Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton June 2019

June 2019

A Lot Has Changed, and Hare Wynn Has for the Better.

F or more than 125 years, our firm has stood tall in our fight to give a voice to the voiceless — to tell the story every client wants every juror to hear. We have been able to help thousands of clients after losing a family member or being hurt or wronged by others. We have a team of trial lawyers with proven track records and unparalleled abilities to tell our clients’ stories. Over the years, we have handled countless cases against the best lawyers and largest corporations in the world, as well as cases against careless drivers and others whose reckless conduct devastates lives. Every case, regardless of size, is important to us because we know it is important to our clients. Our roots run deep, and we are so very grateful to the families, farmers, and small businesses who have invited us into their lives when they needed help. Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton was founded on one simple idea — giving the highest quality legal representation and counsel to those who need it most. Our firm has had four generations of dedicated lawyers practicing in the Birmingham area and other states in the Southeast. While the basic tenets of our firm have stayed the same, we’ve been fortunate to bring lawyers of unrivaled talent and courtroom ability to the plaintiff’s practice. Our growth and expansion over the years is not just an indicator of how much people trust our attorneys; it is also indicative of a level of success that makes us proud to stand with clients and look back at the results we have obtained for them. Hare Wynn now has a dedicated team of twenty-two attorneys and more than thirty- five staff members — a powerful team approach that competes and wins against defense lawyers in major firms across America and in litigation with the highest

of stakes. Recent verdicts exceeding $300 million for rice and corn contamination in Arkansas and Kansas led to settlements exceeding $2 billion for deserving farmers. In addition, our newest lawyer just tried her first case and got a verdict of $5,700 against a large insurance carrier. These are very different results, but the concept is one that guides our firm every single day — every case deserves the best we have to give. I’m happy to say we have not lost of our small-firm feeling. That’s why our clients continue to put their heartfelt trust and confidence into our hands and why we’re proud to call them our friends. I’ve often told prospective clients to ask other lawyers or judges about our firm, and I’ll stand by whatever they are

We are committed to continuing our legacy of trust and unparalleled results for our clients and the great people who live in the communities we serve.

told. I’m that confident in the talent and ability of the men and women who are Hare Wynn. In 2012, we achieved another milestone in our journey. We opened our Kentucky office in Lexington and sent two of our partners to bring Hare Wynn to the Bluegrass State. With additions of outstanding staff and young associates, our Kentucky presence is flourishing, and we are thrilled with the opportunities we have to bring just results to our clients up there, especially to the coal miners we are honored to represent in cases involving black lung disease caused by inadequate coal masks provided to them over their years in the mines. We’re not the typical high-volume firm you see singing a catchy jingle on your TV screen. However, you’ll never find it hard to reach us. Whenever you feel the need to talk, we’re just a phone call or office visit away. Our nineteen lawyers in Birmingham and three in Kentucky are absolutely on your team and ready to help with anything we can do. We count on the relationships we have with former clients for future business. Who knows us better than those who have seen us prepare and try their case? Simply put, we want to stay in touch, and this newsletter is our first effort to reach out to former clients and their families. We are here for youyou were the and, at the end of the day, there’s always room for more family members. Please know our relationship is something that doesn’t have to end after your case is resolved. For all your legal needs and beyond, we’re here to help. As you would expect, we are extremely thankful for our clients who speak well of us. If you need help or just have a concern about something life throws your way, give us a call at 1-855-997-9319. Also, we invite you to visit us anytime at HWNN.com. Thank you so very much for allowing us to represent you and your families. We are honored by that trust and look forward to another opportunity to help you, a loved one, or a friend.

–Leon Ashford

Here’s to the next century,

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