Your Crescendo Proposal to redefinED Atlanta Strategic Plan

Ed Chang Executive Director, redefinED Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia

crescendo n. (kre-shen-do) 1 a gradual increase; specifically: a gradual increase in volume of a musical passage 2 the peak of a gradual increase. Your Crescendo is your growth. Your increase in volume. Your peak. We find it highly appropriate to carry the name of what we are commited to. Your Crescendo. About Your Crescendo We are on a mission is to empower purpose and impact for leaders and talent in their business performance, leadership and careers.

Ed -

Your Crescendo is excited to propose facilitation and development of the strategic articulation and plan for redefinED Atlanta. It is our understanding from your RFP that you are at a critical juncture in the trajectory of your organization requiring clarity of purpose, vision and a road map as you prepare to mobilize your leadership, staff, key constituencies and board on a common game plan through a recast of your strategic plan. We were thrilled to be recommended to submit a proposal for this opportunity by your board member, Ayana Gabriel. It is our intent to take what we’ve learned during the preparation of this proposal and capture the voices of your stakeholders to recast your plan into an actionable, thorough strategic articulation with clear understanding of next steps and performance expectations. As a coach and consultant focused on purpose for organizations, I am most excited when I’m able to share the corporate and professional experiences of the decades of experience we’ve amassed for organizations of noble and noteworthy missions. Your Crescendo is committed to enabling organizations to deliver on their purpose. Your mission to ‘to transform Atlanta into a city where every student in every community receives a high-quality education’ is compelling and inspiring both in its clarity and its opportunity to deliver on it. We are excited to start a process that takes the momentum of your current work to clarify and restate that mission and articulate a plan to deliver on it. It is our objective for this experience to tap into the power of purpose, unleash the rich work done to date and channel the growth opportunities of this mission with intention, crystal clear clarity, a high performing team and profound results. To accomplish this we have proposed an approach to accompany you and your key stakeholders on a journey to mobilize your thoughts and work to date and articulate a path forward.

Reggie Hammond, Your Crescendo Founder and Managing Partner Launched 2011 Career Highlights Accenture (Ohio and Atlanta) 1991 – 2005 Exervio Management Consulting Atlanta Office Lead (Vice-President) 2005 – 2011 Purpose To get the world on purpose with impact. Passion Empowering others performance through their gifts and purpose

Thank you for the opportunity to engage you and your team. We look forward to your response, our progress and your impact.

Reggie Hammond Your Crescendo



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