Feeling Stiff & Achy?

Here’s what you should do

If you catch a problem early, it requires less intervention later on. That is why you should talk to our physical therapists at Rise Rehab. We have years of medical training, specifically in muscle and joint evaluation, to pinpoint why you are having your aches and pains. Through listening to you and examining your problem, we put together a comprehensive treatment plan to get your body moving pain free. If you find yourself dealing with constant aches and pains, don’t wait it out another minute. Call us today to talk with an expert to find out how we can help you relieve your aches and pains.

Reduce Pain with manual therapy

Patient Success

Restore pain free movement

"Thanks to therapy, I have now resumed my activities such as walking and water aerobics." -Elizabeth "Walking around the zoo with my son was no trouble at all!" -Kenneth "Advil is no longer the first thing I reach for and I am currently going on 2 mile hikes" -Susan



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