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year, continued capital investment of over £29.2m into the Estate will see the completion of a significant backlog maintenance programme and the development, Radiology Department, Single Isolation Suite, Outstanding Maternity Service es- tate transformation and enabling and designs for new Endoscopy, Pharmacy, Institute of Research and twin Operating Theatre estate developments at our sister site, St Luke’s Hospital. However, the fact remains that the majority of our buildings were built before the creation of the NHS in 1948 and our estate does not support modern-day healthcare practice. Where we have newer es- tate, it is largely made up of 1960s concrete materials which are now beyond their intended life. Our es- tate portfolio also has significant backlog maintenance investment needs. These are currently calcu- lated at over £86m net. In addition, our estate is compromised by a lack of expansion space, engineering in- frastructure and business continui- ty risks. Our buildings do not easily lend themselves to the provision of modern, efficient healthcare nor do they consistently provide a pleas- ant environment for patients, visi- tors or staff. We are now spending increasing amounts of public mon- ey on maintenance to keep these buildings safe and functional. As a result, the Trust is exploring a number of solutions to improve its estate. One of these solutions is the potential to build a new hospital to replace Bradford Royal Infirma- ry and St Luke’s Hospital. This new hospital, when designed with future demand levels and our ability to

deliver virtual services in mind, will ensure that we can meet the health needs of Bradford for many years to come. A Strategic Outlines Case (SOC) has already been developed and submitted to NHS England for inclusion on the New Hopsital Pro- gramme (NHP) for funding. However, the Trust understands and accepts that a new acute teaching hospital is a medium term objective for our Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Part- nership. There are more immediate objectives in our local HCP to build new facilities for Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust and Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. These objectives and how we will address them as a Bradford health and care system will be set out in a Bradford District and Craven Estate Strategy. It is our vision for our new hospital to be more than a “repair centre” that our population only attend when they are sick. Through “Act as One” and other ambitions high- lighted in this strategy relating to research and population health management we will create health- care in Bradford District and Craven that is joined up and focusses on prevention and health inequalities. This will mean that we not only re- pair people when they are ill but also address some of the issues that caused someone to become ill in the first place. Bradford Teaching Hospitals will follow a twin track approach to the development of our estate. One workstream will be dedicated to the medium-term objective of building a new teaching hospital whilst we also focus on the backlog mainte- nance and targeted development

of the existing estate and net zero carbon. The second workstream will support the development of a Bradford District and Craven HCP- wide Estates strategy. A new short to medium term Trust Estate Strategy is being developed to focus on immediate investment priorities on a risk-based approach to provide on-going estate opera- tional safety and operational conti- nuity. The extent of any plans that focus on the maintenance and tar- geted development of our existing estate will, of course, be dependent on the Trust remaining financially stable and achieving its financial sustainability targets. Estate Management and Capital Developments are fundamental to the delivery of our Place objectives. Both the Senior Head of Estates and Senior Head of Capital Delivery are great roles and an opportuni- ty to join a highly performing and well-established Estates & Facilities Directorate and to make a differ- ence.


Dear Candidate, Thank you for expressing an interest in working for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This is both an exciting and challenging time for us as we seek to come out of Cov- id, manage our elective recovery, and at the same time look at our current and future Es- tate needs for the modernisation and trans- formation of our estate services and the de- velopment and creation of new and existing estate assets to provide modern healthcare environments. We have recently launched our new Corpo- rate Strategy which has ‘Our Place’ at the forefront. Our vision is to be an outstanding provider of healthcare, research and educa- tion and a great place to work. Our objec- tive for Our Place is to ensure that we have a ‘Strategic Estate: Fit for purpose facilities for Bradford’. Our buildings have been well managed by our Estates and Facilities teams. Our Board of Directors has also approved a number of strategic investments to help improve our facilities. This includes a £28m hospital wing at Bradford Royal Infirmary which was opened in 2017, boasting state of the art facilities for the care of older people, pae- diatric and critical care. We have also made a number of refurbishment investments. These totalled £28.5m during 2020/21 and provide new facilities including an Accident and Emergency department Single Isola- tion Suite, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), ENT Operating Theatre, Same Day Elective Care (SDEC) facilities and an Operating Theatre new build and refurbishment. In the current financial operating year 2022/23 and into the forthcoming financial


Mark Holloway, Executive Director of Estates and Facilities



Our Patients, Our People, Our Place and Our Partners explains how we will work towards our vision to be an “outstanding provider of healthcare, research and education and a great place to work”. We are proud to be part of the Bradford District & Craven Health and Care Part- nership, with a shared ambition to act as one to keep people happy, healthy at home. We have developed this strategy with our patients, our people, the public and our partner organisations. It explains how our ambitions are not simply a list of things we want to do. They are coherent and mutually reinforcing and will ensure that we meet our strategic objectives.





Summary of our strategy 2022-27 Patients, People, Place and Partners

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Our People

Engendering a feeling of belonging in the NHS

New ways of working and delivering care

Bradford District and Craven HCP Act as one to keep people Happy, Healthy at Home, meeting people where they are, working with them to access the opportunities to enable them to live longer in good health

BTHFT Vision: To be an

Looking after our people

outstanding provider of healthcare, research and education and a great place to work

Growing for the future through planning, education, training

and acting as an anchor organisation for Bradford

Acting as One with our partners across Bradford District and Craven

Our Place

Strategic Estate: Fit for purpose facilities for Bradford

Our Patients

Research for all: Building on our international reputation as a City of Research and using data to become an anchor institution for population health

Delivering outstanding nursing and midwifery care

Using digital technology, data and insight to transform how we deliver care

Tackling health inequalities: Population Health Intelligence driving Population Health Management


Our Partners

Meeting our commitment to sustainability and delivery of the NHS Net Zero Carbon target.

Providing outstanding patient experience

Working with other providers of acute hospital care to best meet the needs of our shared patient populations

Delivering high quality services

Continue to develop the Trust as a hub for specialist services in the west of West Yorkshire

Delivering a virtual hospital as part of a clinically-led transformation

Restarting and recovering planned care after COVID-19

Working with partners across West Yorkshire to improve services and address health inequalities

MID Ref: 21081712 / Publication Date: May 2022

PRIMARY DUTIES & AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY 1. General • To assist the Deputy Director of Estates and Facili- ties in providing advice to the Executive Team and other senior managers on all hard FM service is- sues. • To co-ordinate and ensure that services under their span of control strongly support clinical ser- vice delivery and provide value-for-money. • To assist and support Clinical, Divisional and Cor- porate areas in the achievement of their objectives by ensuring that hard FM services are delivered in accordance with statutory requirements and Trust objectives. • The post holder has responsibility for the develop- ment of a range of policies and management plans for Estates and will ensure that they are systemat- ically reviewed and implemented through advice and training. This shall include but not limited to • Medical Gases • Specialist ventilation / Air Quality • Water Safety • Fire Safety • Electrical Safety (LV and HV) • Environmental Compliance / Hygiene • Management of Lifts • Management of Asbestos • Management of Contractors • Management of Health and Safety at Work • Medical Device Management • Asset Management • Pressure Systems • Confined Spaces • The post holder will ensure a profession struc- ture is maintained in accordance to HTM 00 (Best Practice Guidance for Healthcare Engineering) for all Trust sites, this includes formally appointed Authorising Engineers, Authorised Persons and Competent Persons linked directly to the range of polices and management plans. • The post holder will oversee and maintain a Safe System of Work for all activities within Estates. • The post holder will ensure a risk assessed ap- proach and culture in all activities in Estates sup- porting facilities with the relevant Health and Safe- ty advice. • Support clinical teams in developing environ- ments that offer the very best standards that are future proofed, evidence based and clinically ap- propriate to the needs of our patients. • Assist the Deputy Director of E&F in the planning, development and implementation of the Trust’s Estates, Sustainability, Health & Safety and Secu-

rity Strategies. • Meet, and strive to exceed, the requirements of all Regulators: NHSE/I and the Care Quality Commis- sion, as well as our Commissioners and partners. • Ensure the Trust is compliant with the relevant leg- islative and Department of Health guidance obli- gations at all times. • Ensure that PLACE standards and PAM assurance criteria are aligned to the Care Quality Commis- sions expectations of E&F services and the provi- sion of patient and staff environments • Lead service development and improvement pro- grammes within the Estates function to ensure fit for purpose and efficient service delivery models are being delivered. • Contribute to the development of the Trust’s vi- sion and strategic goals. • Develop effective and mature external working re- lationships with service providers, statutory bod- ies and other relevant stakeholders. • Assist the Deputy Director of E&F in the develop- ment and delivery of the Annual Plan for the Es- tates Services. 2. Operational Performance & Financial Manage- ment • To ensure that hard FM services are delivered with- in agreed budgets and to seek opportunities to de- liver cost improvements and generate income. • Responsible for the pay and non-pay budget for Estates ensuring value for money in accordance with the Procurement Strategy and in accordance with the Trust’s Standing Financial Instructions. • Responsible for the delivery of the agreed Estates CIP. • Responsible for the line management of the Trust’s hard FM service provision including the procure- ment of goods and services, including FM procure- ment to support organisational strategic develop- ments. • To ensure that robust mechanisms are in place to monitor hard FM performance across all areas of responsibility and to report this through the Estates and Facilities Balanced Scorecard Dash- board, including developing and implementing action plans for performance correction where necessary. • Responsible for the commissioning and managing the services of external specialist FM consultants and contractors as required. • Identify and take forward approved business op- portunities for Estates services, keeping up to date with competitor information and market trends, keeping a careful eye on balancing costs and qual-

THE ROLE Job Title:

Senior Head of Estates

Reports to:

Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities

Accountable to:

Director of Estates and Facilities




Estates and Facilities


Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

JOB PURPOSE Working closely with the Estates and Facilities Senior Management Team and other Trust Senior Managers, the Senior Head of Estates will have responsibility for hard Facilities Management (FM) services, ensuring that Estates service strategies and plans are in place and that adequate resources exist in order to ensure the provision of professional, safe and high quality services. The post holder will be responsible for ensuring pro- fessional and technical excellence in the efficient and effective management and delivery of technical ser- vices relating to Estates operational and clinical en- gineering services, environmental management, fire safety, health & safety and asbestos management in accordance with internal and external performance targets. A key element of this role will be to support the Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities Management (Deputy Director of E&F) in leading the service modernisation/ transformation programmes within estates to create an EFM function fit for the future. The post holder will set improvement standards, drive consistency and build financial and commercial management capabil- ity within estates services. This will include, proactively working with a range of senior stakeholders/Directors to innovate and expand or rationalise estates services, planning and evaluating new business options, identi- fying potential new funding streams and income gen- eration to support achievement of the Trusts strategic objectives. The post holder will develop an Annual Estates Plan including agreeing objectives for the year with the Deputy Director of E&F. The post holder will develop and deliver a compre- hensive service improvement agenda and provide a key role in the delivery of wider specific Trust initia- tives, including developing business cases for refram- ing existing FM services, or for the delivery of new or expanded services.

The post holder will provide assurance to the Deputy Director of E&F on service improvement, compliance standards, business-continuity, mandatory and statu- tory compliance. JOB DIMENSIONS The post holder is responsible for the following: 1. Financial and Physical Manages • The total budget for hard FM services is £7.8m (Note the total budget for the E&F Division is £30.3m). Impacts • Delivery of various agreed cost improvement (CIP) initiatives. • Wider NHS funding challenges and constraints.

2. Workforce Manages

• Hard FM management team comprising of six di- rect line management reports and in the region of 65 whole time equivalents. The hard FM function includes:

• Operational Estates • Clinical Engineering • Environmental Management • Fire Safety • Health & Safety • Asbestos Management Impacts • Industrial relations • Funding constraints • Sickness Absence Management • Performance

3. Other To support the Deputy Director of Estates and Facili- ties in the provision of strong leadership for all hard FM services including technical problem solving, change management and business continuity.

ity in business case submissions. • Ensure that the EFM Services are regularly re- viewed and compared with services both inter- nally and externally to the Foundation Trust us- ing appropriate benchmarking and best practice information such as Model Hospital and use this information to identify and implement efficiencies and service improvements. • To undertake any other duties commensurate with the level of the post or as required by the Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities. 3. Management and Leadership • Jointly agree quantitative and qualitative objec- tives (in line with the Trust’s strategic objectives) for employees within Estates and ensure that all Estates employees have an annual appraisal and personal development plan. In addition, where there is a mandatory requirement to ensure pro- fessional competency, ensure Trust policy is im- plemented to monitor the status of any registered professionals within Estates. • Ensure systems are in place to ensure compliance and that all Estates employees complete manda- tory training requirements. • Provide leadership and management in discipli- nary and grievance cases and • participating as appropriate at hearing and appeal stages including working in close • partnership with Staff Side. • Where required, support the Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities in carrying out negotiations with employees, staff side organisations, special- ist consultants, contractors, or any other external agency commissioned on behalf of the Trust. • Explore and identify opportunities for skills shar- ing within Estates and Facilities, in order to devel- op more flexible and responsive teams. • To support the development, delivery and moni- toring of annual Estates workplace / • workforce plans for each functional area, ensuring integration with the Trust business planning pro- cess, to ensure flexibility, efficiency, modernisa- tion and effective skill mix. • Responsible for recruitment, retention and suc- cession planning of individuals within • Estates. • Support the implementation and delivery of the Trust’s corporate values and behaviours.

• Foster a culture of life-long learning, including continuing professional education. • Development and vocational training within Es- tates. 4. Service Development and Improvement • Ensure the delivery of agreed quality service im- provement and Trust / regional / national initia- tives within Estates. • Ensure the development of, and input into busi- ness cases which are either Estates centric or which the provision of hard FM services support, as required by the Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities. • Preparation and implementation of the Estates component of the Annual Facilities Plan. • The jobholder will ensure that appropriate accred- itations are pursued and maintained across all hard FM service areas. 5. Corporate Governance and Risk Management • Review and develop the hard FM Health and Safe- ty structure and culture in line with statutory in- struments, safety legislation and approved codes of practice. • Lead the regular and timely review and develop- ment of necessary hard FM policies, procedures and quality standards, to ensure that all hard FM services are delivered in accordance with current statutory requirements, relevant professional guidance and best practice. • The jobholder is responsible for ensuring that re- cords relating to the provision of hard FM services are completed and maintained. • Ensure the effective monitoring and management of externally provided hard FM services to ensure that standards are met and value-for-money main- tained. • Ensure compliance with the Trust’s risk manage- ment policies and procedures including mainte- nance and management of risk registers as they relate to hard FM services. • To protect patients, staff and visitors from harm and to ensure that all hard FM staff are aware of their responsibility to minimise risk. • Ensure that robust business continuity and major incident plans are in place, are regularly reviewed, and updated for all hard FM services. • Work with the Trust Infection Prevention and Con-

trol team to set standards for Infection Control in all maintenance activities. This job description is not exhaustive and will be regu- larly reviewed. Any changes will be made in full discus- sion with the jobholder. STANDARD INFORMATION Health and Safety/Risk Management The jobholder must comply at all times with Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Health and Safety pol- icies, in particular by following agreed safe working procedures and reporting incidents using the Trust’s Risk Incident Reporting System. Equality and Diversity The jobholder is required to abide by the Trust’s poli- cies and procedures and to actively support the Trust’s commitment to equality and diversity in both employ- ment and the delivery of services. All patients, staff and visitors must be treated equitably, with dignity and respect taking into account their race, gender, ethnic origin, age, disability, sexuality etc”. Training and Personal Development – Continuous Professional Development The jobholder must take responsibility in agreement with his/her line manager for his/her own personal de- velopment by ensuring that Continuous Professional Development remains a priority. The jobholder will undertake all mandatory training required for the role. Patient and Public Involvement. All staff will be expect- ed to comply with S.242 of the NHS Act 2006. Respect for Patient Confidentiality The jobholder should respect patient confidentiality at all times and not divulge patient information unless sanctioned by the requirements of the role. Environment and Sustainability All employees have a responsibility to promote sus- tainability and carbon reduction within the Founda- tion Trust adhering to our Sustainable Development Strategy and therefore ensuring that all our business is conducted in a sustainable manner Infection Prevention and Control All employees have a personal responsibility to com- ply with Trust and departmental Infection Prevention

and Control policies to protect their own health, the health of patients, visitors and other employees and to prevent health care associated infections. This in- cludes a requirement to maintain a safe, clean and tidy work environment and to complete mandatory Infection Prevention and Control Training as provided by the Foundation Trust. All clinical staff must ensure rigorous and consistent compliance with standard in- fection control precautions including Hand hygiene, dress code and use of personal protective equipment and other clinical care policies and protocols applica- ble to infection prevention and control. Employees are required to challenge poor performance or poor practice in relation to infection prevention and report any breaches using relevant Trust procedures such as the Incident reporting system. Safeguarding Children and Adults All employees have a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults including but not limited to patients, members of the public and colleagues. The postholder will be responsible for en- suring they undertake the appropriate level of training in accordance with our safeguarding policy training strategy and that they are aware of and work within the safeguarding policies of the Trust which are availa- ble on the Trust intranet pages. Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is part of the West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts (WYAAT), a collaborative of the NHS hospital trusts from across West Yorkshire and Harrogate working together to provide the best possible care for our pa- tients. By bringing together the wide range of skills and ex- pertise across West Yorkshire and Harrogate we are working differently, innovating and driving forward change to deliver the highest quality care. By working for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust this is your opportunity to be a part of that change. WYAAT is the acute sector arm of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership, one of the largest integrated care systems in the country. The Partnership’s ambition is for everyone to have the best possible health and wellbeing, and the work of WYAAT, and each individual trust, supports that ambition.


EXPERIENCE Essential: • Minimum of 5 years relevant facilities management experience at a senior level in a large complex organisation (preferably NHS) • Previous experience of working at a strategic level in the NHS or a sim- ilar large, complex environment • Previous experience in managing a large complex EFM service • Project Management of large capital projects and capital procurement experience • Management of large EFM contracts • Experience in managing a diverse workforce • Experience in annual planning and business planning processes Desirable: • Experience of the design, development, implementation and interro- gation of estate/facilities management IT systems SKILLS Essential: • Proven capabilities in developing the provision of hard FM services to meet high quality standards. • Ability to perform under pressure whilst ensuring deadlines are met. • Proven ability to develop and lead teams. • Ability to effectively prioritise own workload and that of team. • Strong people skills including experience of dealing with complex in- dustrial relations issues. • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. • Effective communicator at all levels, written and verbal, skilled nego- tiator. • Able to deal with ambiguity. • Commercially astute and able to pro-actively manage budgets. • Ability to develop and implement innovative and flexible solutions to resolve workplace issues and improve performance. • Demonstrable experience of managing change • Financial and budget management experience Desirable: • Project management experience. KNOWLEDGE Essential: • Understanding of Information Governance and Confidentiality • Understanding of equality and diversity issues and how this affects pa- tients, visitors and staff • Understanding of what the NHS Constitution means to you, and your responsibilities to the public, patients and colleagues. • Specialist knowledge of Mandatory and Statutory Regulations relating to the provision of hard FM services. • Strong understanding of FM-related Health and Safety Regulations.

Desirable: • Specialist knowledge of effective delivery techniques for FM services including the application of commercial tools and techniques. • Awareness of cross-sector best-practice guidance in the field of FM. • Knowledge of working at a strategic level. QUALIFICATIONS Essential: • Professional / academic qualification at Masters level or equivalent in a related Engineering field, plus specialist knowledge across the range of estates and facilities standards, regulations and compliance acquired through post-graduate experience and further training. • Evidence of continuing personal and professional development in E&F and technical disciplines Desirable: • Further management/leadership or relevant professional qualifica- tions e.g. Chartered Status CIBSE/IHEEM VALUES & BEHAVIORS We are one team • We trust each other and work together

• We talk clearly and honestly. • We make every penny count. • We get better all the time We care • We are kind and compassionate.

• We take ownership and keep our word. • We are passionate, proud and committed. • We say thank you. We value people • We respect each other and our patients

• We embrace difference • We support each other • We say when we have done well and learn from mistakes OTHER REQUIREMENTS Able to fulfil Occupational Health requirements for the post (with reasona- ble adjustments, if necessary). Including clearance on blood borne virus- es, in compliance with Trust Policy.

Estates and Facilities Management


EFM 110(blank)

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Chris Davies 09/01/2023


Executive Director of Estates and Facilities

Capital Development and Strategic Master Planning


Facilities Hub

Business Management

Deputy Director of Capital and Strategic Development

Facilities Hub Manager

Head of Business Management

Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities

Hub Cordinatore

Hub Cordinator

E&F Business Admin Manager(s)

Estates and Facilities Strategic Development

Hub Cordinator

Senior Head of Capital

Estates Services Manager

Senior Head of Estates

Senior Head of facilities

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Programme Manager Minor Works

Head of Clinical Engineering

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Deputy Security Manager

Team Leader SLH

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Senior Supervisor

Senior Supervisor

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Energy Manager

Team Leader BRI

Waste Manager


Estates and Facilities Operations

Internal / External Stakeholders & Partners Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council Airedale NHS Foundation Trust Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Bradford Care Alliance Bradford District and Craven Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Bradford District Assembly

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) BTHFT Command Centre Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response Trade Unions/ (Staffside) Workforce & Occupational Development / THRIVE Switchboard Clinical Service Units Health and Safety Committee Risk Management

NHS Property Services (NHSPS) Community Health Partnerships (CHP) NHS England and NHS Improvement Care Quality Commission Health and Safety Executive Environment Agency Food Standards Agency West Yorkshire Police West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Yorkshire Ambulance Service


STAFF DISCOUNTS Medic Care Staff Discount Handbook

The Trust offers a confidential Counselling Service, which is available to all staff. It is open to anyone wish- ing to seek help or support for a work related or per- sonal matter. Examples include occupational stress, bereavement or relationship issues. The service is of- fered by the Clinical Health Psychology Department and is free of charge to employees. Physiotherapy Service: If you have a joint or muscle condition that is affecting your working life you can contact the Physiotherapy Department for a referral. Staff receive priority access into our Physiotherapy Service and will usually be giv- en an appointment within one week of referral. Staff Gym: There is a Staff Gym situated on both the St Luke’s and BRI sites. The Staff Gyms are open 6am to 8.00pm on Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 1.30pm on weekends. Membership is charged at a rate of only £13.50 per month for Trust employees. Occupational Health Services: The prime responsibility of any Occupational Health Service is to preserve and enhance the health of peo- ple at work and to assist the Bradford Teaching Hos- pitals NHS Foundation Trust to fulfill its statutory du- ties under Health & Safety legislation. Employees can self-refer for advice and guidance (this is not a GP ser- vice). Car Parking: Staff parking operates on a Zoned basis. There are dif- ferent zones (and costs) dependent on your circum- stances. All Trust car parks have high power lighting, security staff (with frequent patrols) and closed circuit TV surveillance, although we cannot guarantee that you will get a parking permit if a waiting list exists at the time of your appointment.

FAMILY FRIENDLY POLICIES There are a number of policies in place, which are de- signed to help employees balance the needs of work and family life. Full details of these policies are avail- able from the Personnel Department, or can be ac- cessed via the Trust’ Intranet. Domestic Leave: There is discretion to grant a limited amount of leave with pay to any employee who is faced with a situa- tion of urgent domestic distress (i.e. unforeseen) and requires a short period of time away from work to deal with matters such as bereavement, breakdown of normal carer arrangements, illness of a child or oth- er dependant and domestic crises such as burglaries etc. Each request for domestic leave will be treated as sympathetically and flexibly as possible. Maternity Leave: All pregnant employees have the right to 26 weeks ma- ternity leave regardless of the length of employment. The Trust’s maternity leave scheme offers benefits in excess of those available under the state scheme. The exact entitlement to pay is dependent on the length of continuous service and whether or not the employee is returning to work. Parental Leave: An employee who satisfies the qualifying conditions will be entitled to take unpaid parental leave for the purpose of caring for a child i.e. to look after a child or to make arrangements for the good of the child. This could, for example, include settling a child in at a new school or playgroup (this leave is in addition to any entitlement to maternity leave). An employee has the right to request absence from work on unpaid/paren- tal leave if he or she has at least 1 year’s continuous NHS service.

Paternity Leave: New rights to paternity leave and pay are available to allow eligible employees to take paid leave to care for a baby or support the mother following birth. The right is to take either one week or two consecutive weeks leave, payment for which is dependent on length of service. Adoption Leave: The Trust’s adoption leave scheme exists to enable el- igible employees to take a period of leave to help the adopted child settle into the family and adjust to new surroundings and then return to work. Dignity at Work: The Trust values its workforce and will not tolerate any forms of harassment or bullying by work colleagues, patients or visitors. All staff have a right to dignity at work and any breaches of that right will not be tolerat- ed. Those experiencing harassment or bullying will be offered support from trained advisers. Raising Concerns at work: Employees of the Trust are encouraged and have a right and a duty to raise, in good faith with the Trust, any matter of concern they may have about health service issues, particularly those relating to the deliv- ery of patient care and patient services. Whilst maintaining confidentiality, staff should be able to express their concerns easily through all levels of line and professional management where appropriate and be reassured that any such concerns are fully, fair- ly and sympathetically dealt with. Improving Working Lives: The Trust achieved Practice Stage of the NHS Im- proving Working Lives Standard before becoming a Foundation Hospital and is committed to achieving a healthy ‘work/life’ balance for all staff.

The Trust has produced a Staff Discount Handbook in conjunction with Medic Care Ltd (reviewed on an an- nual basis). Employees receive a Staff Discount Card with their handbook that can be used to obtain dis- counts with a variety of local businesses. The Medic Care scheme also has 1000’s of businesses offering discounts to NHS Staff throughout the U.K. and these are displayed on their web site www.medicarenhs. NHS Discounts NHS Discounts is the largest independent provider of voluntary employee benefits to public sector employ- ees in the UK. Details can be viewed at www.nhsdis- Childcare advice just one phone call away; Whether you’re expecting a new baby, your children are about to start school or you need some extra support during the school holidays, the Childcare Support Service can help. We can offer you support, information and advice on: • Keep in Touch Scheme STAFF SUPPORT SERVICES Childcare Support Service:

• Financial Support • On-site nurseries • Childminders • Holiday playschemes • Occasional childcare

The Childcare Support Service offers all NHS staff in Bradford and Airedale a range of advice and support. This service is hosted by Bradford District Care Trust. For further information contact us on: 01274 228321 E-mail: Website: Counselling Services:

Application Process for the role and opportunity please contact Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts appointed recruitment part- ners Nick Coppard and David Craven of The Management Recruitment Group. Applications should consist of a com- prehensive CV and supporting cover letter. Applications should be sent to and Closing date: TBC Interviews will take place: TBC Nick Coppard 07896 079 495 David Craven 07932 717 438 APPLICATION PROCESS

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