F or children aged 1-18 diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Verbal Beginnings provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy with individualized teaching procedures to make lasting progress in each child’s — and family’s — life. Verbal Beginnings provides a comprehensive set of services intended to meet families right where they are.

Verbal Beginnings I-97 Business Park 258 Najoles Road, Suite K-M Millersville, MD 21108 855.866.9893

Verbal Beginnings’ Millersville location houses about 50 employees serving nearly 36 children each day. “That’s a lot of coming, going, chatting, laughing, learning, activities and planning. We love the noise and love seeing so many faces come through our doors each day, yet we couldn’t pull this off without the constant dedication of our incredible staff,” Wolf said. “That includes our therapists, clinical supervisors, program coordinators, admin and support staff, and more. We all have different parts to play, just like our facility has so many different spaces to support our overall goal of changing lives.” The space is divided into one-on-one treatment rooms and a spacious break room for the staff, as well as various spaces to foster social connection. “Our centers play a vital role in helping us create the kind of

happy, fun, and socially engaging environment we need for our work with children diagnosed with ASD but also in helping us create a positive culture for our staff to grow, thrive and collaborate,” said Chappell. “Our goal from the very beginning was to create a physical context for ABA services that would accelerate the outcomes we’re seeking instead of being a hindrance. I think we’ve been able to maintain this philosophy throughout our growth and having great partners along the way has been absolutely essential.” I-97 Business Park is situated directly beside the protected trails and fishing sites at Severn Run Natural Environment Area — a location that was ideal for Verbal Beginnings. “Since we provide services to children, a quiet, secluded area close to nature is exactly what we needed,” Wolf explained. The St. John Properties team worked with Verbal Beginnings to convert a flex building to a special needs space for children, complete with an outdoor playground. “They were with us every step of the way,” Chappell explained. “St. John also delivers high-quality buildings and consistent property management that supports our specialized tenant needs.”

Their specialized services include feeding therapy, social skills, self-help skills, behavior management, school consultations, diagnostic services, center and home therapy, and after-school and summer programs focused on developing social skills. “Ultimately, we’re here to make a difference and give every child a chance,” said Diana Wolf, who serves as co-CEO of Verbal Beginnings along with Nick Chappell, both of whom are board-certified behavior analysts. “Our philosophy of changing lives and commitment to our core values has been the driving force that has allowed us to make an impact for over a decade. Whether serving children in our centers or in homes across Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, we love what we do and we’re not slowing down any time soon!”



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