MADD 2017 Annual Report

0 The Path to 2017 ANNUAL REPORT

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is the nation’s premier nonprofit working to end drunk and drugged driving on our roads. Simply put: our vision is No More Victims®.

Here is our journey in 2017.


Dear Friends of MADD,

Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) is leading the nation on a path to No More Victims® through our advocacy for stronger laws, steadfast support for high-visibility law enforcement and commitment to serve victims of these violent, 100 percent preventable crimes. We are grateful to you for helping us advance our mission.

Here are just some of the year’s mission achievements:

• MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church testified before the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee to express MADD’s support for development of fully autonomous vehicles. • MADD held 85 Law Enforcement Recognition ceremonies and honored 4,452 officers across the nation. • Government Affairs helped pass all-offender ignition interlock laws in two more states, bringing the total to 30 states and Washington, D.C. • The Power of Parents® program equipped almost 32,000 parents with tools they need to talk to their children about underage drinking. • The release of a new National Court Monitoring Report revealed MADD’s diligent tracking of drunk driving cases. By the end of the year, MADD had monitored 24,604 cases. • Victim Services staff and volunteers provided 206,435 supportive services to victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving and those impacted by underage drinking. • The Power of You(th)® program expanded its reach by 22 percent, empowering more than 180,000 youth with tools to avoid underage drinking. • The Victim Services private Facebook Group grew to about 3,000 members, providing a virtual connection for victims to communicate with each other. The pages that follow will describe in detail MADD’s impact on individuals and across the nation. Every one of these accomplishments is a reflection of the hard work by our dedicated volunteers and staff, our generous donors, our partners in law enforcement and you.

Together we are saving lives and serving those who need us most.

With gratitude,

Christopher Mann Chairman of the Board

Vicki Knox Interim CEO/COO

Colleen Sheehey-Church MADD National President




MADD’s Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving ® produced new lifesaving laws and advanced our commitment to eliminating drunk driving across our nation. The Campaign ’s support for high-visibility law enforcement, including sobriety checkpoints, advocacy for ignition interlock laws for all drunk driving offenders, and our pledge to push for the development of advanced vehicle technology, including the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS), contributed to a 23.5 percent reduction in drunk driving deaths over the past 11 years. When MADD launched the Campaign in 2006, autonomous vehicle technology and the idea of driverless cars was not a household conversation. Yet MADD knew technology would be key to keeping drunk drivers off the road. Passing ignition interlock laws for all drunk driving offenders was, and still is, a top priority in every state. MADD is proud to add two states — Nevada and Oklahoma — to the growing list of states with all-offender laws. At the start of the Campaign , only New Mexico had an all-offender law. By the end of 2017 that number had grown to 30 states and the District of Columbia. Visit to learn more. Stronger Ignition Interlock Laws MADD also evaluates effectiveness of laws that have passed and works against efforts to weaken them. MADD succeeded in strengthening Texas’ all-offender ignition interlock law, elevating it to the most incentivized law of its kind, and a model to watch as MADD works to pass and improve other state ignition interlock laws. Improvements to ignition interlock laws were enacted in Iowa and in Kansas in 2017 as well. Status of Ignition Interlock Laws

Eliminating Drunk Driving









.16 BAC











.17 BAC





.10 BAC

.10 BAC















Mandatory for all first offenders with a BAC of .15 or greater (unless if BAC is noted differently)












Mandatory for all repeat offenders

Mandatory for all first offenderswith aBACof .15orgreater (unless if BAC is noteddifferently)



Discretionary or optional law


Mandatory for all repeat offenders


Discretionaryor optional law

A California pilot program requires interlocks for all convicted DUI offenders in four counties


ACaliforniapilotprogram requires interlocks for all convictedDUIoffenders in four counties

Revised July, 2017

Revised July, 2017

Advanced Vehicle Technologies In the future, exciting new advanced vehicle technologies hold the promise of preventing even a first drunk driving offense. MADD has been a key supporter of the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety, or DADSS, which MADD has helped advance since 2008. This passive technology uses touch-based and breath-based systems to detect alcohol levels and stop a vehicle from operating if the driver is drunk. Deployment of this technology has continued to move forward and is expected to be tested in Virginia in late 2018. In addition to DADSS, fully autonomous vehicles have the potential to help completely eliminate drunk driving. MADD is working in partnership with the federal government, the auto industry and technology companies to advocate for safe development of this lifesaving technology. With 94 percent of all crashes caused by human error, fully autonomous technology has the potential to eliminate tragedies on our nation’s roadways. In June 2017, MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church testified before the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee to express MADD’s support for fully autonomous vehicles. Law Enforcement Support We recognize that law enforcement is our first line of defense, and we stand with our law enforcement heroes who are on road patrol and at sobriety checkpoints as they put their own safety on the line to protect the public. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaigns provide critical resources to police departments, and MADD showed its support by strongly advocating for and participating in these efforts. Despite all of our progress, drunk driving remains the leading killer on our nation’s roads. MADD remains laser-focused on the Campaign that will end drunk driving — high-visibility law enforcement, ignition interlocks for all offenders, advanced vehicle technology and public support for all of these proven initiatives.


Court Monitoring MADD’s Court Monitoring program grew in 2017, as over 22,000 new cases were entered into MADD’s National Court Monitoring Database by Court Monitoring staff and volunteers in 12 states. Many more volunteers served in this program in various roles. MADD equipped and empowered them through quarterly training calls to improve data entry and expand understanding of the variances from state to state, due mostly to differences in judiciary structures and sentencing rules. In the fall of 2017, MADD’s first National Court Monitoring Report was released nationally and MADD received coverage from more than a dozen national and local news sources. We expect Court Monitoring to continue to grow within the current states as well as expand in 2018.

Eliminating Drunk Driving


On June 14, 2017, MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation at a hearing entitled Paving the Way for Self- Driving Vehicles. Other panelists included representatives from the auto industry and the technology industry. The purpose of the hearing was for the Senate Commerce Committee to learn more about the automotive industry and the technology industry’s efforts to make autonomous vehicles a reality. MADD’s testimony revolved around our support for ensuring that this technology is developed safely and that companies put the safety of the motoring public first. “Technology will ultimately be the way we eliminate drunk driving; autonomous vehicles are vital in helping us achieve our goal,” Sheehey-Church said. Autonomous vehicle technology has great potential for eliminating highway deaths. Ninety-four percent of all vehicle crashes are due to human error. Drunk driving crashes are 100 percent preventable. If the car does the driving and takes human error out of the equation, this technology could help lead to the elimination of drunk driving.


Victims Served MADD’s Victim Services advanced our mission to serve victims of drunk and drugged driving and those impacted by underage drinking in 2017. Throughout the year, MADD served 15,792 victims and provided a service to a victim free of charge every three minutes, totalling over 206,000 services in 2017. With almost 11,000 deaths and 300,000 injuries per year caused by drunk driving, MADD works to spread awareness that these services are available to victims and survivors of impaired driving crashes. MADD continually seeks new funding opportunities to help train and support staff and volunteer victim advocates — increasing our capacity to provide these services. Many victims and survivors have expressed that they wish they had known about MADD’s services earlier in their healing journey. We strive to increase public awareness of Victim Services and to expand our program to serve more victims impacted by this 100 percent preventable crime. Support for this program is crucial to reaching more victims. Learn about MADD’s Victim Services at 24-Hour Victim Help Line Help Line calls increased 24 percent over the previous year with a total of 4,066 contacts served. MADD’s Help Line provides direct support to victims, as well as information and support to concerned citizens and child endangerment callers attempting to prevent someone they know from driving substance impaired. The MADD Help Line is one of MADD’s direct lines of defense against substance-impaired driving. Our Victim Services staff provided training to law enforcement officers in four states, as well as 28 other trainings to hundreds of staff, volunteers and community partners. Across the nation, MADD held local tributes to honor victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving. Two victim and survivor tributes were held nationally to honor bereaved and injured victims. Victim Impact Panels (VIP) The MADD VIP program focuses on shining a light on the potentially deadly results of the choice to drive while impaired. This program provides education to over 200,000 offenders every year, but first and foremost it gives MADD victims an opportunity to turn their pain into passion. They tell their story to change the perspective of the most high risk population, in regards to the critical issue of drunk and drugged driving. 2017 was a big year for the Victim Impact Panel (VIP) Program. Program resources and trainings were refreshed and through a rolling training schedule, all states were trained on the new materials and presentations. The refreshed program and trainings were a great success. The rollout of new resources and tools was completed in the summer of 2017. Staff and volunteers alike were thrilled to receive additional tools to carry on this lifesaving program.

Serving Victims


Also, in 2017, most MADD offices expanded an online class reservation system that accepts credit card payment for VIP fees to enhance efficiency and ease of access to this program. The addition of the online reservation system presented participants an opportunity to make a donation at the time of registration. This resulted in over $53,000 in donations made through VIP in 2017 at the point of registration. This new system also streamlined check-in at the panels thereby reducing liability and stress for MADD’s hard working volunteers.


Just before the holiday season in 2014, 29-year-old Erin Rollins (then Massey) drove home on Chicago’s I55 South Expressway when she was hit head-on by a 22-year-old female driving her vehicle the wrong way. The wrong-way driver’s blood alcohol concentration read .16– twice the legal limit. “I don’t remember the moments before the crash, the crash itself, or the minutes leading up to the ambulance ride,” Rollins admits. Rollins does remember how crushed her body was and the indescribable pain she felt. As a result of the crash, Rollins sustained life-threatening injuries including holes to her colon and small and large intestine, and severed iliac artery. She also sustained three broken ribs, a broken right foot, lacerated liver and a lower spinal cord injury. Shortly after the crash, Rollins connected with Mothers Against Drunk Drunk Driving (MADD) Victim Services Specialist, Karen Suggs. “Karen was great. She came to all of the court dates and told me about the Victim Impact Panel, which I have enjoyed participating in,” Rollins admits. The defendant accepted a plea deal of 18 months in the Illinois Department of Corrections. “I still struggle with a lot of trauma as a result of the crash, but I believe in time, God will continue to heal my heart, even if I am never physically where I was before the crash,” she said.


Power of Parents ® In 2017, MADD reached almost 32,000 parents, a dramatic increase over the 19,000 parents reached in 2016 with the research-based Power of Parents program, the program for parents of high school and middle school students, developed in collaboration with Pennsylvania State University’s Robert Turrisi, Ph.D. Thanks to our partnership with the National Alcohol and Beverage Control Association (NABCA), new resources were developed to facilitate a greater distribution of this lifesaving program. The first resource, a Power of Parents Pocket Guide in 2016, simplified the larger parent handbook into a smaller piece that could be more easily distributed en masse. In 2017, five topical guides were developed for release in 2017 to offer bite- sized pieces of information to the community. These are most effective when used at community health fairs and such where parents may be intimidated by larger amounts of information at once. MADD and its partners hosted a successful Power of Parents PowerTalk 21® press conference on Friday, April 21st at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. About 30 guests joined MADD to commemorate the day: Colleen Sheehey-Church, Kashira Brooks and her 7-year old son Kingston who were injured by a 19-year-old drunk driver, Bill Windsor with Nationwide, Dr. Robert Turrisi, with Pennsylvania State University and Steve Schmidt with NABCA. MADD staff and volunteers reached almost 8,000 parents during the month of April alone! MADD secured media coverage for the event, ensuring our message reached even more parents during this critical time. In addition, the press conference was available to watch via live streaming on MADD’s Facebook page. The post reached nearly 9K people with 1.9K views. You can learn more at Power of You(th) ® MADD continued expansion of its Power of You(th) program in 2017, educating over 180,000 youth, a 22 percent increase from 2016, to positively impact teens and their friends when it comes to their decisions about alcohol. This was made possible through distribution of MADD’s research- based Power of You(th) teen booklet and thanks to volunteers and staff delivering school presentations throughout the school year. Expansion efforts also made resources accessible to educators, community members, student leaders and School Resource Officers via online toolkits. In October 2017, when the topic of living alcohol- and drug-free comes up in classrooms across the nation, we encouraged teens to think ahead and not let alcohol get in the way of their future via our #ProtectUrFuture campaign. Overall, we reached more than 37,000 people in one month!

Preventing Underage Drinking



As Kashira Brooks lay immobilized in ICU, she could not be certain her son was alive. She hadn’t seen 4-year-old Kingston since that moment before the crash. He’d told her he was going to look out for deer. Then came the bright lights aimed straight for them, the feel of the hot concrete, the sound of the paramedics airlifting her to the hospital. Brooks would learn later the extent of her injuries: fractured ribs, a lacerated liver, internal bleeding. But none of it compared to the separation from her son, the result of a 19-year-old who’d used alcohol and marijuana before getting behind the wheel. “I was broken, mentally, physically and emotionally,” Brooks recalled as Kingston stood beside her at the April 21, 2017 PowerTalk 21 event in Washington, D.C. The event, held at the National Press Club, was sponsored by Nationwide and the National Alcohol and Beverage Control Association. Almost three years had passed since the July 27, 2014 crash in Kennedyville, Maryland, on a drive back from visiting family in Pennsylvania. Life never fully returned to normal. Unable to care for herself or climb the stairs to their second-floor apartment, Brooks had moved in with family. She constantly worried about Kingston, whose traumatic brain injury sidelined him from all the activities he’d loved. “While the rest of his friends are enjoying recess and PE, he’ll assist the teacher or draw,” Brooks said. “I have to explain to him all of this happened because of someone else’s choices to illegally drink and use drugs, the choice to get behind the wheel.” Yet mother and son have found joy again with support from MADD’s Maryland victim advocate. She found strength in sharing their story in the hope that it will prevent other families from similar tragedies. “We must teach our sons and daughters to make safe, healthy and legal choices when it comes to alcohol and drugs,” Brooks said, and return to the days of looking out for deer and not drunk drivers.


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Juanita Pieczynski Lukasz Pogorzelski Ron Pohndorf Debra Powers Ashley Preston Peter Purcell James Rafferty Dorothy Ralston Chris Raso

Melvin Kamins Jody Kaminsky Emil B. Karawan

Nancy Keck Carter Keith Sean Kelley

Aaron D. Ratner Victoria D. Rosskam Deborah Rennels Christine Reseigh Tom & Glenda Rhyme Dianne E. Richardson Edwina Romig Mary Romney Mary Clark Romney Morton Rosen David Rosenberg Mel Rosenfeld Martha Rowlett Mark Rubin Scott Ruland Patricia Russell Greg & Rochelle Sachs Georgeann Seal Keenan Robinson Anthony Roffino

Eleanor Speaker Connie Spence Gerard Stanton Peter Stathakis Warren & Barbara Stiska Jane Stolper Michael Stolpher David Strickland Cindy Stuart Barabra Sullivan Earl Sutta Charles Lawrence Swezey Ralph Tasaka Christopher Teague Katy Toronto William Tully Michael & Eric Turner Stephen & Susan Uemura Tara & Paul Valente Wiliam Vega Yvonne Villanueva Mark Vincent Daniel Tersteeg Sarah Tetreault David Tomsche

Neal Sanders Zach Sandler Anna Scafani Marla Schaefer Linda Schector Walter Schell

Robert Vincent Drury L. Vinton Jennifer Visconti Kathy Wall Patricia Washuta

Sanford Schenbart Marc David Scherr Bryan Schmied Sloane Schorsch Alexan Schrier Carole L. Sears Fred L. Seeman Marvin Seifert Robert Serling Chris Shipley Riley P. Short Joyce Shraiberg Charles W. Sinclair Marlise Skinner Cheryl Lynn Small

Irene Waters J. Watumull Melissa White Kendra Wise Samuel Wood Dennis Wright Xiaodong Wu Michael J. Yraceburn

Keith Smith Tyran Smith Oliver Smithies Ruth Sokol John L. & Grace Soldoveri John & Vicky Snowden




$ 3,124 12,151 2,148 1,905 670 19 448 $20,465 $ 59 1,774 931 2,764 17,701 $20,465

Cash and cash equivalents Investments, at market value Receivables, net Contributions receivable, net Prepaid expenses and other Literature and supplies Property and equipment, net Liabilities and Net Assets Accounts payable Accrued liabilities Deferred revenue & rent Total Liabilities Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets Total Assets

Year ended December 31, 2017 ($ in millions)

Services Provided

Public Support & Revenue

Government, Corporate, Foundations & In-kind

4 4


Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving®

4 0


Management Services

1 2


Victim Impact Panel Fees & Other

2 6


1 3




7 5

75% of all funds raised go to MADD’s mission to create No More Victims®

Victim Services

% 3 0

Individual Contributions & Net Special Events

3 0


Underage Drinking Prevention

0 5



Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

2017 Total

Revenues Individual contributions and net special events Corporations and foundations Government In-kind Victim impact panel fees Licenses, promotions and other

$ 10,944 3,262 8,804

$ 566 1,559

$11,510 4,821 8,804 3,135 7,195 2,498 37,963 0 37,963 14,908 11,248 1,932 4,733 4,827 37,648

3,135 7,195 2,498 35,838 2,104 37,942 14,908 11,248 1,932 4,733 4,827 37,648


2,125 (2,104 21


Net assets released from restrictions


Total Revenues


Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving Victim Services Underage Drinking Prevention Management and general Fundraising



Total Expenses



Provision for Income Taxes

0 10 $ 10

268 14,709 $ 14,977

21 2,693 $ 2,714

289 17,412 $17,701

Change in net assets Net assets at beginning of year Net assets at end of year

511 E. John Carpenter Fwy. Suite 700

Irving TX, 75062 877.ASK.MADD 877.MADD.HELP 24-Hour Victim Help Line

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