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HOSPITALITY REVIEW The Official Journal of the Tasmanian Hospitality Association - February 2020

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Hospitality Review

President's Report

The THA recently held their annual elections for the THA State Council, with the elections independently run by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) on behalf of the association. It was great to see some new faces elected to our state council for 2020 and many of the same faces returned for another year. The THA State Council for 2020 is as follows: - • Paul Jubb – THA President • Phil Fuglsang – THA Treasurer

• Martin Kelly – THA Vice President and President of the Hotel/Pub Division • Angelo Fraraccio – President of the Restaurant, Cafes and Catering Division • John Dabner – President of the Accommodation Division • Other state councillors: - • Darren Brown

• Jocelyn Berechree • Shelley Richards

• Margaret Burt • Michael Best • Ben Carpenter • Mark Cadle

The council held its first meeting for 2020 in Launceston on Tuesday 25th February and discussed many industry issues of concern such as electricity pricing, liquor licensing laws, training, political issues, national association issues, social media, THA Podcast - just to name a few. The board on average meets every 2 months in a formal capacity around the state but also works closely with Steve on issues of concern and topics of interest for members on a daily basis. I encourage all members to contact their local member of the state council should they ever wish to discuss or raise issues for the state council to discuss and work on. They are elected to the council to represent members in their local area about issues or ideas for the industry.

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7/1/20 3:15 pm

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au


CEO's Report

Forums 2020 2020 is now fully underway and so are our next round of hospitality industry forums. These forums, supported with funding from the Tasmanian government, provide us with an important opportunity to get together and discuss those critical issues that affect the day to day running of our businesses. The forums also provide us with an opportunity to invite guest speakers, to help us with the development of our businesses and ways to promote the growth and development of our industry. The forums also include networking events that provide an opportunity to further develop our business relationships and networks across the industry.

The forums will be held around Tasmania in March and April this year as follows: East Coast – 18 March 2020 12 noon – 2pm; Bayside Inn, St Helens 4.30 pm – 6.30pm; Craigie Knowe vineyard, Cranbrook

6.30 pm – 9.00 pm Craigie Knowe vineyard, Cranbrook (Networking event) West Coast – 24 March 2020 12 noon – 2pm; Empire Hotel, Queenstown 4pm – 6 pm; Strahan Village, Strahan 6.30pm – 8.30pm; Gordon River Cruises (Networking event) North West – 25 March 2020 12 noon – 2pm; Wharf Hotel, Wynyard 6pm – 9pm; Verona Restaurant, Devonport (Dinner presentations and networking) South – 31 March 2020 6pm – 9 pm, RACT/RACV Apartments, Hobart (Dinner presentations and networking) North - 7 April 2020 6pm – 9 pm; Joseph Chromy Wines, Relbia (Dinner Presentations and networking).

Presentations include key issues such as: •

developing and promoting winter events;

• •

road programs and public transport in the regions; updates from the regional tourism organisations;

• information about the upcoming series of regional mental health workshops for hospitality businesses; • the Tasmanian Government’s Tourist Accommodation Refurbishment Scheme; • accessing building services and trades; • accessing produce in the regions. I will also be providing an update on the progress of the five regional hospitality industry development plans. We have changed the format and the timing of these events to make the forums more convenient and as there is a lot in the program, I encourage all hospitality business to attend. If you have not received the invitation to attend the forums and are keen to attend, please feel free to contact Isabella Crespan on phone: 6220 7300 or email: isabella@tha.asn.au

6 enquiries@tha.asn.au 03 6220 7300

Hospitality Review

Tasmanian Government Funded Programs The Tasmanian government funded grant programs are now in full swing. Great Customer Experience Program The Great Customer Experience (GCE) program is not only expanding but experiencing a significant increase in demand. A service that provides free advice and guidance to hospitality business owners and operators in their venues, the GCE program is playing a valuable role in delivering high quality service in our venues around the state. Whether you own and operate an accommodation venue, hotel, pub, restaurant or café, I encourage you to take full advantage of this free program and the benefits it can bring to your business and, importantly, your bottom line. Workforce Development The issue of workforce development for the hospitality industry in Tasmania has been very much in the news, especially in relation to the decision for Drysdale to remain under the direct management of TAFE Tasmania. While this has been disappointing from an industry point of view the Tasmanian Government has provided the capacity for the THA to develop a business case, for a commercially run hospitality training institution in Tasmania. This initiative, managed by the THA on behalf of the THA and the TICT, is now fully underway and will look to the development of facilities and training programs that can provide world class training facilities and programs to meet the growing needs of our industry. I will be reporting on our progress in the coming months as we present the business case to Government. Strategic Initiatives There are a number of strategic initiatives currently underway however one of the most exciting is a review of international hospitality associations, training institutions and legislation. During the workshops conducted in 2019, hospitality businesses around Tasmania universally said it was critically important that we, as an industry, are always striving for best practice. This international review is intended to provide us with a broader knowledge of the advances being made in the hospitality industry around the world, so that we can ensure we work towards a contemporary and world class industry. Clubs Tasmania Since the appointment of Andrew Moore as the project manager of Clubs Tasmania, we have seen substantial benefits for the many clubs and associations around Tasmania. Through our partnership with Energy ROI, many clubs are enjoying substantial savings to their electricity bills, in one instance alone the savings were just under $10,000. Discounts through our banking partner Bendigo Bank and business support services are just some of the other benefits that members of Clubs Tasmania are beginning to enjoy. Importantly, a major sporting and community club conference is being planned for October this year with tremendous value for sporting club administrators and volunteers at the grass roots level. Coward’s Punch / One Punch The Tasmanian Government has just introduced legislation into parliament to address the scourge of the coward’s punch, a blight on our society that has seen innocent victims

die, or suffer horrendous injuries. The THA, with the support of some well-known Tasmanian personalities, is currently developing an advertising campaign to express the message to the community that this anti-social behaviour is simply not acceptable. We are also continuing to work with boxer Danny Green, and his federally funded program, to look at ways to combat and put an end to this appalling behaviour.

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au


Awards For Excellence 2020 Monday July 13, 2020 Wrest Point Hotel Nominations are now open! The THA invites all hospitality venues in Tasmania to nominate for this year’s THA Awards for Excellence. You can nominate online or via the form sent in the mail. If you have not seen either of these, please call Leanne on 6220 7300 or email awards@tha.asn.au now Nominations close on Friday, 13th March DON’T MISS OUT!

An entry fee will apply to venues who are not members of the THA.

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au


ARTICLE Nick Roney

Membership Renewal Everyone should have received their invoice for 2020 in November. We still have a number of members that still need to renew their membership. All offers and rebates such as TAB or Sky rebate and electricity deal are only available for members that have paid up. As a reminder, if you had a change in management or email, please contact us so we can keep you updated on industry relevant information.

General The last few weeks of January and February we have started member visits to see how you are all doing and if there are any concerns and/or if you require any assistance from us. The West Coast showed some positive signs when we visited with most venues being fully booked. We once again, through Energy ROI , have run our second electricity tender and as I write this we are collating all the information to present a price to those who participated. There

has been a great response with many members taking advantage of this opportunity. We will commence our regional forums again in March so keep an eye out for the invitations in your area. Our first round of forums will be East Coast 18th March , West Coast 24th March , North West Coast 25th March , Hobart 31st March and Launceston 7th April . We are also conducting a beverage survey which we haven’t done for several years. If you receive this survey, please take the time to participate in this, it should only take 5 minutes to complete. In late 2019 we increased the scope of venues being included in our occupancy statistics. The more venues we have contributing on a consistent basis the more valuable the data will be for our members. The information is also important to Tourism Tasmania and other government departments. 2020 has started off really well with the current Occupancy Statistics showing our accommodation division throughout the whole state has been quite busy. All areas of the state seemed to have many travellers, which should have been spilling out into our restaurants and cafés. Our Occupancy Statistics are an important tool for us to use for monitoring how we are all going but are also shown to various areas of government. If you would like to share your statistics, please email occstats@tha.asn.au Please contact me directly if you need assistance with your membership on 0439 119 343. Cheers. Nick Roney

New Members This year we have also gained some new members and I would like to welcome the following:












In addition to these we also have 17 new club members.

Awards for Excellence Nomination forms have been sent out and I encourage everyone to participate in this event. It provides a great report as a snapshot of your business and if you happen to win one of the awards, that’s just an added bonus. Awards for Excellence night will be held on Monday the 13th of July this year, so mark it in your calendar.

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au








10 enquiries@tha.asn.au 03 6220 7300

Hospitality Review

Stephen Long ARTICLE

THA Great Customer Experience Program (GCE) The Great Customer Experience provides venues with: • A review and consolidation of social media outcomes – what is your customer saying? • A business survey to get the business view – we explore your needs, your strengths and weaknesses, whether you need assistance in employee management – many issues to inform us about how we can help. • A Venue Awareness (VA) Session that engages employees in the venue using simple concepts that create awareness, like:

The GCE is a free service to you, the GCE is all done at your venue, the GCE is done when and how you want it, the GCE offers great opportunities to upskill and engage your staff. These are all the things you tell us you need – this program addresses issues of cost, of taking staff from venues and of isolation and regionality. Over 150 Venues and 1,600 staff have been involved in Venue Awareness or Skills Sessions, so far – get on board! Go to our website – www.tha.asn.au and check out the opportunities, the maps of those involved and our testimonials.


“The lights go on” • The VA session is great for employees and operators alike – be informed, be aware, be engaged and enthused • Skill Sessions that use a Learning Framework called . This is the best on line learning framework we have been able to access and we are committed to it, o Typsy is a compilation of over 500 quality videos covering subject matter for all levels of learning. Videos are between 2 and 5 minutes generally and are surrounded by a learning framework that gives great management capacity to allocate tasks and monitor staff. o GCE Contractors will use Typsy in the VA and Skills Sessions along with practical sessions to inform and upskill your employees. is available for employee and business operators to use a learning platform and has many characteristics that can set venues up for staff integration and continual learning – it can assist with venues managing social media, WHS and many others facets of the venue operation.

Our Aftercare Program: For you and your staff:

The vision for the GCE is “continual improvement of Customer Experiences and support of the Tasmanian Brand” – the Government through its funding arrangement with the THA delivering the Great Customer Experience Program and is here to help Tasmania to achieve that vision. • GCE Contractors will assist venues to use the Typsy framework in venues until operators are comfortable with the product. For your Business

Business Mentoring provided through the Business Tasmania Enterprise Centre Network – we will help you get in touch. Opportunity to talk to someone who can help you to make your business model better, and your business to prosper. It’s working - want to be included? Stephen Long: Phone: 0439 100 290 or Email: stephen@tha.asn.au

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au


Merv Saltmarsh ARTICLE

Casual Employment - Be Aware

Under the Fair Work Act (FWA) part-time and full-time workers may be able to challenge an unfair dismissal, but what about casual workers who make up one fifth of the Australian workforce? What rights do they have? Read on and find out. Generally speaking, casual workers are not afforded the right to make a claim of unfair dismissal even if they believed it was harsh, unjust or unreasonable. Workers who are able to bring an action of unfair dismissal are covered by a modern award or an enterprise agreement – avenues which a casual employee may not be able to pursue. So, where does this leave the casual employee? Well, a casual employee who has been employed on a regular and systematic basis, with a reasonable expectation of continuing in their course of employment, might be able to bring a claim of unfair dismissal. It should be noted that a casual employee must be employed for at least six months in a business that has more than 15 employees, or for 12 months in a small business in order to bring a claim for unfair dismissal. Australian case law has reinforced the regular and systematic employment requirements under the Fair Work Act and has made further additions to what constitutes regular and systematic work. The courts have judged that if the number of hours worked were small, and the days of work irregular, further proofmay be needed in order to show that a casual employee has been regularly employed by the company. However, if there was a clear pattern of rostered hours, proof of regular employment might be established in such a circumstance. Furthermore, if the number of hours a casual has worked exceeds a full-time workload, this may be used as proof of regular and systematic employment. So, casual employees aren’t completely denied from making a claim against unfair dismissal. How much notice should we give a casual employee? This question was recently sent to our office. Q We have a casual employee whose services are no longer required. The employee was offered full-time employment but declined. He has been employed for about 18 months and works 20 hours per week. The National Employment Standards provide a minimum period of notice when an employee is terminated, which is based on years of continuous service with the employer. In this case, the employee has been employed continuously, but on a casual basis.

Do we give the employee two weeks’ notice of termination or is a casual employee excluded from notice of termination provisions? A While a ‘regular casual’ is usually able to access certain employment entitlements under the FairWork Act, such as parental leave and unfair dismissal, this does not extend to an entitlement to minimum notice periods. The Fair Work Act (s123(1)(b)) excludes a casual employee from Division 11 – Notice of termination and redundancy pay. Therefore, a casual employee employed on a regular and systematic basis is still a type of casual employee. Consequently, the terms (if any) of the applicable modern award or enterprise agreement will determine whether a casual employee is entitled to receive a period of notice of termination. Generally, an award or agreement does not prescribe a period of notice of termination, rather a minimum payment for work performed by the casual employee on the day may apply. For example, the Clerks – Private Sector Award 2010 (cl 12.4) provides that a casual employee is entitled to a minimum payment of three hours’ work at the appropriate rate, meaning a casual employee dismissed after one hour’s work is entitled to three hours pay at the casual hourly rate. Who else is excluded from minimum notice requirements? Casual employees are not the only category of employee excluded from the notice of termination provisions under the Fair Work Act. The Act also excludes the following categories of employees: an employee engaged under a contract of employment for a specified period of time, a specified task, or a specified season an employee whose employment was terminated because of serious misconduct • an employee (other than an apprentice) to whom a training arrangement applies and whose employment is for a specified period of time or is, for any reason, limited to the duration of the training arrangement • a daily hire employee working in the building and construction industry • a daily hire employee working in the meat industry in • •

12 enquiries@tha.asn.au 03 6220 7300

Hospitality Review

connection with the slaughter of livestock a weekly hire employee working in connection with the meat industry and whose termination is determined solely by seasonal factors. As mentioned previously, the minimum period of notice of termination provided by the applicablemodern award or enterprise •

greater determinant of the question.

• the way in which wages are paid – hourly rates are more consistent with casual employment than are weekly wages • the period of time over which the employment extends – the longer the length of service the less likely the employee is a casual employee • the number of hours worked per week – the more numerous the hours worked the less likely the employee is a casual employee • whether the employee had a consistent starting and set finishing time – the more consistent the hours the less likely the employee is casual • whether the employee worked according to a roster system that was published in advance – the more regular and planned are the hours the less likely the employee is casual • whether there was a reasonable mutual expectation of continuity of employment – if so, the less likely the employee is a casual • whether notice was required by the employer prior to the employee being absent or on leave – if so, the less likely the employee is a casual • whether the employee was informed of the casual nature of the employment – if not, the employee is less likely to be casual. Powers of Fair Work Inspectors We are fully aware of the angst caused by inspections particularly during the busy season. The visits and time required to provide such information is both time consuming and creates potential concerns. THA has assisted members in many way such as requesting an extension of time on document presentation or advice on responding to any and all requests. THA want to continue to ensure all members in all regions have full awareness of the legislative requirements. More valuable information on the Powers of Fair Work Inspectors can be found on the following site: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/how-we- will-help/templates-and-guides/fact- sheets/about-us/powers-of-fair-work- inspectors

agreement is still enforceable. What is casual employment?

The answer to the above question is based on the presumption the employee is a casual employee. This can be difficult to determine in some circumstances. It is important to determine the nature of the employment relationship: a casual employee, generally, does not have access to entitlements available to part-time or weekly employees, such as paid annual leave, paid personal/carer’s leave, public holidays, notice of termination, etc. This also needs constant review by the employer as the nature of a position may change during the course of employment. The Fair Work Act does not define the meaning of ‘casual employee’ so this term has its own general meaning as determined by case law. The following factors have been considered in case law as relevant indicators of the existence of a casual employment relationship. It should be noted list is not exhaustive, nor is any particular factor a

FairWork Compliance Campaign

Industrial Health Checks - Compliance Audits THA conduct industrial Health checks and compliance awareness as part of the industry and membership services. Remember, members at any time can seek assistance with this process and or any areas of concern as required by contacting myself on contact details below. Visit the following site to view the check list: https://www.fairwork.gov.au/ ArticleDocuments/715/Self-audit-checklist. pdf.aspx

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au


ARTICLE Andrew Moore

Welcome to new members

• Prospect Park Sports Complex • Wynyard Football Club

Clubs Tasmania is continuing to make good on a commitment to visit all 29 municipalities over a 12 month period. We were recently in Scottsdale and St Helens and over the coming weeks, will be visiting West Tamar, Glenorchy, Wynyard, the Derwent Valley plus other municipalities. Do you know a

community club that needs some assistance? • Thursday March 12 DERWENT VALLEY • Monday April 6 ULVERSTONE • Tuesday May 5 TASMAN

• Monday May 11 SMITHTON • Tuesday May 12 KENTISH • Wednesday May 27 LATROBE • Monday June 22 HUON VALLEY Welcome aboard to corporate sponsor RAPID SUPPLY. They are keen to support community clubs with an monthly offer

West Tamar Forum - Riverside Windsor Precinct

ClubsTasmania are holding an inaugural ClubsConference at Blundstone Arena in October 2020. The full day program scheduled on Friday 16 October will run from 8:30am - 4:30pm featuring a key note speaker and range of sessions around disruption, volunteers, sustainability, inclusivity and managing increased female participation. Day one will be followed by a networking event from 5.30-7.30pm in CBD. Saturday is a half-day session, with another keynote speaker and then three lightening chats / world café sessions that participants opt into followed by sit down lunch and close at 1.15pm. Following the conference, participants are welcome to explore Hobart and amazing hospitality on offer. The conference is free to attend and aimed at club volunteers, venue managers and committee members. To register please click on the link the will appear in the regular updates being sent out each month.

14 enquiries@tha.asn.au 03 6220 7300

Hospitality Review

Visible in the Community


On Tuesday February 11 and Wednesday Feb 12, Clubs Tasmania, the peak advocacy body for community clubs and funded by the State Government, visited Scottsdale and St Helens to commence the 2020 schedule of forums . Discussing barriers to participation, what infrastructure needs each region needs and highlighting how inclusion can increase volunteer numbers, sessions were delivered with the support of Dorset and Break O Day councils, along with Shae from Good Sports, Anna from Li Ve Tasmania and Duncan and Scott from Energy ROI. If there are any community clubs who would like additional information or strategies to reduce costs, increase revenue and build capacity within their club, Andrew and the Clubs Tasmania team are keen to help. Contact Clubs Tasmania on 1300 125 827 or email andrew@tha.asn.au

Scott and Anna

Rick at Lords

Andrew Moore presenting

Duncan - Energy ROI

Semi Final Underhand

Anna in Scottsdale

Clubs Tasmania and the THA, supporting the community clubs industry. The Port Arthur historic site, created the perfect backdrop for the Port Arthur Sports Club’s annual Boxing Day ‘Woodchopping’ Carnival, with Clubs Tasmania and the THA getting behind the clubs’ 375mm Jack & Jill World Title. Thrilling the crowd of a little over 800, congratulations to New Zealand’s Raewyn Windley and Robert Dowling on winning the 2019 ‘World Title’

World Title $$$$ Shot

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au


Making the most of your Clubs Tasmania membership

Community clubs play an essential role in the health and well-being of Tasmanians and are important hubs that create social interaction and promote community cohesion, especially in our smaller towns and rural communities. Maintaining the strength and vibrancy of our community club industry is essential in order to increase participation and promote healthy communities. Here at Clubs Tasmania, we know that reducing costs, increasing revenue and building capacity in your club or venue, means you can ‘thrive and survive’ into the future.

Check out the following benefits through our membership connections and partnerships

Bendigo Bank Community is important to Bendigo Bank. Our exclusive partnership for community clubs is, a 1.25% Mastercard/ Visa Credit per txn, $0.25 Cheque/Savings per txn and a $20 monthly terminal fee. By providing EFTPOS services to sporting organisations, Bendigo Bank have paid more than $5 million in profits to local clubs For details of your local branch, call Jordan Lovell on 0418 908 074 . ROI Energy This partnership ensures your club and or venue is getting billed on the best energy rates and where needed, Duncan and Scott will broker better rates on your behalf, arrange tariff changes and get multiple quotes for you to consider (yes there are now other retailers than just Aurora Energy). Click on this online form link if you would like more information. https://data.energyroi.com.au/forms/ClubsTas

North Melbourne Football Club North Melbourne Football Club are committed to recognising and rewarding volunteers in the community clubs sector. Click on the link, that is sent out in our electronic newsletters before each Tassie game to secure your 4 reserved seat tickets.

Hawthorn Football Club Hawthorn Football Club are committed to recognising and rewarding volunteers in the community clubs sector. Click on the link, that is sent out in our electronic newsletters before each Tassie game to secure your reserved seat tickets.

The Travel Studio Planning a trip, use your complimentary $100 voucher and take all the hassle out of booking a trip, with expert advice from Leeanne and the team P: 03 6224 7444 .

Gallagher Insurance Contact Tim Johns M: 0434 608 081 , who will arrange a quote on your current insurance needs – you will be very surprised with what the team at Gallagher come back to you with!

Zap Fitness 20% off weekly fee on the Zap Fitness on a 12 month membership. If a current Zap Fitness member, can negotiate, subject to minimum term on your current membership being reached. Must mention CLUBS TASMANIA when you ring 1300 927 348 . Lion Lion are committed to helping reduce the heavy workload on volunteers with updated ‘clubs’ pricing list and competitive delivery fees. Contact Brad Upton at Brad.Upton@lionco.com to find out a contact in your region.

PFD Foods The statewide team at PFD can set you up with a 28 day account, (that suits the cash flow cycle of community clubs) have your order delivered for a small charge (which improves food security, reduces risk and reduces volunteer workload) and are happy to loan your club a pizza oven, a pie warmer and pod, coffee machine to use in your venue/canteens. Contact Scott Oates (Hobart) 03 62 724 055 , Brett Mathews (North) 03 63 411 300 or Tom McGinn (North West) 03 64 211 818 .

Industrial Relations Need a role description, unsure or have a question around wages? Ensure compliance with Fair Work by reaching out to Merv Saltmarsh merv@tha.asn.au

16 enquiries@tha.asn.au 03 6220 7300

Hospitality Review

CLUBS TASMANIA 1300 125 837

Business Events Tasmania

Marnie Craig

The year ahead for conferences and business events in Tasmania

Our role at Business Events Tasmania (BET) is to attract national and international business events to Tasmania. The overall business events, conference and meeting market is worth approximately $150M annually to the Tasmanian economy, bringing on average 36,000 visitors to the state each year. Business events travellers, or delegates, are high yielding, spending on average twice as much as a leisure visitor, often extending their visit to Tasmania and returning for a holiday in the future; making them crucial to businesses operating in the tourism and hospitality sector, and the Tasmanian economy as a whole. Along with attracting the highest yielding spender in the visitor economy, business events provide intangible legacies including knowledge exchange, fostering innovation, business development and community development. In line with BET’s current strategic plan, our priorities and programs focus on growing delegate numbers at conferences in the important association market and positioning Tasmanian trade and investment opportunities on a national and global scale through BET’s Tasmanian Ambassador Program. Conferencing and business events activity in Tasmania in 2020 is looking very promising, with 86 events already confirmed. This number will increase as BET staff continue to work with professional conference organisers and event planners to secure Tasmania as host destination for their conference or event. BET has been working closely with national business event organisers to encourage the dispersal conference activity into regional Tasmania, with a particular focus on Launceston and the north and these efforts are showing positive results.

February to May 2020 will see strong conference activity into northern Tasmania with six significant events choosing Launceston as host destination for their business event, with total delegate numbers due to be around 1,250, and an estimated economic impact in excess of 2,500,000. These events, including the Endocrine Society of Australia Annual Seminar 2020 and the Australian Meals on Wheels National Conference 2020, will bring welcome visitation in the off-peak leisure tourism months. Recently conducted research indicates that on average, business event delegates are staying approximately 6.1 days in Tasmania, with many conferences, particularly in the agricultural sphere, hosting pre and post conference tours which is again increasing the length of stay of the delegate. Twenty five percent of delegates coming to Tasmania are bringing family or friends with them when they travel to Tasmania for a conference or business event, again increasing the positive impact to local Tasmanian tourism, hospitality and business event suppliers. With over 160 members, Business Events Tasmania takes a lead role in promoting Tasmania as a business event destination to national and international associations, corporate organisations and event planners. Our success is achieved by working collaboratively with members, key stakeholders and local partners to secure successful business events to Tasmania and to maximise delegate attendance at those events. If you’d like to know more about the business events market and how you can work with BET to secure business in this sector, please get in contact via mail@businesseventstasmania.com or 03 6231 1366. Marnie Craig CEO, Business Events Tasmania

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au








18 enquiries@tha.asn.au 03 6220 7300

Hospitality Review

Former Premier Of Tasmania, Will Hodgman ARTICLE 2020 shapes as a pivotal year for our great hospitality and tourism industries, as we develop the next version of T21. The close partnership between Government and industry is a proven success, and it’s the right model to take us forward for the next decade. We continue to see great results in growth of visitor expenditure which I know all of you in business welcome and appreciate. We have seen a modest fall in visitation to Tasmania for the year ending September 2019 but the sector still finds itself under some pressure to service the current demand and to operate in a way that optimises the business opportunity that our visitors provide. So we need to ensure hospitality is a career path of choice and opportunity in a highly competitive employment environment, and THA is well placed to continue to lead this drive. This will be my last report as the Minister for Tourism, Hospitality & Events. It has been a great privilege to work closely with an industry I love, and which is so important to our State. I want to thank you sincerely for your great support and advice during my time as Premier and Minister for Tourism and Hospitality. The industry is in great hands under the leadership of Paul, Steve and the team at the THA. I wish you all the very best for a prosperous 2020 and I look forward with confidence to watching the industry continue to thrive, and to play my part as a patron in many of our great venues. Cheers!

Will Hodgman

An online training solution built for your hospitality business From server essentials, cocktail shaking and kitchen safety to management how-tos, Typsy has all your training needs covered. Find out more on typsy.com

: 03 5955 4245 | : hello@typsy.com | : typsy.com

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WE STOCK EVERYTHING YOU NEED, INCLUDING... • Glassware • Crockery • Cutlery • Chef’s Clothing • Kitchen Equipment • Bar Equipment • Furniture • Bakeware • Cookware • Table Top Products • Disposables • Packaging • Kitchenware • Cleaning Products • Refrigeration • Coffee & Tea • Commercial Equipment • Domestic Equipment QUALITY CATERING EQUIPMENT, RESTAURANT & HOSPITALITY PRODUCTS direct to businesses and the public

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HOBART 28A Warwick Street. Ph. 6231 2055 Store Manager: Zac Smith

KINGS MEADOWS 3-5 Merino Street. Ph. 6344 5588 Store Manager: Jo Rundle

DEVONPORT 7 Victoria Parade. Ph. 6423 4222 Store Manager: Luke Clarke

20 enquiries@tha.asn.au 03 6220 7300

Hospitality Review

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ARTICLE Opposition Leader, Rebecca White

An impressive array of festivals and events are emerging in Tasmania and confirming what many locals already know: Tasmania’s tourism and hospitality sectors are second to none. From Lilydale to Cygnet, summer festivals and events are popping up and exposing all corners of our state to the positive effects of Tasmania’s tourism and hospitality boom. These events often showcase a range of incredible Tasmanian produce and services and provide direct and indirect benefits to regional communities that should be nurtured. Events such as Falls Festival, A Festival Called Panama, Mona Foma, Taste of Tasmania, Festivale, Barnbougle Polo, Hobart Tennis International, and Cygnet Folk Festival all provide a flow on effect that benefit our local cafes, restaurants, clubs, accommodation venues and catering businesses. Local jobs created to support major events, touring events and recurring local events also provide hospitality workers with a host of unique opportunities: from a foot-in-the-door to career-defining breaks. Unfortunately, in recent months we’ve seen the fraudulent business of ticket scalping threaten Tasmania’s authentic and vibrant events business. People should be able to enjoy festivals and concerts without unfairly forking out huge amounts just to get in to them. Yet this is exactly what is happening across Tasmania because of ticket scalpers. Nobody wins from ticket scalping other than the person or business on-selling the tickets. The event coordinators who go to extraordinary measures to bring the events to Tasmania, the artists and athletes that choose to perform and play at them, the

audiences that attend the events, and the communities that embrace the flow on effects in their local area – these people are all compromised.

Examples in Tasmania of where ticket scalpers are cashing in include:

• • • • A two day pass for the Falls Festival marked up by 35% Mona Foma Saturday Pass – $161, up from $69 Mona Foma Sunday Pass – $161, up from $69 Big Bash Cricket in Launceston (General Admission) – $130 up from $29 Undoubtedly, a fair and just events industry is more likely to sustain greater flow on effects for all those involved. That’s why all other Australian states have acted to crack down on ticket scalping and Labor thinks it’s time Tasmania followed their lead to stamp out practices that rip off Tasmanians. The kinds of restrictions that should be implemented include banning the sale of tickets for more than 10% of their original price, banning ‘ticket bots’, which scalpers use to harvest tickets as soon as they become available online, and making it an offence to host advertisements for ticket sales that contravene these laws. Tasmanians want to be able to enjoy home-grown and touring events at a reasonable price and a thriving events industry should be embraced by Tasmania’s hospitality sector. Events also attract visitors, and visitors spend money, which boosts the local economy both on and off the festival site. However without consumer protection, these events have the potential to deteriorate and even cease to operate. It’s time to stamp out poor practices before our next summer festival season commences for the benefit of all those involved – including our events and hospitality sector workers.

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au


Drysdale FEATURE

2020 Drysdale Centre of Excellence We’re ready for an eventful year ahead!

The Drysdale Centre of Excellence team are ready for a busy 2020 with strong student interest in Hospitality and Tourism careers. Following is an update of what is happening across Drysdale. • 2020 Scholarship Program This has been a great industry initiative and is driving the strong interest in 2020 enrolments. Round two applications are now open. Three courses are eligible for the $500.00 all-inclusive scholarships: • SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality • SIT30116 Certificate III in Tourism • SIT20416 Certificate II in Kitchen Operations







20 Jul - 4 Dec 11 Feb - 26 June

SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality SEM1 SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality SEM2 SIT40416 Certificate IV in Hospitality

3 Aug - 20 Nov 17 Feb - 30 Oct 13 July - 4 Dec 11 Feb - 3 July

11 Feb - 26 June 20 Jul - 4 Dec

$1,170 + $455 or $500 Scholarship

$2192 + $260 other

SIT60316 Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management


17 Feb - 27 Mar /11 May - 19 Jun / 3 Aug - 11 Sep 12 Oct - 11 Nov 2 Mar- 24 Apr / 25 May - 17 Jul 22 Jun - 14 Aug / 31 Aug - 23 Oct

17 - Feb - 27 Mar / 11 May - 19 Jun 3 Aug - 11 Sep / 12 Oct - 20 Nov 17 Feb - 9 Apr / 1 Jun - 24 Jul 27 Jul - 18 Sep / 12 Oct - 4 Dec

11 May - 19 Jun / 3 Aug - 11 Sep 12 Oct - 20 Nov 17 Feb - 9 Apr / 1 Jun - 24 Jul 27 Jul - 18 Sep / 12 Oct - 4 Dec

TASMSS0124 Drysdale Housekeeping Essentials

ENTITLED FEE or SCHOLARSHIP $150 Fee + $50 Drysdale Uniform Top $289 Fee + RSA/RCG $160 + $130 other

TASMSS0125 Drysdale Hospitality Essentials





$2454 + $206 other $1,170 + $455 or $500 Scholarship

11 Feb - 26 Jun 20 Jul - 4 Dec 3 Aug - 20 Nov 17 Feb - 30 Oct

11 Feb - 26 Jun 20 July - 27 Nov

SIT30116 Certificate III in Tourism SEM 1 SIT30116 Certificate III in Tourism SEM 2 SIT40116 Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism SIT60116 Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism

20 July - 26 Nov







SIT30316 Certificate III in Guiding (Adventure) SIT30316 Certificate III in Guiding (Tour) SIT40216 Certificate IV in Guiding (Adventure)

12 Feb - 4 Sep 17 Jun - 30 Oct 1 Jul - 21 Oct

$1,608 + $632 other $1,608 + $632 other TBA + $190 other ENTITLED FEE or SCHOLARSHIP





SIT20416 Certificate II In Kitchen Operations (Group 1) SIT20416 Certificate II In Kitchen Operations (Group 2) SIT20416 Certificate II In Kitchen Operations (Group 3) AMP20117 Certificate II in Meat Processing (Food Services)

25 May - 28 Aug 11 Feb - 15 May

3 Feb - 8 May

Dates TBA (Part-Time) 11 Feb - 15 May

$952 + $352 or $500 Scholarship

31 Aug - 20 Nov 18 May - 21 Aug

20 Jul - 23 Oct

$1,170 + $145

2 Mar - 1 May

AMPSS00018 Game Harvester (skillset)


Available All Year Statewide

FBP20217 Certificate II in Baking

$952 + $128 other

11 Feb - 15 May

11 Feb - 9 Nov (Part-Time)

22 enquiries@tha.asn.au 03 6220 7300

Hospitality Review

The closing date for the scholarships is Friday, 31 January 2020. Contact a local Drysdale campus for further details, or go online to Drysdale 2020 Scholarships Apply Here • Regional Employment – Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge Drysdale is committed to growing employment opportunities for people living in regional areas of Tasmania and have collaborated with Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge. Participants from the area will be able to train for a SIT30616 Certificate III in Hospitality at the Lodge and at Drysdale Devonport. This will assist locals finding employment and provide hoteliers in the region with access to trained staff who are committed to the destination. The scholarship will also apply to this training course at Cradle Mountain. • 2020 Course Calendar Included in this edition is a copy of our 2020 Course Calendar outlining our accredited and skill set courses now available. • Drysdale Hobart Restaurant The Hobart restaurant is extending its opening hours in 2020, and we are preparing for a major refurbishment! Tenders for this work will go out on 25 January 2020. Works will hopefully be completed post Easter. The Hobart Drysdale restaurant will reopen on Tuesday, 10 March 2020 and has extended days of operation, now open for lunch service Tuesday to Friday with Thursday night dinner and bar service! The restaurant and function rooms are also available for private hire. • Lunch: Tuesday to Friday 12pm to 2pm • Drinks: from 5pm Thursdays. • Dinner: Thursday 6pm to 9pm • Phone (03) 6165 5947 • Email DrysdaleRestaurantSouth@tastafe.tas.edu.au

Support our industry’s future tourism and hospitality leaders and dine at our Drysdale Restaurants state-wide, support the students honing their skills. In the next edition we will give you an update regarding our line-up of Chefs for the 2020 Restaurant Tasmania series.

For further details on the information provided, please email us at DrysdaleCoE@tastafe.tas.edu.au Drysdale is the tourism and hospitality training division of TasTAFE. RTO 60142 I CRICOS 03041M






Day Class : Tuesday 9am - 2.30pm

Night Class: Tuesday 4pm - 9.30pm

Day Class: Tuesday 9am - 2.30pm

Night Class: Monday 4pm - 9.30pm

Night Class: Wednesday 4pm - 9.30pm

SITSS00055 Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA Short Course)


28 Jan / 11 Feb / 10 Mar 7 Apr / 5 May / 9 Jun / 7 Jul 11 Aug / 8 Sep / 6 Oct 3 Nov / 1 Dec

26 Feb / 25 Mar / 29 Apr 20 May / 24 Jun / 29 Jul 26 Aug / 23 Sep / 21 Oct 18 Nov

24 Feb / 30 Mar / 20 Apr 25 May / 29 Jun / 27 Jul 20 Aug / 28 Sep / 26 Oct 30 Nov / 7 Dec

14 Feb / 25 Feb /31 Mar / 26 May / 30 Jun / 28 Jul / 25 Aug 29 Sep / 27 Oct / 24 Nov / 9 Dec




DEVONPORT Night Class: Monday 3pm - 9.30pm 17 Feb / 20 Apr / 15 Jun / 17 Aug / 19 Oct / 7 Dec


Night Class: Tuesday 3pm - 9.30pm 25 Feb / 28 Apr / 23 Jun 25 Aug / 27 Oct / 1 Dec

Night Class: Wednesday 3pm - 9.30pm

Day Class : Tuesday 9am - 3.30pm 4 Feb / 31 Mar / 2 Jun / 4 Aug 13 Oct / 10 Nov

SITHGAM001 Provide Responsible Gambling Services (RGS Short Course)


26 Feb / 22 Apr / 24 Jun / 26 Aug / 28 Oct / 9 Dec





Night Class: 2 Evenings, 5.30pm - 8.30pm each night

Day Class: Wednesday 9am - 2.30pm

Night Class: Wedhesday 4pm - 9.30pm

Night Class: 2 Evenings, 5.30pm - 8.30pm each night

NONM0816A Espresso Essentials


19 Feb / 18 Mar / 15 Apr 20 May / 17 Jun / 22 Jul 19 Aug / 16 Sep / 21 Oct 18 Nov

5 Feb / 4 Mar / 1 Apr / 6 May 3 Jun / 1 Jul / 5 Aug / 2 Sep 7 Oct / 4 Nov / 2 Dec

10 & 11 Mar / 12 & 13 May / 14 & 15 Jul / 8 & 9 Sep 10 & 11 Nov

20 & 21 Jan / 25 & 26 Mar / 13 & 14 May / 15 & 16 Jul 16 & 17 Sep / 11 & 12 Nov





Night Class: 2 Evenings, 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Night Class: Monday & Tuesday, 2 Evenings, 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Night Class: Tuesday & Wednesday, 2 Evenings, 5.30pm -8.30pm

Day Class: Friday 9am - 3.30pm (inc. 30 min break)

NONM0016A Bar Essentials


23 & 24 Mar / 27 & 28 Apr / 25 & 26 May / 29 & 30 Jun 27 & 28 Jul / 24 & 25 Aug / 21 & 22 Sep / 26 & 27 Oct 23 & 24 Nov

27 & 28 Apr / 24 & 25 Aug / 19 & 20 Oct

27 Mar & 20 Nov

17 & 18 June

Concession rates may apply to some of the courses, please refer to our rates on our website for full details on fees, www.tastafe.tas.edu.au Drysdale is the Tourism & Hospitality Training Division of TasTAFE RTO 60142 CRICOS 03041M as at 10/1/2020

February 2020 www.tha.asn.au


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