CIPP future of payroll survey report 2019


Do you think payroll contributes to your organisational goals? There is no doubt that payroll plays a massive part in contributing to organisational goals. The fact that on the whole employees are paid as per the relevant legislations around the world by their contracted date, is a huge testament to the people that work in payroll. We all know that paying people incorrectly and not on time has an intrinsic human impact (motivation, engagement, retention etc) and getting it wrong has huge consequences for employees, pensioners, their families and employers.

79.43 % of respondents think payroll contributes to organisation goals

Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to see that 79.43% of the respondents said ‘yes’.

In addition to paying people, payroll has access to a huge amount of information that should be used to ensure that companies are protected from falling foul of new and existing legislation e.g. National Minimum Wage, gender pay reporting etc.


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