W hile autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be old, the diagnosis and intensity of autism’s early signs can vary widely, stressing the necessity for individualized programs.

Caravel Autism Health LLC 4125 North 124th Street, Suite A Brookfield, WI 53005 414.240.2051 Caravel Autism Health has three St. John Properties locations — two in the Milwaukee area and one on the east side of Madison, Wisconsin. The facilities range from about 5,000 to 6,000 square feet, and the space is used as a mix of one-on-one treatment rooms and larger rooms used as flex spaces with individual workspaces and a social environment. The company has been at their Milwaukee locations, in Franklin and Brookfield, for nearly a decade. Yelsey recalled the St. John Properties team was vital to get the facility up and running. “They completed the build out for us at the east Madison location,” he explained. “St. John was deeply involved to the extent we needed help getting through some permitting issues with the city and they were instrumental in that.”

detected in some children as young as 18 months

Caravel Autism Health, an autism services provider spanning six states and 55 locations, places richer connections between loved ones at the forefront while using one-on-one Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy — considered the gold-standard treatment for children living with ASD or other developmental conditions. “Our centers are structured mostly for kids who are younger because the earlier we can intervene and provide this therapy, the more effective it is,” said Josh Yelsey, chief growth officer. “We also provide family planning services and have incorporated some speech and ancillary services into what we do, [and offer] family counseling.” Caravel Autism Health also tracks progress and milestones across a wider net of data to help predict better modes of care for

every child. “We have tools that can tell us in real time if a child or client is progressing at an expected rate and helps us manage if we need to change some of the programs or if we can keep on the current track,” explained Yelsey. Caravel Autism Health focuses on individualized treatment phases and programs that can be analyzed throughout the day. Anything from fine or gross motor skills, to cognitive skills, to creative problem-solving, “to even developing toward being able to say ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad,’ for kids that are nonverbal,” said Yelsey. “We provide a very essential service for a very underserved community and what we’re doing immensely helps the families that we can affect. Our mission is to change the lives for the better obviously, of those families and help as many as we can.”



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