Roz Marketing - May/June 2022

The IRS is hiring with one thought in mind: to collect from taxpayers! And in these uncertain times, there is hope! As a tax resolution specialist, you’re in the unique position to save your client’s financial future! At the 7th Annual Virtual Tax Resolution Success Summit, Michael will show you how to unleash your superpowers and save your clients from the dreaded IRS! WHEN: Thursday, Aug. 25, Friday, Aug. 26, and Saturday, Aug. 27

Register now for early bird pricing — expires soon! For more details, visit Don’t get left behind — this

event only takes place once a year!

There will be new speakers and new strategies that can take your practice to the next level or jump-start a practice you’ve dreamed about! For more information, go to, contact our Concierge Ruthie at, or call our offices at 888.670.0303.

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