CIPP future of payroll survey report 2019



Thank you for taking the time to answer the survey this year and the CIPP greatly appreciates the time and energy that you put into responding to it. We still need to encourage more respondents to engage in providing insights into the current and future position of payroll. However, with your help and partnership, the CIPP will continue to drive and raise standards of the profession here in the UK and around the globe. During this report, there are items that have been covered which will need to be taken up by the CIPP e.g. the opportunity of discussing with the CIPD (HR) and ACA, ACCA and CIMA (Finance) the future of payroll and it standing as its own function. Look out for updates in future as this progresses forward. There are though quite a few items in the report that the CIPP would urge you the reader to consider and address where necessary. Payroll does have the opportunity to be seen in a very different light, but it does need to change its mindset to openly look at areas of improvement and development. Throughout the report there are questions that controversially challenge the normal practices which exist today in your companies from a positive point of view of enabling you to raise your profile and that of Payroll too. These range from (but there are more):

● ● How will ‘blockchain’ and ‘pay on demand’ affect your company/business? ● ● Reviewing the issues that you are facing today in payroll to see if there is a tangible business case to change

the status quo i.e. payroll team development, processes and technology. ● ● If you haven’t got payroll integrated, then what benefits are you losing? ● ● Is Payroll strategic and visible in the boardroom and if not, what are you doing about it? ● ● Payroll team succession planning and looking at what controls are currently at risk.

If you require support on any of the above why not contact CIPP to see how we can help you via our consultancy team?

Thank you once again for contributing to this year’s report and CIPP remains committed to you and the future development of payroll.


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