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Check out the BracePlace! DON’T LET PAIN SLOW YOU DOWN

Do you suffer with knee, ankle or hip pain? Doing life’s daily activities can often be a chore with actions as simple as bending down, walking up stairs or having to walk on surfaces such as grass or gravel. For many people, instability in the knee and ankle can be a major problem that leads to painful movement, decreased balance and even accelerated arthritis in the joints. Providing support to relieve pain The knee and ankle have to move

through incredible range of motions, providing stability with strength. With previous injuries, arthritis or surgeries, the ligaments and muscles supporting these joints can become weak and unstable. The right kind of bracing can go a long way in providing support to the joint, restoring more natural movement, relieving pain and allowing you to perform more activities. The right kind of bracing There are a wide variety of braces to support the knee and ankle. It takes the expert eyes of our trained professionals to know what brace will benefit you the most. The more severe your instability, the greater the stability of the brace needs to be. If you are suffering from pain with walking, bending or movement of your knee or ankle, call us today to learn more about the different bracing options available to help you. We evaluate your movement and make recommendations on custom braces to help you live an active, pain free life.

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