IBV Brochure of Plant Cultivation Luminaire



Mushrooms of various kinds do not require a huge amount of light. PhytoLED Toplights can be used during certain pivotal parts of the growth cycle: oyster mushrooms have a specific time period during their development where light is needed to ensure growth.

Micro-vegetables, wheatgrass

Vertical farms and black boxes are ideal for growing micro-vegetables and wheatgrass. PhytoLED Inter- lights can be used to provide more than enough light for both type of plant. In these systems, the Interlights should be mounted above each shelf.


Toplights are also recommended for growing cannabis. This technology is very useful for the production of the hemp inflorescences and for the extraction of the active principle. We offer solution to ensure earlier production and shortening of plant internodes: This increases the amount of flowers and dry matter of the harvested product resulting in lower drying costs and higher production yields.

Greenwall lighting

Greenwalls are vertical gardens that have different types of plants or other greenery attached to them. The greenery is often planted in a growth medium consisting of soil, stone or water. Because the walls have living plants in them, they usually feature built-in irrigation systems and for instance in shopping malls or indoor areas can operate well with artificial light such as PhytoLED SolveSun.

Ornamental plants, flowers

Toplights have already proven their excellence when it comes to growing flowers in greenhouses. Our Toplights guarantee beautiful flowers even in low light conditions and winter periods. Plants grown with our PhytoLED SolveSun had stronger and longer stems and more intense coloration, which made them more valuable. PhytoLED Toplight is recommended for foil tents, as it can be mounted closer to the plants and due to its lower weight, it does not strain the lightweight construction of the foil tent.

Experimental plant cultivation

Black box plant growing can ensure the sterile conditions of experimental plant cultivation. Plants grown in this way receive no natural sunlight and instead are illuminated exclusively by grow lights. Thus, we can grow plants regardless of climate and season, providing the foundation for a healthy diet to everybody, regardless of where they are located. Our products are all well-suited for sterile, black box cultivation. In the aftermath of the pandemic, hygiene and safety concerns have increased the demand for goods produced in sterile environments.

Sport stadiums

PhytoLED Toplights are perfect for quick growing of grass that are used for turfing of sport stadiums.



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