CIPP future of payroll survey report 2019


Customer facing payroll

It never ceases to amaze how much interaction payroll has with internal and external customers when compared to other functions. In addition, the range of queries are often across many different areas ranging from simple questions to complex and time-consuming ones. It was great to see that this was reflected in the question set this year. For next year it would be great to see how these questions and answers are tracked i.e. are they on a spreadsheet, are they in emails or are they tracked via case management systems?

Further to this, to examine how much continuous improvement is enacted because of the query and the answer. For now, let’s look at the questions and answers received:

Howmany enquiries does the payroll team receive on average per month? Of course, there are numerous variables when looking at the following results e.g. the size of payroll, the number of accurate data sources, the frequency of payments and of course our good friends at HMRC.

More than a quarter of respondents (28.43%) reported that they received between 0-10 enquiries per month.

When looking at the number of enquiries in relation to the number of employees, there are hardly any surprises in the results. For organisations with up to 500 employees, most reported 0-10 enquiries, taking the largest numbers here, this indicates 2% of employees query their payslip. For organisations with 501-1,000 employees 31% reported 11-25 queries on their payslip; 1,001-10,000 it was 54% reporting over 501 enquiries, 10,001-50,000 stated that they received 101-500 enquiries (57%) and for organisations with 50,000-100,000 employees 71% reported that they receive more than 500 enquiries on average per month.

What is interesting, is that the percent of enquiries remains consistent. This report, therefore, recognises that typically a payroll department will receive enquiries on between two-five percent of their payslips each month.


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