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Principles of Business Management (4562)

Personal Finance and Banking (7150) Accounting Fundamentals (4562)

Finance and Investment (5258)

Banking and Investment Capstone (7265)

Principles of Business Operations & Technology (7153)

Business Office Communications (7144)

Digital Data Applications (7146)

Business Operations & Technology Capstone (7254)

Principles of Business Management

Principles of Business Operations & Technology

The Principles of Business Operations and Technology course will prepare students to plan, organize, direct, and control the functions and processes of a firm or organization and be successful in a work environment. Students are provided opportunities to develop attitudes and apply skills and knowledge in the areas of business, management, Microsoft Office, and finance. Individual experiences will be based upon the student’s career and educational goals.

Principles of Business Management examines business ownership, organization principles and problems, management, control facilities, administration, financial management, and development practices of business enterprises. This course will also emphasize the identification and practice of the appropriate use of technology to communicate and solve business problems and aid in decision making. Attention will be given to developing business communication, problem-solving, and decision making skills using spreadsheets, word processing, data management, and presentation software.

Business Office Communications

Personal Finance and Banking

The Business Office Communications course emphasizes the analysis of communication to direct the choice of oral and written methods and techniques. It includes practice in writing a variety of messages used to communicate in business and industry with an emphasis on the potential impact of the message on the receiver as a basis for planning and delivering effective business communications. Through projects and the development of messages, students will develop their knowledge and skills for the use of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint

Personal Finance and Banking emphasizes management of individual financial resources for growth and maintenance of personal wealth. The course covers home buying and mortgage financing, installment financing, life and health insurance, securities, commodities, and other investment opportunities. Students will gain an overview of the banking industry and the financial services provided by banks for individuals and businesses.

Digital Data Applications

Accouting Fundamentals

Students will use Microsoft Excel to sort and search records, combine files, produce reports, and to extract data from a file. This course is designed to include creating and formatting worksheets, using formulas and basic functions, creating charts, and printing professional-looking reports. Additionally students will use Microsoft Access to create a database and to manage a database through the creation and modification of a query. Students will also be expected to produce reports from the information.

Accounting Fundamentals introduces the language of business using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and procedures for proprietorships and partnerships using double-entry accounting. Emphasis is placed on accounting principles as they relate to both manual and automated financial systems. This course involves understanding, analyzing, and recording business transactions and preparing, analyzing, and interpreting financial reports as a basis for decision making.

Business Administration Capstone

Finance and Investment

Digital literacy has become increasingly important to the business environment. Technological advances provide opportunities for businesses to survey inclusion of new innovations. This course discusses, identifies, researches, and applies emerging technologies. Discussing new technology and understanding the importance of updating skills is necessary for today’s business operations.

Finance and Investments analyzes and synthesizes high-level skills needed for a multitude of careers in the banking and investment industry. Students learn banking, investments, and other finance fundamentals and applications related to financial institutions, business and personal financial services, investment and securities, risk management products, and corporate finance..

This Pathway is Offered to Students Who Attend:

This Pathway is Offered to Students Who Attend:

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