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What Actually Matters

One thing I am most passionate about is making a positive impact on people’s lives. I believe the best way to make a lasting impact is by helping people take their lives to the next level. Reaching that next level can be a struggle, because there’s an infinite list of things we want to do and a finite amount of time to get all those things done. As an entrepreneur, I have learned that the best way to deal with the limited amount of time we have is by focusing on the things in life that actually matter. This is easier said

steps include running 5 miles every week and eating healthy. So, if someone comes in and says, “Well, if you really want to look good, you need to improve your style and buy nice jeans,” I can look at my five steps, see that nice clothes really don’t have anything to do with getting fit, and put that distraction aside. This isn’t to say everything that doesn’t fall into the five steps to get fit is a distraction. I can have other goals that may revolve around spending time with my family or

improving my company. These goals have steps of their own, and I will periodically look at the steps and ask, “Are these steps still getting me closer to my goals?” If not, then they get moved to the noise category. This is how I prioritize within the five steps, because reaching your potential is never a one-and-done mission. At RTS Labs, helping people reach their potential by teaching them this life hack of prioritization is a big part of what the company does. I have worked with CEOs of massive companies, brand new startups, and members of my own team who didn’t come from a software background but still had a passion for tech. In many circumstances, I’ve seen people excel when adopting this strategy of prioritizing their life. I’m not saying this is easy by any means or suggesting that, by prioritizing your life today, all your dreams will come true tomorrow. But it’s a good start. We can’t change how much time we have in this life, but we can determine how to use our limited time to the best of our abilities.

I have learned that the best way to deal with the limited amount of time we have is by focusing on the things in life that actually matter.

than done. Even if a person knows what things are important to them, life’s clutter tends to get in the way. When it comes to cutting through all the clutter, I fall back on my favorite life hack: prioritize, reprioritize, and prioritize again. Right now, one of my goals is to get fit. In order to reach this goal, I have to determine the five steps I need to follow. This is how I prioritize what matters. Anything outside of these five steps becomes a distraction and gets put in the “noise” category. For example, in order to get fit, I’ve determined that some of my

-Jyot Singh


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