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Vol. 21 No. 11 FLEX Serving The Flexographic Printing Industry In Print and Online at ® Setting Sustainable Packaging Goals FMN Looks At Flexo’s Future by Greg Kishbaugh An N.V. Publication Market News

May 27, 2019

Every industry, large or small, is ulti- mately only as good as its people.This can be a serious challenge for more mature industries such as those asso- ciated with the printing and packag- ing markets. As the workforce ages, the realities of workforce and skills gaps are inevitable. Bold Action It’s not a particularly well-kept secret that our industry is greying. So indus- try leaders face an undeniable choice: Attract new, talented people to the in- dustry, paying close attention to diver- sity, or risk slipping into obscurity. With this need in mind, Flexo Mar- ket News is launching a new column entitled Flexo’s Future, which will look into the ways the flexo industry can work in concert to ensure its long- term viability by actively investing in its workforce. Recruiting, education, training — these are all much more than buzzwords.They are the secret to the industry’s longevity and success.

by Tristanne Davis Senior Manager, The Sustainable Packaging Coalition

I t seems that nearly every day there is a new headline about com- panies setting ambitious sustainable packaging goals in areas such as recycled content, responsible sourcing and recyclability. Momentum around sustainable packaging is at an all-time high, and companies are taking action to get ahead of regulations, re-


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spond to public outcry over ocean plastic pollution, sign on to global commitments such as the New Plastics Economy and set their own company-level sustainability agenda for the coming decade. In many cases, the deluge of goals is an effort to revise past commitments, which were either unrealized or not ambi- tious enough to respond to heightened marketplace demands for packaging sustainability. While doing research for its newly released Goals Database,

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