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When I came to Ortho Technology back in 2006, I had no idea how far this job would take me. Having worked in advertising and print marketing in Memphis, I’d been brought on as a Graphic Designer in charge of making our products look great in all our marketing materials. I had to be familiar enough with all the devices and tools we offered to show off their features, but, as we evolved as a company, so did my role. In 2016 I became our team’s product manager. Thankfully, the decade spent with Ortho Technology more than prepared me to take the plunge. Three years down the road, I’m teaching our sales representatives and other team members about our latest products — quite the transition — and I couldn’t have done it alone. trends? Simple. You bring in as many perspectives as possible. Internally, this means holding monthly meetings with representatives from every department at Ortho Technology. This way we get feedback from a diverse range of experiences: sales representatives noting trends they’ve heard through daily customer phone contact and quality and regulatory experts ensuring our current and future products are meeting the highest standards, among many others. But we don’t stop at these internal product meetings. To ensure we’re truly delivering the best possible value to orthodontists, we have to ask them ourselves. When I first took on this position, Shawn Potter, our Commercial Director of Operations, provided crucial leadership. While his years of industry insight were invaluable, the best instruction I received came down to a single sentence: “Get in touch with local orthodontists.” This was the start of the Ortho Technology Advisory Council (OTAC). OTAC is made up of more than just local doctors. Orthodontists around the world have partnered with us to act as a sounding board for trends, ideas, and product modifications. This advisory board gives us an invaluable As a Product Manager, how do you keep an eye on hundreds of unique products, innovative ideas, and industry

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outside perspective on the ways we can bring even more value to every smile.


Of course, we must consider one more angle — the patient. Here I have a unique insight, at least when it comes to one of our most popular products. I love the Lotus Plus DS Bracket System because nothing else on the market is like it, and because, well, I use them myself! I’ve been wearing these self-ligating brackets for about two years now, and I love the results. Seeking outside perspectives is great, but sometimes it helps to find your own reason to smile.

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Want to join OTAC and give your perspective? Visit OrthoTechnology.com/otac to learn more!

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