. Not only will this help companies and advertisers make better decisions about how, why and when they should use mail, the data will also evidence how well themail mediumperforms – a channel worth £2 billion per year that represents about 10% of total ad spend. Mark Davies, Marketing Director at Whistl said: “By aligning themail sector with other media channels that aremeasured it will enable the postal sector to compete on a level playing field. We’ll also be able to give advertisers amore accuratemeasure of their share of voice, information on when and where brands are advertising and howmuch their competitors are spending. Such insight will prove invaluable whenmaking marketing decisions and really prove the value of mail.” Measuring the value of mail







Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017

Preparing for the newGeneral Data ProtectionRegulation

The newGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes intoeffect on 25 May 2018. It sets a high standard for consent and doing this well should put individuals more in control, help build customer trust and increase engagement as well as enhance your reputation. Offering customers the choice to ‘opt in’ also gives them more control on what they receive and how you use their data. It is essential to start planning your approach to GDPR compliance as early as you can and to gain ‘buy in’ from key people in your organisation. For example youmay need to put new procedures in place to deal with the GDPR’s new transparency and individuals’ rights provisions. In a large or complex business this could have significant budgetary, IT, personnel, governance and communications implications. The checklist opposite highlights 12 steps you can take now to prepare for the newGDPR.

››› 12steps totakenow...

1. Awareness Make sure key decision makers in your organisation are aware that the law is changing to the GDPR.

5. Subject access requests Update procedures and plan how you will handle requests within the new timescales. 6. Legal basis for processing personal data Lookatvarioustypesof dataprocessing you carry out, identify your legal basis for carrying it out and document it.

9. Data breaches Have the right procedures in place to detect, report and investigate a personal data breach.

2. Information you hold

10. Data protection

by design and data protection impact assessments

You should document what personal data you hold, where it came from and who you share it with.

Familiarise yourself now with the guidance the ICO had produced on Privacy Impact Assessments and work out how and when to implement them. 11.Data protection officers Designate a Data Protection Officer if required. 12. International Determine which data protection supervisory authority you come under.

3. Communicating privacy information Review your current privacy notices andput aplan in place formaking any changes in time forMay 2018. 4. Individuals’ rights Check your procedures to ensure they cover all the rights individuals have, including how you would delete personal data or provide data electronically.

7. Consent Review how you are seeking, obtaining and recording consent.

8. Children Put systems in place to verify the ages of individuals and gather parental consent for data processing.

For more information contact ICO at ico.org.uk

The new General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect from 25 May 2018!

10 Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017

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delivery services. • Pre-sorted mail • Unsorted mail

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Parcels National delivery services for UK organisations sending parcels with a range of delivery options.

• Pre-sorted • Unsorted

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International A range of services for sending mail and parcels overseas.

TO FIND OUT MORE Existing customers contact your account manager

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New customers call us on 01628 861503 e-mail whistl.magazine@whistl.co.uk visit www.whistl.co.uk

We hope you enjoy readingWhistl Magazine. If you’d like us to feature anything in particular in future issues, or would like to feature as a case study please get in touch using the following contact details.

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email whistl.magazine@whistl.co.uk write NatalieWalker, Whistl UK Ltd, Meridian House,

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Whistl Magazine • Spring 2017

Returnaddress:Whistl UK Ltd, Meridian House, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 1TB

Reach customers worldwide with Whistl The world comes shopping on UK e-commerce sites. If you’re looking to generate more cross-border trade, Whistl can help. Not just with all the delivery options you and your international customers want, but expert support on customs, duty and stuff like that. In short, we put the world within reach.

Call 01628 861503 e-mail whistl.magazine@whistl.co.uk visit www.whistl.co.uk/worldwithinreach

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