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Sept/Oct 2017

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SERVE After the Storm

you see other people suffering.What’s the answer? Find a way to SERVE.You’ve probably noticed this acronym on our newsletter, because it is our mission to SERVE you.To provide you with Service, Expertise, Results,Value, and Excellence, before and after the storm (and during, if we are able). I’m lucky to have a wonderful wife who reminds me of the importance of service, too.When I get frustrated about the little aspects of life beyond my control, she reminds me that in serving and doing my best to heal people, I’m doing God’s work. That’s what we are doing at Premier PT.We were tested by the storm in different ways. Some of us lost power for a few hours, a few of us lost it for a few days, and one member of our team had to go without water or power for an entire week. But we all handled the situations well and are ready to be here for you. After only a day, we were able to get back to our work. We’re doing our best to serve you. That’s what we’re all doing, isn’t it? Doing our best to prepare and stay calm in the face of each storm— and serve others when we are back on our feet. Here’s your reminder to do just that. How to Deal With the Unexpected

Last weekend, I was reminded of how we so often deal with situations beyond our control. It was during a sermon at church about God’s will. His will isn’t for us to suffer.When it comes to storms, we have to remember He doesn’t have control over the weather or our health. Sometimes things don’t play out the way we expect them to.Any of us living through hurricane season in Florida know this.We’ve been dealt two big storms in the last two years with Matthew and Irma. Both forced us to deal with the unexpected. Last year, we decided to evacuate because it was more serious, while this year, we chose to stay because the situation didn’t look as bad. Luckily, the storm had minimal interruptions in store for us.We were able to get back to serving people and had no damage to our homes. Folks living just across the border in Georgia near the St. Mary’s River weren’t as fortunate. St. Mary’s is known to flood, but it caught many of them off guard. For my in-laws, this meant a big pickup truck came to their rescue as they dealt with potentially losing vehicles, lawn mowers, and other belongings.They’re taking it in stride, but it’s a frustrating experience. I realize we’re not all that lucky.

There’s anxiety in dealing with the unexpected that causes a series of “what ifs” to run through our head. What if the storm is really bad?What if the power goes out?What if I can’t leave my house? Even scarier, what if I lose my house? Anyone faced with an injury knows a lot about dealing with the unexpected. Just as nature is fragile, so is our health. Injuries and pain can trigger the same responses that a storm does.What if I have to have surgery?What if I can’t return to running?What if I don’t get better? Fortunately, we have talented people at Premier Physical Therapy whose job it is to take care of your health. Unlike the weather, you can take some aspect of control back when you choose physical therapy. It’s our job as PTs to examine the situation and reassure you that things won’t always be as bad as you think and they will get better. Even if your shoulder is in pain, it will get better. Even if your knee is injured, there are ways to get mobility back. I know everyone has their own concerns, and it can be easy to be selfish and only think of ourselves. Sometimes, you make it out of the storm just fine and feel thankful, and that makes you feel guilty because

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