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In all aspects of our lives, we come up against challenges that feel insurmountable. Maybe it seems like we don’t have the tools we need or we’re missing a piece of the puzzle. In these situations, frustration can mount, and we have to overcome the urge to give up. Sometimes, all it takes is looking at a challenge from a new angle for a solution to present itself. At AZCOMP, we live by this approach. We innovate, improve, and use the resources available to us to make the impossible possible. Our eighth core value sums up this willingness to find a way: We surf Jaws.

knew I had a heart, a mind, and a soul,” Clay says, “and those were the three most important qualities to help me achieve my dream.”

Clay certainly had to face some serious challenges to pursue his goal. Even something basic that fishermen take for granted, like tying off a lure, required Clay to do some creative thinking. “Just about every time,” Clay says, “It gets ugly. We draw some blood.” Nevertheless, Clay wouldn’t be deterred. He focused on the tools he had, chief among them an incredible strength of will and spirit, and he refused to be defeated.

“I knew I had a heart, a mind, and a soul,” Clay says, “and those were the three most important qualities to help me achieve my dream.”

No, this value isn’t named for Spielberg’s famous movie, though surfing on a giant shark would be pretty rad. It’s named after a famous surfing break in Peahi, Hawaii. Jaws is a massive break, with waves towering up to 60 feet in the air. When Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama wanted to surf Jaws, they knew paddling out wouldn’t be an option. But they didn’t give up. Instead, they pioneered tow-in surfing to allow them to tackle the waves. Using the tools they had at hand — Jet Skis, tow

Talk about surfing Jaws, right? Clay doesn’t focus on the resources he doesn’t have, what he calls the “two hands and 10 fingers” of other anglers. His focus is on what he does have and how he can make it work for him. Watching this video, I couldn’t help but ask myself a few questions: What limits do I place on myself? How can I face obstacles with a better attitude? What can I achieve if I put all of my heart, mind, and soul into it?

rope, and wakeboard straps — in a new way, they rode waves that were previously untouchable. All it took was a little creativity, some can-do attitude, and a huge dose of bravery. When I think about a person who surfs Jaws every day, Clay Dyer immediately comes to mind. I saw a YouTube video about him, and it left my jaw on the floor. Now, Clay is a professional fisherman. I’m sure that might not get everyone’s interest piqued, but the next part of the story certainly will. Clay was born without legs, no left arm, and only part of his right arm. Even with what Clay calls his “physical build,” he was determined to become a professional athlete. “I

It can be easy to dwell on what we lack, but it’s a lot harder to be grateful for what we have. When we harness this gratitude and put our resources to the best possible use, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish. The next time you run up against a problem, don’t resign yourself to despair. Harness your resources, think creatively, and believe in yourself. If you have an attitude like Clay’s, you’ll be surfing Jaws in no time. –Keven Cluff

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EQUIFAX FALLOUT STRATEGIES How to Defend Your Information

If you’ve turned on the news recently, you’ve no doubt heard about the massive security breach suffered by credit reporting agency Equifax. Nearly half of

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• View your credit reports: If you’ve notice suspicious activity on your credit report, you could be a victim of identity theft. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports can be accessed for free via • Consider a credit freeze: While it won’t stop existing accounts from being compromised, putting a freeze on your credit will make it a lot harder for hackers to open new accounts in your name.

the American population, 143 million people to be precise, had some of their most important personal data compromised in this breach. Hackers were able to access everything from names and birth dates to Social Security numbers and addresses. While government agencies have rightfully focused on negligence on the part of Equifax, regular citizens should be most worried about how to keep their credit information from being used toward nefarious ends.

• File your taxes ASAP: As soon as you have your tax information, file. The sooner you do it, the less time a hacker has to.

Anyone with a credit report is at high risk and should take the following steps to prevent their data from being used by hackers.

• Check if you were exposed: Go to and click on the “Potential Impact” tab. From there, you can input your Social Security number to find out if you’ve been affected. Be sure to do this from a secure connection so you don’t expose yourself to further risk.

• Keep an eye on your bank accounts: If you notice cause for concern, alert your bank immediately.

The Equifax breach is extremely frustrating, but the worst thing you can do is put up your hands in despair. Instead, be alert and take steps to keep your information safe. It will provide you security and peace of mind.

• Sign up for free credit monitoring: Equifax is offering free credit monitoring to all Americans, whether or not they were affected.



Jana Flewellen is the finance manager here at AZCOMP

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and has been with the team for 3½ wonderful years. “My favorite part of working here,” Jana says, “is that we have meaningful core values and we live by them. Because we hire according to those values, we have an amazing group of people.”

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DOWNLOAD OUR FREE REPORT “What Every Small-Business Owner Must Know About PROTECTING & PRESERVING Their Company’s Critical Data and Computer Systems” covers the essential information you need to know to keep your network safe. If you aren’t up-to-date on the latest in security, your network will be at risk. This report is available for free at . Download it today to ensure that your computer systems are as secure as possible. With this report, you can count network security knowledge among the things you’re thankful for.

Another thing Jana appreciates is the collaboration on display at the office.

“We’re all in it together,” she notes. “Everyone wants our customers to be successful, and we genuinely care about helping them however we can. We also really enjoy getting to know our customers personally and like to build lasting relationships with them. When she’s not at the office, Jana is busy with her eight children and 10 grandkids. “Everyone participates in a variety of activities,” she tells us, “so there’s never an empty space on the calendar. We love going to the football games on Friday nights and being a part of this great community.”

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ARE YOU SUSCEPTIBLE TO A DATA DISASTER? Why the Cloud Can Save You From a Storm This year’s hurricane season was one of the most catastrophic in history. Between Harvey, Irma, and Maria, thousands of people have been displaced, and many more have been left without power. Communities are coming together to rebuild and find a way forward. While the human and property toll is severe and tragic, that’s not the end of the destruction caused by these massive storms. In the aftermath of these horrible events, businesses are often left to pick up the pieces. Every day they aren’t open or can’t service their customers, they are losing money. Especially for smaller businesses, recovering can be a Herculean task. Making matters worse, many businesses lose valuable data when their systems are wiped out by water or fire damage. In some sense, data systems are much more difficult to build back up than buildings. You can always put up a fresh sign or some new lights, and insurance will often cover those damages. If you lose information you’ve spent years gathering, there’s no quick fix to get it back. If you rely exclusively on on-site data storage, natural disasters are far from the only threat to your precious information. All it takes is a disgruntled employee, a nasty virus, or a determined hacker to bring your system to its knees. And few businesses recover from these losses. A 2010 report by technology research firm Gartner Group found that 43 percent of businesses shut down “almost immediately” after a significant data loss. Luckily, there’s a solution to these scary threats. Companies that migrate data to the cloud don’t have to worry about a fried server permanently wiping their data stores. Ideally, you’ll have data in three distinct places: on-site at your offices, off-site in a secure location, and in the cloud. This way, you can be triply secure that if one set of information vanishes, you’ll have two healthy backups to draw on. Even if you’ve had data compromised, the technology consultant at AZCOMP can help you create a viable data recovery plan before it’s too late. We can also talk to you about the pros and cons of migrating to the cloud, helping you to make an informed decision based on the needs of your business. We’d love to help you develop a plan to protect and preserve your data from a future emergency, whether that’s a hurricane or a hacker.

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If you’ve purchased a mattress, you know what a headache it can be. There are a million different options, pushy salespeople, and terrible customer service. Even worse, you only get a few minutes to test a model in the store before you decide where you’ll spend a third of your time for the next few years. The founders of Casper realized just how horrible this system was, so they went about fixing it. Casper wanted to simplify the process and put customers first. Co- founder and COO Neil Parikh pulls no punches when describing the genesis for the company. “The mattress industry is a racket,” he says. “It’s worse than buying a used car.” Once they identified this market inefficiency, they developed a plan to fix it. Rather than flooding the market with products, the company began with just one mattress. As they’ve grown, they now offer three different models with clear differences at various price points. They also guarantee a 100-night risk-free trial on all of their mattresses, which ensures you have time to decide if you’re happy

before committing your money. Mattresses are compressed into a box for easy shipping, springing to life after unboxing. All shipping is free, and that goes for returns, as well. Their customer service line is staffed by real people willing to help, and they even do in-home consultations. Given what a breath of fresh air Casper is, it’s no wonder they’ve taken off at a remarkable pace. They may have started as an online company advertising on podcasts, but you can now find their mattresses at Target. Celebrity investors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Levine are Casper supporters, and so are many of the world’s most prominent venture capital firms. Science is not equivocal about the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Everyone needs it, and the mattress industry has taken that necessity for granted for too long. Casper decided it was time for a change, and they’ve got mattresses full of money as a result.

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