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Safety Procedure Update

1) All staff and all clients need to wear a mask, if you are a client and you don’t have a mask, we will issue you one. 2) All family members of our clients will not be able to enter our office unless there is a language barrier or it is a child. This is for the safety of your family member, our clients and our staff. 3) Social distancing is the new norm in our offices and you will not be within 6 feet of another client during your treatment session. 4) All therapists have moved to 40 min appointments, 1:1 schedule with clients, please show up on time for your appointment. 5) All clinical tables and clinical tools and equipment are wiped down clean with disinfectant after each client is finished prior to being put away. 6) If you are a new client, we will email you the paperwork that you can fill out at home and bring with you to minimize time in the waiting room. Please bring your insurance card, and photo id for your chart. 7) When scheduling your future appointments after your initial consultation, our staff will find out what is best for you and relay that to the Clinical Care Specialist, based on that data a schedule will be made. If there are issues with the proposed schedule please follow up by phone with our CCS to minimize the time spent in the office. 8) Our front desk is now equipped with a safety sneeze and cough guard/barrier. 9) When using our tables in the gym, their will be 6 feet of distancing between clients, some tables will NOT be used due to the COVID 19 pandemic guidelines. Please ask your therapist where you will be treated. 10) Private treatment rooms are always available and we have several at each office. 11) When you arrive, you will be given a questionnaire about your health, we just need to know you are feeling well, have no fever or cold symptoms and have not been exposed to others that may have COVID 19. 12) You will be asked to use hand sanitizer on the way in and the way out of or clinics. 13) Cleaning procedures: a. All of our offices were professionally deep cleaned. b. Touch points are cleaned throughout the day. c. Tables, equipment and all machines are cleaned after each use, before the next client. d. Each clinic is also professionally cleaned weekly. 14) Our front door to our office will be propped open so you do not have to open and close the door. 15) We are here to HELP you with your aches and pains, and to keep you SAFE. 16) We are nowoffering TELEHEALTH services wherewe can continue to have involvement in your plan of care but you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Inquire with your therapist about TELEHEALTH appointments to see if this is a viable option.

Patient Success Spotlight “Keith has made my daughters physical therapy absolutely amazing. She had a ACL repair and he made my daughter feel so comfortable. He is so supportive and constantly asking how she feels or if there is anything new for her. He is very knowledgeable and able answer all of our questions. We are driving from Southington to Wallingford because of Covid but my daughter and I both have decided to stay with Keith even though the Southington office is 5 minutes from home. He has made this experience actually fun and we are always laughing while there. I would 100% recommend Keith for any physical therapy needs.”



SHOULDER EXTENSION Lean forward, supporting yourself with your am (as shown) or against a chair or counter and hold a free weight at your side. Keeping your elbow straight and shoulders relaxed, raise your arm up behind your body. SLOWLY lower arm “fighting” the resistance. Repeat 6-10 times on the affected arm(s). Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

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