Your Crescendo Proposal to redefinED Atlanta Strategic Plan

Reggie knew more about communications and public education than I knew. I was really surprised. He did his homework. He knew our challenges. There was no, let’s get him up to speed. He was 100 percent present. And that was important. He knew our stakeholders, roles, environment, etc. I was impressed. There was one memorable moment when he pointed out a stakeholder group we hadn’t made a real focus. He was surprised. After the light bulb moment, we were too. We still talk about it to this day. Reggie took the time to do the work to make sure he would truly be a good guide and expert on what we deal with, and what we were trying to accomplish. The icing on the cake was that he went out and found some communications professionals to come in and have a two-way conversation with us to discuss best practices, things we were doing, opportunities for growth, current trends, etc. That was the best part for us. Reggie was smart enough to not bring in other educators, but corporations like Coke and AT&T to provide fresh perspective and new thinking. The entire team said that we need to do that regularly because it was just so valuable. What has changed for you since working with Your Crescendo? For me personally, I am now forced to regularly step back and take a breath. I find myself thinking more about my team, my expectations, how I’m communicating with them, how communication is being received, the impact that it is having. I’m also more cognizant about being more caring, listening, paying attention to the unspoken things, body language, etc. I am holding myself more accountable. Then there are the tactical things: how we work more collaboratively on plans, working more as unit, how we lead staff meetings. As far as my team, what was tremendous was that we walked away feeling more like a team. I had this one colleague who rejected this word “team”; didn’t understand how that reflected our department, work. And now that person is more comfortable with using the word; and sees that we are all concerned about each other and working together to accomplish our shared goals. Why Your Crescendo? As professionals and leaders, we are too close to our own work and our perspective on a daily basis to be objective enough to see opportunities for growth; opportunities period. It is refreshing to get an outside perspective to measure your success, your progress, your worth. You cannot do it yourself. I think it’s critical to have that outside view. And then there’s Reggie who comes to the table with tons of resources, who is so creative and all inclusive of the possibilities of how you can strengthen yourself, your organization and what you what to accomplish. Every consultant cannot do that. But he has very natural knack for it. I enjoyed the entire experience. Really, the actual day was just a piece of it for him. He was thoughtful, organized and had a big-picture view of how to help me and my team. While working with him, you wouldn’t think he had other clients. You would have thought he worked in public schools with the knowledge, skill and expertise he brought.

I would recommend him any day. He is the real deal.



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