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BoardConverting Serving the North American Corrugated and Folding Carton Industries for 38 years January 31, 2022 VOL. 38, NO. 5

AICC Packaging Xperience To Offer Customer-Centric Content BY LEN PRAZYCH Challenging times call for ambitious initiatives. In response to mem- bers’ request for information and knowledge on how to address cus-

The BoxMaker Opens New All-Digital Box Plant In AR The BoxMaker, a manufacturer of digitally printed and finished corrugated packaging, has begun full production at its newly con- structed plant in Lowell, Arkansas. The state- of-the-art facility features all digital print and finishing equipment for the manufacture of custom corrugated boxes and retail displays. The BoxMaker began construction of the new manufacturing plant in 2021 as part of a multimillion-dollar investment to support its online web-to-print e-commerce platform, , as well as its growing Trade Services division. The new location will further The BoxMaker’s quest to effectively address growing demand across the country for digitally produced packaging and displays. The BoxMaker began investing in digital print and finishing equipment in 2011 at its manufacturing headquarters located just out- side of Seattle, Washington. Regarding the decision to build its second manufacturing fa- cility in Northwest Arkansas, Richard Brown, The BoxMaker’s President and Co-Owner, said, “Our new plant in Lowell doubles our capacity to provide high graphics corrugated packaging to clients of both The BoxMaker

tomer demands in a turbulent post-pandemic box making world, AICC, The Indepen- dent Packaging Association, is offering the Packaging Xpe- rience, a 3-day program to be held live and in person from Tuesday, March 1, to Thurs-

day, March 3, at the Hilton Kansas City Airport in Kansas City, Missouri. Two “off site” member plant tours cap the Xperience on March 3. AICC President Michael D’Angelo says the program is the Associa- tion’s way of giving members the opportunity to “Xperience” life from

the customers’ perspective. “Independents pride themselves on going the extra mile for their customers and always saying ‘yes,’ what- ever it takes,” says D’Angelo. “But because of the pandemic, labor shortages and supply chain issues – things out of a box maker’s control – a lot of members have had to say ‘no’ to their customers, which is a very unusu- al and difficult place to be.

Michael D’Angelo

“Customers’ patience is wearing thin. It’s time to take stock and see where we’re at, where we may be going, and what the future could look like for our members, which is why we’ve put together a program that addresses the voice of the customer.” This AICC Xperience will bring attendees information on everything from customer care to machinery care. They will learn from industry experts and fellow members on critical business decisions about plant performance, customer satisfaction, and the latest innovations: • Gene Marino, Executive Vice President, Akers Packaging, Inc. and AICC Chairman, will present “Strategy for Success: People Side of Business, Knowledge, Experience, Consistency.” • Mark Roberts, CEO, OTB Solutions, will present “Customer Statis- tics: Preparing Your Company for Better Service to Your Customers and Potential Customers.” • Adam Peek, Vice President at Meyers Printing, will present “Block- chain, Crypto and Packaging.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 26



6 x x 8 x x 12 x x 26 x x 3 IP, WestRock, PCA Announce $70/Ton Price Hike March 1 12 EFI Connect 2022 Highlights Analog-To-Digital Innovations 20 Study: 97 Percent Of Shippers To Increase Freight Budgets 31 Bobst Adds NOVAFOLD To Its Machine Lineup

IP, WestRock, PCA Announce $70/Ton Price Hikes March 1

AVERAGE CONTAINERBOARD PRICES The average prices reported are tabulated from prices PAID by various sources throughout the United States the week previous to issue. Prices in some areas of the country may be higher or lower than the tabulated average. The prices tabulated here are intended only for purposes of reference. They do not connote any commitment to sell any material at the indicated average. Transactions may be completed at any time at a price agreed upon by seller and purchaser.

Board Converting News sources reported that the top three North American containerboard producers -- Inter- national Paper (IP), WestRock, and Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) -- have all announced $70 per ton price increases, effective March 1. Cascades has reportedly an- nounced a $40 per ton hike on corrugating medium, effec- tive March 1, and Greif announced that it is implementing a $50 per ton increase for all grades of uncoated recycled paperboard (URB) effective with new orders and ship- ments on and after February 14, 2022. “To date, no company has broken ranks with IP’s $70 per ton increase or the March 1 implementation date,” not- ed Mark Wilde, Ph.D. of BMO Capital Markets. “A $70 hike would be the largest in industry history and comes in the wake of $160-180 of price increases (three separate hikes) over the past 18 months. “We rate the prospects of the $70 hike as roughly 50/50,” added Wilde. “This hike is apt to be tougher than the prior three moves during this cycle. Based on recent BMO channel checks, containerboard appears to be more widely available than it was four to six months ago.” Board Converting News will adjust its prices if and when survey respondents report having paid the imminent increases.

REGION E. Coast Midwest Southeast Southwest

42# Kraft liner

26# Semi-Chem. Medium

$1005.00-1010.00 $1020.00-1030.00 $1020.00-1030.00 $1020.00-1030.00 $1050.00-1060.00 $1023.00-1032.00

Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del.

$940.00-990.00 $955.00-975.00 $955.00-975.00 $955.00-975.00 $975.00-995.00 $958.00-978.00

West Coast U.S. Average

SHEET PRICES BY REGION (AVERAGE) Per 1MSF, local delivery included, 50MSF single item order, truckload delivery. Sheets

E. Coast Midwest South-SW S. CA N.CA/WA-OR US Aver.

200# 275#



$62.69 $82.80

$85.35 119.54

$73.13 101.29












107.46 118.45

114.69 129.32

116.54 137.25 117.82 145.56

141.08 148.46

122.76 131.80

CANADIAN SHEET PRICES (AVERAGE) In Canadian Dollars, per 1MSF, local delivery included, under 50MSF single item order, truckload delivery. 200# 275# Oyster UC 275#DW 350#DW $78.56 $99.18 $9.00 $96.32 $105.83 CANADIAN LINERBOARD & MEDIUM The average prices reported are tabulated from prices PAID by various sources throughout Canada. Prices may be higher or lower in various areas of the country. The prices tabulated here are intended only for purposes of reference. They do not connote any commitment to sell any material at the indicated average. Transactions may be completed at any time at a price agreed upon by seller and purchaser. Prices are Canadian $ and per metric ton.

42# Kraft Liner 26#

Semi-Chem Medium

East West


$960.00 $995.00



January 31, 2022

The BoxMaker (CONT’D FROM PAGE 1 )

Core Competency

and Fantastapack. Additionally, it helps us reach clients swiftly across the country, delivering the packaging solu- tions they need promptly, which enables them to focus on growing their business.” The 62,000SF Arkansas plant features a diverse col- lection of digital production equipment, including The Box- Maker’s 2nd HP PageWide C500 printing press, a Highcon

BloApCo Floor Shredders easily handle Cores and Sheet Waste

Beam 2C laser cutting and creasing machine, and a fleet of high-speed tool-less digital CAD cutting machines. This expansion will also support The BoxMaker’s Trade Services program. When asked how this new plant will im- pact their Trade Partner clients, Brett Kirkpatrick, Director of Trade Business, said, “We are thrilled to serve fellow members of the trade community with digitally printed cor- rugated products across the country so that they may offer these game-changing solutions to their customers without additional equipment investments.

▲ All converting scrap handled by one BloApCo Shredder. ▲ Energy efficient. Low HP. Low RPM. Low noise. ▲ Industry leading 3-year warranty.

See the video at : 800.959.0880

© Blower Application Company, Inc., Germantown, WI 2020


January 31, 2022

A Century of Innovation In Every Machine Celebrating 100 Years: 1920-2020

FALCON 2-minute run-to-run times and world-class production @ 21K/HR

IBIS 2-minute run-to-run times and total product flexibility @ 15K/HR U.S. Based Sales, Parts and Service from Our New Expanded Location! United States: 602-639-9060 Brazil:+55 (11) 3666-6522 Japan: +81-568-31-3102 A M E R I C A

Time To Review Training And Development Plans BY CHASE KAMMERER

The corrugated industry offers many training tools, including the TAPPI Academy, AICC – The Independent Packaging Association’s Packaging School, and Fibre Box Association (FBA) programs. In particular, one training program that’s extremely useful and was just updated is FBA’s Hazardous Materials Packaging Training Program. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s hazardous ma- terials regulations (HMR) require that all Hazmat Employ- ees be trained and tested on awareness of the HMR; how their jobs are affected by the regulations and can impact a hazmat order; on safety around hazardous materials; and security awareness. FBA has been offering a hazmat training program spe- cifically for box plants since the 1990s. And since the focus is on box plants, all the tests, e-cfr tutorials, supplemental information, and modifiable templates will make it easier for you and your team members to know and understand your responsibilities regarding hazmat requirements.

The first few months of the year are an excellent time to review training and development plans for your plant. As

mentioned in November’s Tech Box, 48 percent of America’s work- ing population is actively searching or watching for new job opportu- nities. Learning and development (L&D) programs can be an appeal- ing benefit for team member reten- tion and recruitment. It shows your

Chase Kammerer

employees that you care enough to provide the tools they need to succeed at their jobs. It can also keep you out of trouble with regulatory agencies.

The updated 2022 edition is the most comprehensive hazmat packaging training program for box plants. New videos (say goodbye to hairstyles from the 2000s) with new material make this version one your employees will be excited to watch. And, with training divided into three groups with different training videos, supplemental infor- mation, and tests, you can ensure that your team members get the proper training for their specific hazmat responsibilities. Group 1 Group one provides awareness of the regulations and the fundamentals of how the HMR affects manufacturing hazmat pack- aging by the corrugated industry and our responsibilities as hazmat package manu- facturers. The focus in Group 1 targets the understanding of regulatory standards like proper UNmarkings and the appropriate way hazard warning labels and symbols must ap- pear. Ultimately, the hazmat training program provides you with more trained eyes on the final product before it leaves your facility. Group 2 Group two is ideal for Hazmat Employees who interface between the box plant and hazmat shippers and need to know more of the HMR details but are not considered hazmat experts. This group training provides more specifications like marking require- ments, hazard warning label use, and un- derstanding the Hazardous Materials Table. Group two employees should also partici- pate in group one training videos and tests. Group 3 Group three provides excellent informa- tion for your hazmat experts and team mem- CONTINUED ON PAGE 8


January 31, 2022

40 ft of paper travel from preheater to hot plates 3 seconds of heat, glue and bonding 1 chance to get it right! the ZONE

Design & Production

Chicago Electric offers 10 technology solutions to control ‘the Zone’ CORRUGATOR Sectoral preheating plate

Our sectoral preheating plates provide direct heat by means of a double steam circuit, allowing for efficient heating in hard-to-access locations, as well as to act as a steam shower to open the paper’s fibre, making it receptive to absorbing the heat and the glue.

This translates into increased speed and improved quality of the cardboard sheet finish.

The system’s main advantages are as follows:

• The plate may only be used to heat, only to humidify, or both options at the same time. • The plate is sectored, which allows for applying humidity to the sections. • It provides temperature in previously inaccessible locations and near the location needed. • It compensates the loss of temperature dissipated due to distance, speed or limitations of the exiting preheaters. • Quick transferring of heat to the paper. • The combination of the hot plate and steam shower allows for providing heat even to the hardest papers to heat. • Does not dry out the paper. • Possibility of operating as a humidifier and pre-conditioner. • Maintains and improves the fibre’s elasticity. • Acts according to the operator’s needs. • Facilitates the paper’s hygroscopy to absorb the glue and improve rubberising.


1. Wrap Arm - Position & Temperature 2. Preheater Direct Drive


3. Steam Plate 4. Contact Roll 5. Glue Machine Direct Drive Touch Productivity Issue—Glue Unit Many glue units run with a rider roll or a guiding bar system. The rider roll with paper gap allows a precise glue application, but requires frequent Contact Roll


C/ Orfeó Català 13-15 · 08440 Cardedeu (Barcelona) telf: +34 93 846 01 06 · WWW.AL-GAR.COM


calibrations and settings. Bar systems avoid this, but compensate this with the risk of exces- sive glue application. The system contains many wearing parts. Solution The contact roll combines the ad antage of both systems and ensures minimum contact between board and applicator roll. The system uses small pneumatic cylinders in order to achieve a “soft touch.”

6. Gap Control 7. Curved Plate 8. Roller Shoe Press When it comes to a short-term increas of web tension, spring loaded systems with shoes or airpressure activated system have problems in compensating these. The system is lifted for a short time. This may result in de-lamination and in the ‘double kiss’ effect. Solution For a defined and exact bonding point of the web fiv weight rollers will be installed usually over the first flat hotplate of the heating section. The rolls are mounted into a frame, which is actuated by means of two pneumatic cylinders. P oductivity Issu —Double Kiss Bonding




Roller Shoe


9. Thin Wall Hot Plates 10. Pressure System Benefits —Exact glue application due to defined contact of applicator roll to web. Web is in contact to less flute tips compared to bar systems. • High precision glue application • Less moisture applied to web —No wear of shoes and springs —No adjustment of shoes or paper gap —Uniform glue application over entire w orking width for all flutes by use of pneumatic cylinders instead of springs — Less contamination by paper dust and glue remains —No jam of board because of web breaks caused by splice joints going through 630-784-0800 Benefits —Rollers secure exact defined first point of contact of liner and single-faced board - No double kiss —Frame design avoids unintended lifting of roller shoe (compared to spring or air loaded systems) - No double kiss —Pressure can be increased or released for special grades or products 490 Tower Blvd., Carol Stream, IL Contact Chicago Electric to GET IT RIGHT 630-784-0800 Solution The ProPress system ensures an optimum heat transfer to the board. It offers a wide range of set- tings. The loadi g pressure can be varied, the number of shoes can be lifted in accordance t the line speed. The outer shoes can be lifted in accordance to the paper width. The shoe bars will be delivered pre-assembled for a short installation time. —Liftable for easy paper infeed and for cleaning of the machine —Position adjustable in paper direction to avoid grooves in hotplate Press Productivity Issue—Poor Heat Transfer Rollers are usually limiting the heat transfer, since they often have contact mainly on the edges of the plates due to wear or bent plates. They also cause often loss of caliper and bearing need to be replaced frequently. Airpressure actuated systems can only supply a limited pressure and have com- pared to shoe systems a closed surface. Pressure Shoe

Plate vity Issue—Poor Heat Control l hotplates are slow to react to pressure due to high steam volume and massive y also have high heat radiation and heat profile. Worn plates can damage crease edge crush.

Thin-Wall Hot Plates

t by peripheral drilled hot plates. anufactured out of special wear and nt steel, through which a continuous is drilled, with one inlet and one outlet. ecured by a massive steel frame.

ance from steam to paper surface results in fast heat flow n higher plate surface temperature


Time To Review (CONT’D FROM PAGE 6)

Box Shipments ( U.S. Corrugated Product Shipments) Industry Shipments In Billions of Square Feet Month September 2021

bers that design or sign off on hazmat packaging specifi- cations with your customers. Your Group 3 team members must understand box construction standards, size, limited quantity requirements, exemption, or special permit autho- rization requirements. Group 3 employees should partici- pate in all three training videos and tests. This general awareness and function-specific training used in tandem with your plant’s existing safety and se- curity training with just some minor security recommenda- tions will cover the USDOTs hazmat training requirements for the next three years. Don’t forget that you have 90 days to complete training for all new hazmat employees, including temporary and contract workers. Just order the hazmat training program, have your team members watch the training videos, take the test(s), go over the correct answers, and fill out the sign-in sheet. The tests offered by FBA make an excellent hard copy or digital document for your records. Be sure to keep the training records handy with HR, the Quality Manager, or EHS professional, just as long as you have easy access to the documents if the DOT makes a house call. We’ve provided the training videos, tests, and sign-in sheets; you just need to bring some pens and snacks! Chase Kammerer is the Manager of Technical Services at Fibre Box Association (FBA). You can reach him directly at



Percent Change Avg Week Percent Change

2021 2020

34.261 34.901


8.157 8.310


Industry Total

Year-to Date

September 2021



Percent Change Avg Week Percent Change

2021 2020

312.632 300.767


8.227 7.873


Industry Total

Containerboard Consumption (Thousands of Tons)



Percent Change Year-to-Date Percent Change

2021 2020

2.7786 2.8459


25.4959 24.5672


Container Board Inventory - Corrugator Plants (Thousands of Tons)

Corrugator Plants Only


Percent Change Weeks of Supply

Percent Change




3.5 3.4




Shipping Days




2021 2020

21 21

190 191

SOURCE: Fibre Box Association

Puhl custom designs systems to meet your needs. • Moving to a new facility? Puhl has experience moving entire plant systems all while minimizing down time in BOTH plants during the transition. • Below roof AND above roof systems custom designed to meet your needs. • New and Remanufactured Equipment (balers, blowers, separators, filters and more). Our Remanufactured equipment includes a warranty and offers significant savings. • NFPA and OSHA compliant systems designed by our NFPA trained engineering team. • Dust Briquetters, Certified Explosion Isolation Valves, Flame Front Diverters and more to control dust and meet NFPA requirements. • PLC Touch Screen Controls with Real Time Pressure Balancing and Real Time Remote Monitoring available on your smart phone or computer.

Balers • Shredders • Trim Collection Systems • Dust Collection Systems • Cyclones Trim Separators • Spiral Duct • Used Equipment • Filters • Briquetters 240 Airport Road | Gallatin, TN 37066 | 615.230.9500 | FAX 615.230.9590 | | Follow us on LinkedIn


January 31, 2022

Wasatch Container Expands, Adds Kolbus RD 115S Flexo RDC Salt Lake City, Utah based Wasatch Container is expand- ing their current facility while boosting their printing ca- pabilities with the purchase of a new five color Kolbus RD 115S Flexo Rotary Die Cutter with top print capabilities. The purchase of the new machine comes as founder, Jerry Frisch, continues to grow the business with the ex- pansion of his existing box plant. The 80,000-square-foot expansion extends to the neighboring building, which

creases Wasatch Container’s value to our customers. The German built RD 115S fully servo flexo rotary die cutter is the newest advancement from Kolbus. This ma- chine features advanced technology including image stretch/shrink functionality, plate skewing for fine adjust- ments without opening the machine, a feed unit with re- peatable sheet separation with servo driven feed wheels and lift grid, and a rigid cast iron frame die cutter module. Wasatch Container will be the first in their region with this new Kolbus RD 115S technology, and the second in North America to purchase this innovative machine. “We look forward to partnering with Wasatch Contain- er on increasing their print capabilities and continuing to grow their already successful corrugated business,” said Jeff Dietz, Kolbus America President. “The RD 115S is a premium, German-engineered rotary die cutter with state- of-the-art automation, advanced servo-technology and user friendly controls. We are very pleased to continue introducing more of these converting machines into the North America market throughout the next year.” Founded in 1995, Wasatch Container is one of Utah’s premier custom packaging design and manufacturers. The independent box maker specializes in corrugated ship- ping boxes, retail boxes, point of purchase displays, foam fabrication, and wooden crates. Wherever new opportuni- ties arise, Wasatch Container works relentlessly to provide our customers with the most compelling packaging expe- rience possible. Visit .

will house the new RD 115S. Installation is planned for Q4 2022. Wasatch Container has also purchased a new con- veyor system and complete scrap system to be installed with the Kolbus RD115S. “We’re excited to upgrade our rotary die cut print capa- bilities and offer our customers new options from the Kol- bus RD115S,” said Frisch. “The ability to print on two sides in a single pass will boost throughput in the plant and in-

S P E E D & P OW E R






January 31, 2022

EFI Connect Conference Highlights Innovations Driving Analog-To-Digital Transformation During the 22nd annual Connect conference at the Wynn Las Vegas Re- sort, Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (EFI) highlighted state-of-the art digital print innovations that give print businesses more capability and profit potential in a range of market applications. Display graphics inkjet offer- ings at Connect from the company’s product portfolio include the new EFI™ Pro 30h production printer. Plus, Connect featured the first-ever live demonstration of the new EFI Fiery® FS500 Pro digital front end (DFE) –

Packaging ERP Algorithmic Scheduling Web-Based Access Online Customer Portals

Paperless Workflows Mobile Sales Systems Digital Signage Production Monitoring Mobile Logistics Management Analytics & Reporting Cloud Hosting IT Management Services Cyber Security Management

the most-advanced print server in EFI’s 30+ year history – and the debut of the EFI Fiery Impress™ DFE, a scalable, flexible server and color man- agement solution for inkjet label and packaging applications as well as for inline manufacturing lines that need variable print. EFI Connect offered more than 130 break-out sessions presenting the latest tips and trends across all the industry segments EFI supports. This included sessions addressing the growing analog-to-digital transformation opportunities using EFI’s industrial Corrugated & Packaging, Textile, and Building Materials/Décor solutions. EFI Connect also marked the debut of an innovative prepress product for display graphics businesses, EFI Fiery Prep-it™ software for the prepa- ration, layout, and automated production of print-for-cut jobs. Designed to address productivity needs amid continued labor shortages, this nesting solution reduces the time needed to nest complex objects for wide-for- mat printing by up to 90 percent. Compared with competing products, Fiery Prep-it software can also reduce media usage by 10 percent or more, helping to alleviate media supply constraints. With the media savings it generates, this software can pay for itself in four months or less, helping print shops become more competitive. An early user of the software, Hossein Rasoulian, technical specialist at Irvine, California-based Super Color Digital, found that it reduced the time spent nesting jobs by 50 percent. “Fiery Prep-it is a very powerful and easy-to-use solution,” said Rasoulian. “It can nest irregular-shaped jobs very quickly and uses media extremely efficiently. We can also fully auto- mate our print-and-cut process using Prep-it’s integration capabilities to get a high quantity of jobs produced accurately, without errors.” The EFI Pro 30h The newly launched, 126-inch-wide EFI Pro 30h UV LED printer at Con- nect prints up to 2,477-square-feet per hour, offering a combination of speed and efficiency that makes it an ideal hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll su- CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 UPS CMO Kevin Warren, left, and EFI CEO Jeff Jacobson at the “fireside chat” hosted by EFI at its Connect 2022 event in Las Vegas.

700+ Plants 60,000 Users North America Latin America Europe



January 31, 2022

“We can help you protect, adapt, and optimize with our proven, agile solutions.”

Cosmo DeNicola Chairman, Amtech Software



Cyber Security

Move to the Amtech Cloud Network and Cyber Security Tools

Out-of-Date Pricing

Automated, Real-Time Costing Update

Customer Service Disruptions Remote Workforce Platform

Online Customer Ordering Portals


Paperless, Electronic Document Management

“Forget months...great things can happen in weeks, days, and hours.”

Give us a call at: 215.639.9540 Reach out to:


Faster Printing With Fiery innovation Connect was also where print professionals witnessed, for the first time, the FS500 Pro platform scheduled for release this quarter with new office and cut-sheet produc- tion systems from many of the world’s leading digital print- er manufacturers. The new DFE platform for commercial and cut-sheet digital printing RIPs graphics-intensive jobs up to 50 percent faster than previous EFI Fiery DFEs. EFI also expanded its DFE technology offerings at Con- nect with the worldwide debut of the Fiery Impress DFE, a scalable, flexible off-the-shelf server and color manage- ment solution. The Fiery Impress DFE helps equipment manufacturers achieve outstanding image quality. The Fiery Impress DFE can drive entry-level, mid-range or high-volume inkjet equipment on a range of hardware platforms. For example, users can output TIFFs to a storage location for entry-level CMYK digital presses, or produce rapid, RIP-while-printing output of variable-data content to high-volume, continuous-feed 7-color digital presses. Technology, Training, Remarkable Speakers Connect 2022, a joint conference for customers of print and packaging technology companies EFI and eProductiv- ity Software, featured one of the most dynamic speaker lineups in the event’s 22-year history. The conference’s in-depth educational agenda gave customers a broader range of knowledge to strengthen their position and cap- ture new market opportunities.

perwide-format solution for businesses targeting produc- tion display graphics as a growth opportunity. Designed to provide broader application capability, the printer max- imizes productivity by printing large boards or multiple small boards continuously. Super High Speed Productivity Connect attendees also learned about the accelerating signage production opportunities empowered by EFI’s ad- vanced Super High Speed class of superwide-format ink- jet printers. Conference sessions exploring the faster, bet- ter, state-of-art possibilities in high-quality display graphics showed how these solutions can drive digital production to new, higher levels. This trio of printers includes: • The EFI VUTEk® XT, a 126-inch-wide hybrid solution with available media handling automation that prints at speeds above 375 boards per hour. • The EFI VUTEk Q5r, a 208-inch-wide UV LED inkjet production workhorse that is the fastest roll-to-roll printer in its class, thanks to throughput speeds that reach 7,233-square-feet per hour. • The EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED single-pass printer for dis- play graphics, a 71-inch-wide signage solution. Avail- able with up to six colors, plus white ink, it prints on synthetic and paper-based media at up to 1,000 sheets or boards per hour, three or four times faster than most shuttle-based/multi-pass display graphics printers.


The Versatile Rotary Material Separator

With its high air handling capacity and compact, low-profile design, the AirShark ™ is an ideal replacement for traditional screen separators and bulky cyclones. Its durable, fully sealed V-apex rotor design helps keep your facility clean and requires no adjustments for different

material types. This versatile unit operates under positive or negative pressure and can be installed indoors or out.


air shark



January 31, 2022

AF&PA: 94 Percent Of Americans Have Access To Recycling Programs The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) last week released a new report indicating that the vast ma- jority of Americans, 94 percent, have access to community paper and paperboard recycling programs. The 2021 AF&PA Access to Recycling Study also finds more Americans, 79 percent, now have access to residen- tial-curbside programs making it easier to recycle paper at home – an increase of more than 14 million people since the 2014 study. “Paper and paper-based recycling programs are well-developed and widely accessible across the Unit- ed States,” said AF&PA President and CEO Heidi Brock. “Household action and our industry’s investment in paper recycling are primary reasons why our industry recycles nearly twice as much paper today as it did more than three decades ago.”


“As the industry works to regain its footing after a very difficult couple of years, EFI customers and partners are coming to Connect to learn about the actionable strate- gies and important tech developments that could be es- sential to their future success,” said Ken Hanulec, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, EFI. “And, more than anything, this year’s conference reflects the community, collaboration and innovation that print businesses can use to capture the growing opportunities of the industry’s ana- log-to-digital transformation.” Connect 2022 also featured top executive presenta- tions and breakout sessions on printing, packaging, busi- ness management, marketing and more. In addition, the conference featured special keynotes from UPS Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Warren and Hall of Fame Pitcher and MLB All-Time Saves Leader Mariano Rivera.


Items such as corrugated cardboard, mail, newspapers, office paper, magazines, paper- board boxes with and without poly coatings, paper bags, liquid packaging cartons and piz- za boxes have a consumer access rate of 60 percent or more. “With such a high rate of collection, Amer- icans can feel confident knowing that paper products, whether it’s the shipping box that lands at your doorstep or the box delivering your next pizza, can and should be recycled,” Brock said. “Those recycled paper fibers can be reused five to seven times to make new paper and cardboard products.” The 2021 AF&PA Access to Recycling Study is a comprehensive national report that tracks and measures the growth of consumer access to community paper and paperboard recycling in the U.S. It is the latest in a se- ries commissioned by AF&PA and conducted since 1994. In 2021, the U.S. paper industry reached a record level for containerboard production and saw a 6.8 percent increase, compared to 2020, in the consumption of OCC at mills to make new products. “Paper recycling continues to be an envi- ronmental success story with a positive impact on the broader circular economy,” Brock said. “Our industry has a demonstrated track re- cord as a responsible producer. As part of our Better Practices, Better Planet 2030 sustain- ability goals, we are also committed to further advancing the circular value chain through the production of renewable and recyclable prod- ucts to meet evolving customer needs.” Visit for more.

ASDI offers: • 34 years of experience with separators, cyclones and conveyors • Sequential, Zero-Defect and various types of Scrap Systems • Each system is guaranteed to meet customer specifications • Turnkey Systems-handling all grades of paper and paperboard • In ground and overhead return conveyor systems direct to balers • Replace your undersized or aging cyclone over a two or three-day weekend • Representing a complete line of shredders, wet scrubbers and filters • NFPA compliant systems, ISN Network

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January 31, 2022


And Boost Your Uptime!

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FSEA 29th Annual Gold Leaf Award Competition Entries Due March 15 The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) has opened the 29th Annual FSEA Gold Leaf Awards Competition by issuing a “Wanted” poster in a throwback nod to the 2005 competition, when print specialty pieces that were “steal- ing the limelight” and “guilty of growing existing markets” were rounded up for recognition! For “city slickers” not used to the ways of the Wild West: The FSEA invites companies in the finishing, print- ing, folding carton, greeting card, packaging and binding industries to submit their best work. “We all can use a little fun these days, so when our team ran across the 2005 ‘Wanted’ poster, we decided it was the perfect time to revisit the Old West,” said FSEA Executive Director Jeff Peterson. “Industry members are embellishing greeting cards, folders, labels, invitations, folding cartons, packaging containers, books and all oth- er forms of printed products. The Gold Leaf Awards gives them the opportunity to earn recognition for the intricate, specialized work their staff is performing.” The FSEA Gold Leaf Awards program has grown as en- tries are submitted from around the world by printers, fin- ishers and binders that want to compete against the best in the industry with foil, coatings, diecuts, folds, embossed CONTINUED ON PAGE 20

We’ve got our customers covered… …with our fiberglass backed, boltless, full double-wide blankets and an extensive inventory of corrugated parts needed by virtually every box plant in the country. The innovator of the original fiberglass-backed knuckle locking anvil cover, Stafford is the industry’s go-to source for everything corrugated. TM 800-282-5787 IS THE MANUFACTURER OF STAFFORD ANVIL COVERS ®


January 31, 2022

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curement issues, concerns and trends brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic that will remain top-of-mind in 2022. “COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way the entire logistics industry operates – particularly when it comes to freight procurement,” said Mike Nervick, CEO and Co-Founder of Sleek Technologies. “From sky-high rejection rates and costs, to navigating the increasingly murky spot market, the pandemic and supply chain crisis have been one of the most disruptive periods in the histo- ry of freight procurement. This research helps to illuminate the issues and trends that some of today’s biggest ship- pers are keeping in mind as we try to work through the pandemic in 2022.” Here is an overview of the study’s key findings: Accord- ing to the research, 97 percent of shippers say they plan to increase their freight procurement budgets in the wake of COVID with hopes of being able to better manage capac- ity, increase agility, bolster cost management and deliver better overall results. Furthermore, of all respondents, 52 percent are expected to increase their freight procure- ment budget by 25 percent or more year over year. “These findings illustrate just how competitive the freight procurement space has become over the last 18- 24 months,” said Nervick. “From boosting technology to trying to absorb higher costs, freight procurement profes- sionals are having to ramp up their budgets to beat out competitors and meet customer expectations.”

images and more. New technologies have fueled growth, too, with expanded award categories in areas such as dig- ital foil and specialty UV coatings. Entries are judged on design, execution and level of difficulty in more than 30 categories, with a gold, silver and bronze award present- ed in each. A “Best of Show” award will be selected from among all of the Gold Award winners. All winning companies will be announced at Amplify, The Print Finishing and Embellishment Event, to be held June 14-16 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Competition win- ners also will be highlighted in promotional campaigns, in trade publications and on the FSEA website. To submit en- tries or for complete information on rules, regulations and entry fees, visit the FSEA website at . Study: 97 Percent Of Shippers Set To Increase Freight Budgets In 2022 Sleek Technologies, a leader in freight procurement au- tomation, has announced the release of its 2022 State of Freight Procurement Research Report. The study – which polled 300 senior logistics decision-makers across the C-Suite, SVP and VP / Director levels at manufacturers, re- tailers or distribution centers with an annual freight spend of $100M+ – delved into the most pressing freight pro-



January 31, 2022

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When asked what the biggest barrier to freight pro- curement success was during the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the study’s respondents said that brokers were their primary hurdle, with outdated technology and processes coming in second and third. “The relationship between shippers and brokers has been strained for a long-time,” said Mike Edwards, VP Sales at Sleek Technologies. “They become a necessary evil, especially when contracted carriers pass on loads. Many shippers are now seeking new options to source ca- pacity before it hits the costly spot market. That said, the key is to find compliant, asset-based capacity that match- es the shipper’s specific load attributes. Only then, can the shipper move product on time, at fair market price.” Per the study’s findings, cost control issues (66 per- cent), on-time delivery (65 percent) and high primary rejec- tion rates (46 percent) were cited as the most frequently recurring issues that respondents encountered through- out the pandemic. “Freight brokers will continue to inflate truckload cost and contract carriers will react by rejecting loads until they level-set their rates, which means increased truckload cost for everyone,” said Oleg Yanchyk, CIO and Co-Founder at Sleek Technologies. “As this happens, shippers will strug- gle to find a healthy balance between truckload cost and service which is why they need dynamic tools that uncover fair market price and find the ideal asset-based carrier.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 24

The study found that 96 percent of shippers have in- vested in new technology or strategies to help boost freight procurement performance as a result of COVID-19, with 95 percent saying their freight procurement opera- tions have either “significantly improved” or “somewhat improved” since the start of the pandemic. “For decades, freight procurement has flown under the C-suite radar, and has been renowned for sticking with the status quo when it comes to process,” said Jai- mie Kowalski, VP Marketing of Sleek Technologies. “And with COVID-19 spurring on massive digital transformation efforts and investment, shippers are finally modernizing antiquated operations and freight procurement teams are reaping the benefits.” Per the research, 66 percent of respondents said that automating freight procurement operations has become a “high priority” for their organization with another 31 per- cent saying that it is a “medium priority.” “It’s amazing to see how many shippers still use static processes to manage their transportation needs and rout- ing guides,” said George Belle, Head of Product Engineer- ing at Sleek Technologies. “As unprecedented challenges become normal, shippers will need to ramp up automation efforts in order to mitigate rising truckload costs, and im- prove upon OTD to make the most of every dollar in their transportation budget.”

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January 31, 2022

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Fotorecord Goes All-Digital With FUJIFILM J Press 750S

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Although navigating freight market highs and lows is not a new concept for shippers, the pandemic has left many shippers to juggle multiple fire drills all at once and often for prolonged periods of time,” said Dean Corbolotti, VP Customer Success at Sleek Technologies. AI-powered technology, along with actionable truckload insights, will be instrumental to help freight procurement teams uncov- er sustainability and cost reduction opportunities.” For the complete 2022 State of Freight Procurement Research Report, visit: . Survey Methodology: Sleek Technologies, alongside survey partner PureSpectrum Insights, polled 300 senior logistics decision-makers across the C-Suite, SVP and VP/ Director levels at manufacturers, retailers or distribution centers with an annual freight spend of $100M+. The sur- vey was executed from December 23-27, 2021.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based Fotorecord Print Center, a 20-employee printing company with a 28-year history, re- cently transitioned from traditional offset print equipment to an all-digital print environment with the installation of a FUJIFILM J Press 750S digital Inkjet press (J Press). This strategic transformation has enabled Fotorecord to diversify its print offerings, including longer run book- lets, large versioned poster work (for a well-known sport- ing goods chain), more versatile pocket folder offerings, and variable data direct mailers. Additionally, due to the increased efficiency and shorter run times, capacity has increased without the need for press operator overtime. “The installation of the J Press at Fotorecord is espe- cially exciting because it represents a trend we’re seeing

in the industry of complete transition from offset to digital,” said Aarona Tesch, Prod- uct Manager, Inkjet Technologies, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Sys- tems Division. “The J Press has opened Fo- torecord up to new types of business and, as a result, increased market penetration in the greater Pittsburgh area.” Fotorecord obsoleted an offset press that printed a 14-inch by 20-inch sheet size and selected the market-leading J Press. The J Press has a 23-inch by 29-inch sheet size and much greater overall efficiency than a traditional offset press, opening Fotorecord up to more dynamic printing capabilities to offer customers. With the J Press in place, Fotorecord is now able to quote larger jobs and shorter turnaround times than when printing offset. Fotorecord was initially considering in- vesting in a larger offset press in order to compete with the strong offset business that exists in Pittsburgh. In time, after observing the industry’s shift toward digital printing, they began to consider solutions beyond tra- ditional offset. When evaluating digital print options, the larger sheet size, inkjet color consistency, ability to use more substrates and heavier weights for printing, were all critical features that focused Fotorecord’s at- tention on the J Press. “Offset printers are now sending us work that they can’t complete as quickly or effi- ciently as Fotorecord can through the use of our new J Press,” Nickoloff said. “We’re earn- ing new business with companies we were previously unable to support with our old off- set press. The J Press remains the key to our continued growth and success.”


January 31, 2022


The OnsetX HS combines speed and quality like no other printer on the market.

What if a high quality multipass printer had the capability of allowing you to produce short-run, quick turnaround jobs efficiently? Well, you’d have the OnsetX HS: an automation-ready configurable platform with speeds of up to 15,600 square feet per hour. The world’s fastest high quality flatbed printer is perfectly constructed to elevate your corrugated packaging portfolio. Give it your displays, shelf-ready packaging and subscription boxes, then kick back and enjoy the show.

Take a deep dive into the OnsetX HS at .

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The four independent box makers will share how they have been able to continue to provide first class service with the today’s constraints and challenges. More import- ant, they will provide insights on what tomorrow is going to look like and what might change. There is also a “data component” feeding the discus- sion, notes D’Angelo, and that is the voice of the customer. “There is so much data out there and we’ve been chal- lenging our members with the questions, “Are you using the data?’ and ‘Are you equipped to use it?’ I never thought that I would see “Blockchain, Crypto and Packaging” as an AICC Program, but here we are. These are things our members are facing or will have to face. They may be ap- proached by a customer that wants to pay them in cryp- tocurrency or in some other way. AICC members need to know how to respond.” The Voice Of The Member Prior AICC Xperience programs have focused on spe- cific topics, like digital printing and e-commerce. This event, however, addresses a variety of important topics, all of which were “vetted” by the members of AICC’s com- mittees, which are comprised of a cross section of both AICC general and supplier members. “We are getting the voice of the member and what’s of the most interest and importance to them,” says D’An- gelo. “This Xperience came from members taking stock of their own performances and how well they are serving

• Joe Cali, Global Business Development and Sales, OVOL/Price & Pierce International, will present “A Mar- ket Perspective from a Global Supply Chain Provider.” • Chris Heusch, President, ARCH Inc, will present “Flexo-Digital-Hybrid Printing Solutions - The Commer- cial Advantage.” • Les Pickering, Co-Owner, Quadrant5, will present “Maintenance Packaging - From Three Countries.” • Jesse Genet, Founder & CEO, Lumi, will present “Chal- lenges with Needs of Customers and the Customer’s Customers.” Additional presentations will be delivered by Vijay Ra- machandran, VP Marketing Strategy & Planning, Pitney Bowes Commerce Services; Pete Butier, President, Ev- ergreen Fibres, Inc.; and Evelio Mattos, Founder/Host at Package Design Unboxd. A Box Maker Panel Discussion A compelling aspect of the Packaging Xperience pro- gram will be a box maker panel discussion. D’Angelo will moderate four prominent panelists on the topic, “How to Become/Maintain First Class Service for Customers, New and Old.” Sitting on the panel will be Stuart Fenkel, Pres- ident, Corrugated Division, McLean Packaging; Mark Mc- Nay, Sr. Vice President/General Manager, SMC Packaging Group; Greg Tucker, Chairman & CEO, Bay Cities; and Chris Stoler, CEO, Vanguard Companies. BCN(US)202109(o)(出血5mm).pdf 1 2021/9/7 下午 03:50:46











January 31, 2022

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