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Lifting something improperly can lead to injury to your neck or back, which may make proper posture uncomfortable. There are a lot of benefits of having good posture. Aside from saying goodbye to neck or back pain, improving your posture can provide several unexpected benefits to your lifestyle and personal well-being. Here are a few of the additional benefits of having good posture: • Proper posture creates quality exercise for your core and back • Improved respiratory health • Added protection for your organs, bones, joints and muscles • Reduced risk of arthritis If you are experiencing chronic neck and back pain, there is a good chance that it could be related to your posture. Contact your physical therapist to learn more about how you can take steps to start improving your posture today.

Of course, there are ways that you can improve your posture at home, as well. Here are several strategies that are typically helpful: • Try to stand tall whenever you are standing or walking. Hold your head high and square your shoulders, but more importantly work on being the tallest version of yourself. Hunching over is the leading cause of poor posture. • Use support when you sit to keep your posture correct. Lumbar support in office chairs and car seats will help a bit, but for improved posture you may need to add additional cushioning that will help you keep your back straight. • Bemindful of how you lift heavy objects. Keep your shoulders square and your chest forward. When lifting something that is over 50 lbs it is important to take extra care. Lead with your hips and try to keep the weight close to your body.


BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY! THESE TIPS CAN HELP YOU STAY HEALTHY: 1. Wash your hands. 2. Avoid touching your face with your hands.

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10. Take time to stretch. 11. Take frequent breaks for breathing exercises. Inhale and exhale deeply. 12. Continue your home exercise program 2-3 times per week. In order to be healthy, there needs to be a large emphasis onmovement. When your body is flexible, strong, well-balanced, and fueled by a nutritious diet, it is able to fight infection and reduce the impact of viruses. We are dedicated to helping you live the best life you can.

• Therapy may begin with a full evaluation by a licensed physical therapist • Patients sent by their physician can choose where they want to receive therapy

3. Decide to get up and get moving. 4. Make a habit of 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day. 5. Maintain a nutritious diet heavy on fruits and vegetables. 6. Take essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, D, and B6. 7. Aim for 8-9 hours of sleep each night. 8. Don’t smoke. 9. Drink plenty of water.

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