Trailridge Family Dental June/July 2017

June / July 2017

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A Tribute to My Father A Man Whose Engine Never Stops Running

Last issue, I shared some stories about the positive impact my mother and stepmother have had on my life. With Father’s Day coming up in June, I figured I would devote a little time to talking about my father, Warren Stevenson. He was, and still is, an amazing man, and I’ve learned a lot from him over the years. Hard work and dedication aren’t just values he talks about; he lives them every day of his life.

barefoot around the school playground whenever he had the chance. Eventually, he graduated to tennis shoes and put even more miles on his feet. He’s now completed a bunch of marathons. He even came with me when I ran the Top of Utah Marathon in 2011, though he did not run himself. I was sucking wind the entire time, but the way he pushed me through the race was pretty similar to the way he encouraged me on those Sunday morning paper routes.

Though my dad graduated college and intended to be a teacher, he spent most of his life as a hard laborer. He worked long hours in grueling conditions, but I never once heard him complain. After years of working at his job, he moved to Colorado to start his own business. I learned a lot about running a practice from observing the tireless effort my dad put into his work.

Now that I’m a father myself, I try to emulate the behavior my dad demonstrated. I teach my children the importance of hard work and let them know that if they’re determined enough, they can succeed in whatever career they choose to pursue. I am so grateful for everything my dad taught me, and it means a lot to me that we still communicate nearly every week. Before I go this month, I want to remind everyone that we have our annual patient appreciation event coming up in August. Every year, we offer our patients and their families a night at the drive-in. We’ll watch a movie together (I don’t know what will be showing just yet) and snack on a soda and popcorn. Tickets are available at the office, so stop in and schedule a cleaning. The event is a way for us to say thank you to our wonderful patients for contributing so much to Trailridge Family Dental. I also want to say thanks to my father for always being there for me throughout the years.

Even when my dad was super busy, he never failed to make time for me. My first job was delivering papers on Sunday mornings, and Dad was always there to drive me. Sometimes I wasn’t in the cheeriest of moods getting up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning, but my dad never failed to give me a reason to smile as we drove around the neighborhood doing deliveries. I don’t think I understood at the time how special his demeanor toward work was, but I certainly realize it now.

– Dr. Stevenson

Another manifestation of my dad’s dedication was the passion he put toward one of his favorite hobbies: running. As a kid, he ran



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