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sons why he is seeking a second term. Blais wants to continue his involvement in lob- bying efforts for secured funding from both the province and the federal government for Ottawa’s light rail transit project, includ- ing its extension into the Orléans area and beyond. “It’s a great benefit for Orléans,” he said. Blais also listed reducing commuter times for residents in the ward and further parks and recreation development among his pri- orities during a second term. “I expect those will continue into the fu- ture.” Blais noted that the Orléans area has the highest public transit ridership per capita of any community in North America right now. During rush hour 68 per cent of Orléans commuter use the bus. Blais wants to see Ottawa continue with improving and ex-

panding bus and other transit service for the area to both ease congestion on exist- ing roads and highways and reduce com- muter wait times for residents. He also wants to see new routes opened up. Dubé, the challenger for Blais’ re-election, explained that he started giving serious thought to entering his name in the 2014 election since last year. “I’ve always had an interest in politics,” he said. “Politics, at certain levels, seems to be more of a daycare (operation), an excuse for not getting things done.” Dubé moved into the Cumberland Ward in 2011 and feels that the rural areas of Ot- tawa are more overlooked compared to the larger urban sites with their greater num- bers. His campaign platform takes a grass- roots approach. “Our platform is ‘The little things matter

too,’” he said. Dubé cited the problem along some ru- ral roads with fire hydrants getting buried in winter from both the snowfall and snow removal work. He said there is a delay in getting those buried hydrants cleared of their snow cover. He wants the public works department to make sure buried hydrants are dug out right away. “It is a minor thing but it will prevent a larger problem,”Dubé said. He noted buried hydrants create poten- tial problems if there are neighbourhood house fires because fire fighters either won’t be able to find the hydrants or will be delayed in dealing with the actual fire because they are digging the snow away to connect the hoses. “If we tackle the small things first,” Dubé said, “the big problems won’t exist.” tourism committee. He also represents the counties council on the Eastern Ontario Water Resources Committee, the South Nation Conservation Authority, and the Montfort Hospital board. Champlain Township Mayor Gary Barton chairs the planning and forestry committee, and sits on the Résidence Prescott-Russell Home committee, the emergency services committee. He will also represent counties council on the Agricultural Advisory Committee, and the Eastern Ontario Health Unit board. Hawkesbury Mayor René Berthiaume sits on the Résidence Prescott-Russell Home committee and the social services commit- tee. He also will represent the counties coun- cil on the Accessibility Advisory Committee and to the Prescott-Russell TourismAssocia- tion.

CUMBERLAND/ORLÉANS | Voters in Otta- wa’s east end will have at least two choices for their representative on council next year. Incumbent Coun. Stephen Blais faces a challenger for the CumberlandWard seat in Troy Dubé. Both have filed their candidacy papers soon after the Jan. 3 opening date for civic election nominations. “I think we’ve made tremendous progress on every issue that I spoke on in 2010,” said Blais, during a phone interview, regarding his first term in office. The incumbent councillor listed transpor- tation needs for the ward as one of the rea-

Counties committee work assigned to mayors He also sits on the Résidence Prescott- Russell Home committee, the social service committee, and is one of counties coun- cil’s representatives to the Prescott-Russell Tourism Association, and the South Nation Conservation Authority. mittee, and represents the counties on the Municipal Advisory Committee on the Al- gonquin Land Claim, the South Nation Con- servation Authority, and the Source Water Protection Authority.

L’ORIGNAL | Mayors in Prescott-Russell have their work order assignments for the counties now for 2014. Committee assignments are confirmed for the 2014 year of operations for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell council (UCPR). Casselman Mayor Claude Levac will chair the economic development and tourism committee.

Clarence-Rockland Mayor Marcel Guibord chairs the emergency service committee and sits on the economic development and tourism committee, the public works com- mittee, and represents counties council on the Larose Forest committee, and the East- ern Ontario Water Resources Committee. East Hawkesbury Mayor Robert Kirby chairs the social services committee and sits on the planning and forestry commit- tee. He also represents counties council on the Agricultural Advisory Committee and to the Eastern Ontario Health Unit. Alfred-Plantagenet Mayor Jean-Yves Lalonde chairs the public works committee and sits on the economic development and

The Nation Mayor François St-Amour chairs the Résidence Prescott-Russell Home committee, and sits on the public works committee, the planning and forestry com-

UN NOËL SOLIDAIRE À VALORIS! Valoris pour enfants et adultes de Prescott-Russell remercie de tout cœur les commerçants, associations, organismes, partenaires, professionnels, conseils scolaires, ainsi que toute la population de Prescott-Russell pour leur engagement envers notre cause et pour les nombreux dons reçus dans le cadre de notre campagne de financement des Lutins de Noël. Un merci sincère à tous les bénévoles qui ont donné de leur temps pour faire de cette campagne un succès. Merci aux médias et aux journalistes qui nous ont donné une voix! Votre générosité a rendu possible la distribution de cadeaux à 635 enfants et adolescents de nos régions, en plus d’apporter de la magie et de l’émerveillement dans leur cœur. Encore une fois, merci pour votre soutien incomparable qui fait la différence dans nos communautés!


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