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• How to Increase Patient Retention • The Best Tax Deduction for Your Practice • Blogging Made Easy • The 3 R’s of Rehab Growth: Retention, Referrals, & Reactivation

Connect Seasonal Activities to PT Social media content needs to be relevant and current to appeal to users as their scroll through their newsfeeds. For example, fall is a big sports season for football, soccer and running. Share preventative tips, home exercises and articles on how PT can improve performance and recovery times in sports. Also, be sure to have visually engaging images that capture the core of your content. Create Content for the Holidays Every season has its big holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving in the fall. And, there are also smaller holidays or causes that provide great content to share online. Here are some seasonal holidays that you can post about on social media:

• Labor Day • Grandparent’s Day • Oktoberfest • Physical Therapy Month • Breast Cancer Awareness Month • Halloween

• Veteran’s Day • Thanksgiving

Share Seasonal Activities, Ideas or Recipes Think about what you like to read on social media. It might not always be articles or blog posts. Sometimes, we just want simple ideas or inspiration for something fun to do. Try using one day a week to share something fun and not directly related to physical therapy. You could post about pumpkin painting ideas, local apple picking spots, healthy snacks etc. Think about your patient demographics and tailor your posts to their interests. For example, if you treat mostly seniors think about activities for them to do with grandchildren. Or, if you see a lot of young professionals choose active and local ideas that are a fun option for the weekend. Post Fun Pictures/Video of Your Team or Practice Events A picture or video is worth a 1000 words (and lots of clicks and engagement on social media). Start by bringing your practice’s personality to life with photos of the team and events. It could be as simple as “Doughnut Friday” in the office or a group photo of everyone dressed up for Halloween. Are you sponsoring a workshop or community event? Take pictures to post to Facebook both during and after the event. Make sure to get written consent if patients are involved.

4 Fall Facebook Ideas to Increase Engagement It’s about time to embrace a new season! Social media is often an underrated marketing program for PT practices. It’s more than just a way to get new patients. It builds awareness and consideration for physical therapy, its benefits, and your practice’s expertise. Therefore, social media like Facebook and Twitter should be a key component of your marketing plan, and viewed as a public relations platform. Let’s see how you can leverage fun, seasonal themes to create social media content for your PT practice.

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