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INSEPARABLE The Story of Two Dogs, Two Soul Mates

Dogs have always been a part of our home. We just got a new dog, and we’ve had a ton of fun with the new little guy, as well as many sleepless nights. When I read about this story from California, I knew I had to share it with y’all. When animal shelter authorities found Isaac, a blind husky, meandering through the streets of Fontana, California, they immediately noticed something curious. It wasn’t that the pup was blind. It was that he had a faithful companion, Isabella, a Chihuahua-terrier mix. She was serving as Isaac’s guide dog, or rather, his unofficial Seeing Eye dog. How the two met and how they developed their unique and remarkable relationship is a complete mystery, but one thing was clear:

Isaac fell behind, Isabella would patiently wait for her companion to catch up. Or, if Isaac couldn’t find his way, Isabella would go to Isaac and let him know he was not alone. Not long after Isaac and Isabella were found, they were brought to a local shelter. Unfortunately, due to overcrowding and extremely limited resources, the two pups were put on the schedule to be euthanized. Knowing they only had days to live, the shelter put the

The shelter hoped a caring family would see the dogs before time ran out. But no one with the right home conditions came forward. The shelter was at a loss until someone from the STAND Foundation reached out. The STAND Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to animal rescue, and they were more than willing to take the pair. With Isaac and Isabella in the care of the STAND Foundation, the organization put their resources to work to find the pups a new owner. Eventually, a new home was found, and the two best friends went on to live a life full of love and continued companionship. Isn’t this the best thing you’ve heard in a while? When the odds seem stacked against you, just remember this story for inspiration!

story of the dynamic doggy duo on their Facebook page.

These two could never be separated. They were soul mates. When they


walked together, Isabella took the lead. Whenever

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