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Tips for teens for better lifestyle resolutions

NewYear’s is a time for self-reflection and renewal, but too often for teens in Cana- da this can turn into a spiral of negative thoughts and emotions, often related to their bodies. Some teens may have made resolutions that they may not be able to keep, and others may not have the neces- sary tools or resources to start boosting their own self-esteem. Kids Help Phone has created five things a parent can do to help teach their teens that what is really important about them has nothing to do with their size, shape or weight. Parents can create an environment that promotes self-acceptance and positive self- esteemand help young people feel comfor- table in their own skin, positively affecting their confidence, thoughts and behaviour. Communication is important. Children should know they can talk about what’s hap-

body and that people come in all shapes and sizes. Encouraging them to accept them- selves and others the way they are is vital. Mindfulness of talk about body image and food canmake a lasting impact on children . Children learn from their parents how to relate to body image and self-acceptance. When parents are more accepting of their own body, it is easier for children to be able to accept themselves and their own bodies as well. Taking the ‘No Year’s Resolution’ challenge together can be a step in the right direction. Educate . Television, magazines, music videos, movies, andmarketing all influence perceptions and standards of physical beau- ty, even though many of the images they portray are unrealistic. Children should be encouraged to learn about the ways that the images they see can be digitally manipulated and airbrushed. Teach kids about Kids Help Phone. Kids Help Phone’s professional counsellors are always available for young people ages 5 to 20 struggling with problems, big or small. Young people that need to talk can call 1-800- 668-6868 or visit

Start your year off right! As the New Year starts, one resolution may be to eat healthier in 2016. A practical way to achieve this is simply to integrate more fruits and vegetables into a daily diet. The Green Food Box is a non-profit program that makes it easier to get affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. The program offers clients quality produce at an affordable price by bringing together neighbouring communities to purchase in bulk from trustworthy and mostly local suppliers at a wholesale price. While the produce found in the Green Food Box varies from month to month, it usually includes staples such as lettuce, potatoes, carrots and apples, as well as seasonal favourites like oranges, kiwis, cucum- bers and squash. There are two sizes available, the regular Green Food Box which offers clients seasonal fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on staples like potatoes and apples, while the “Variety” Green Food Box contains a greater variety of seasonal and unique fruits and vegetables. The “Variety” Green Food Box is only available at Cornwall and Hawkesbury locations. Orders and pick-ups for the Green Food Box can be done at one of the locations listed on the program’s web- site at – Diane Hunter

pening in their lives, both good and the bad while respecting that they may not want to disclose everything. Normalize and celebrate diversity . Parents should help children understand that it can take time to adjust to the changes in their


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