Hamilton Insurance Group - February 2019

THE SILVER LINING To Your Life & Health


W hat ’ s L ove G ot to D o W ith I t ?


Love is a superpower. It’s rare, it’s unique, and when executed properly, it can change the world. Sharing love comes down to an individual’s willingness to make someone else’s life better. Most people on this planet go through adversity and experience suffering. When you love someone, you can ease that pain and make life better. Above all else, love is an action. Loving others can only be accomplished through intent. You have to make a conscious choice to love and then act on it. Unfortunately, love can manifest itself in negative ways as well as positive ones. Sometimes it provides enrichment to your life. Other times, it can cause heartache that leaves you feeling burned. But no matter which way you look at it, the benefits outweigh the risks. When I feel loved, it allows me to accomplish more. I can dig deeper because I know I have a support structure right here with me. It’s also reciprocal — the more I’m loved, the more love I can give in return. The expression of love is a pressure-release valve. I’m able to take a load off, which in turn allows me to love more.


–Duane Hamilton 1 770-744-1855 Just because you might feel loved by someone doing the dishes for you doesn’t mean that they feel the same. Maybe a gift or a simple night in is what they need. The book “The 5 Love Languages” explains the importance of loving in the other person’s language. Find out what makes them feel valued, and use that knowledge to love more completely. Above all else, learning to love in the way that someone else wants to be loved is one of the most critical parts of giving your heart to someone.

Sometimes the love I have for my clients can cause negative feelings. When you genuinely care about someone and they leave, it can cause pain. Of course, there are aspects of my job I don’t love too, and that’s negative, but the more you love something, the more it challenges you. When love is working for you, it’s amazing, but when it’s working against you, life can feel impossible.

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