CIPP future of payroll survey report 2019


From April 2019, it is a requirement to show hours on payslips for workers paid by reference to time. Do your payslips currently show this information? Fortunately, it appears that 65.83% of the respondents do already do this; for the remaining 34.17% this is something that needs to be addressed asap. Do you ever use the payslip distribution process as a means of delivering other information to employees? One of the most powerful ways of passing information to employees is via the payslip, especially now that a great deal of employees can view theirs online (remember the 60.22% from the previous question). Unfortunately, only 36.57% of the respondents are using this functionality which is a great shame. This could be due to software limitations, which we addressed earlier in the report, but if your software enables, why not look at what company communications could go via the payslip as it’s another avenue to pass on information to employees and another service that payroll could provide? Which statement describes how your payroll teammost commonly run analytics? Analytics can be a very powerful tool for payroll, especially when using data to strengthen business case requirements.

The highest choice with 39.89% was ‘organised – the team knows what analytics they report on and which tools can be used to obtain the information.’

The second choice of ‘ad-hoc – when analytics are asked for the team will interrogate the data’ was 35.73% ; what this means though isn’t quite clear. Does it mean that they are using a system to pull reports or is this a manual exercise for someone to pull data together manually?

Next came ‘not applicable’ ( 14.4% ) which is amazing given the wealth of reporting that is necessary now.

‘Reliant – we rely on other departments for data and analytics’ was next with 5.26% and, ‘Dedicated – there is a dedicated analytics tool embedded into our payroll system that provides information in dashboards which can be easily view and analysed’ with 4.71% . In terms of using data to drive payroll, do you feel that you are? Over 60.40% of respondents said that they were ‘slightly behind the industry’ ( 47.01% ) or ‘significantly behind industry’ ( 13.39% ) which is really worrying. It is strongly recommended that this is an area that should receive some focus from those respondents to highlight areas where this is a potential improvement. Those who are ‘significantly ahead of the industry standard ( 6.27% ) and ‘slightly ahead of the industry’ ( 33.33% ) are in good shape. They should continue to examine what data they can use to ensure that the payroll is continuously improved especially around data quality and ‘right first-time results’.


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