Huge marijuana bust

Provincial Police Drug Enforcement Unit

A massive police operation in about 20

(DEU) officersandtheRCMP’s“C”Division

Eastern Ontario communities has resulted

Air Services.Marijuana eradication is

in a huge marijuana seizure.

undertaken annually in law enforcement’s

Ledby theCornwallRegionalTaskForce,

ongoing efforts of reducing the availability

between September 12 and 16, officers

of the drug.The RCMP has launched the

confiscated marijuana plants and 6,357

national Marihuana Grow Initiative to

grams of dried marihuana. Two people,

combat the prevalence of marijuana

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both from the Greater Toronto Area, have

production being run and exploited by


organized crime groups in Canada. This

for the purposes of trafficking.

joint forces operation is an example of the

During the raids, police seizedmarijuana


in Alfred/Plantagenet, Alexandria,


Bainsville, Avonmore, Crysler, Curran,

collective response to this issue across

Hawkesbury, Lunenburg, Maxville, Moose

Canada. The CRTF continues to address the

Creek, Newington, North Glengarry,

complaints of suspicious activity observed

Osnabruck, South Stormont, St-Isidore,

by local residents. Anyone who notices

Wendover, andWilliamsburg. The seizures

suspicious activity is urged to contact the

were carried out under project OSABOT by

CRTF at 613-937-2800 or Crime Stoppers at

theCornwall Regional TaskForce (CRTF) in

1-800-222-8477. The CRTF is a joint forces

partnership with the Cornwall Combined


Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU),

Mounted Police, Canada Border Services

RCMP’s Integrated Criminal Intelligence

Agency, Ontario Provincial Police, Ontario

Section (ICIS), the Ontario Provincial Police

Ministry of Revenue and Cornwall

Emergency Response Team (ERT), Ontario

Community Police Service.

Free flu clinics

against the flu is the vaccine. It’s free, safe

The Eastern Ontario Health Unit

and available for everyone aged 6 months

(EOHU) will begin holding free seasonal

and older.” Of course, certain groups of

flu immunization clinics throughout the

people are at higher risk of complications

five Eastern Counties on October 18. A

fromthe flu, and are strongly encouraged to

pamphlet announcing clinic dates, times

get the flu shot. These include children 6

and locations will soon be mailed out to

months to less than 5 years of age, people

everyhousehold. Thepamphlet canalsobe

aged 65 and older, people with chronic

found on the EOHU’s website at

medical conditions. If you live with or

provide care to someone who falls under

“You need to get the flu shot every year

one of the groups listed above, it is also


highly recommended that you get the flu

the flu do change frequently,” explains Dr.

shot. For clinic dates and times, check your


mailbox or visit You can also

“The flu can cause serious illness and even

call the EOHU at 613-933-1375 or at 1 800

death for some people. The best protection

267-7120 and ask for Health Line.

We are 66,000 strong and we have influence.

RTO/ERO believes the following are some of the most vital issues facing seniors in Ontario: RTO/ERO is a non-partisan organization and does not support political parties nor endorse specific candidates.

QUALITY PUBLICLY-FUNDED EDUCATION SYSTEM 350&30SFDPHOJ[FTUIBUUIFGVUVSF HSPXUI PG UIF QSPWJODF EFQFOET PO BRVBMJUZ QVCMJDMZGVOEFEFEVDBUJPO TZTUFN It is essential, therefore, that a provincial government acknowledges and supports such a system and treats all educators and educational support staff with respect. RTO/ERO supports the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and its affiliates and their members in activities that will enhance the quality of teaching and learning for teachers and students. We remember and respect those still teaching and working in the schools, colleges and universities in Ontario.

QUALITY PROVINCIAL PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Whichever party forms the Provincial Government following the October 6 election must manage fiscally and responsibly. 350&30  UIFSFGPSF  VSHFTUIF1SPWJODJBM(PWFSONFOUBOEBMMQPMJUJDBMQBSUJFTUPLFFQUIFTF QSJPSJUJFTGPSFNPTUJONJOEXIJMFSFTQPOTJCMZNBOBHJOHUPSFEVDFHPW - FSONFOUEFCUPWFSUJNF Issues that should be addressed include: incentives to encourage age-friendly communities, social housing/affordable housing, provision of and support for caregiving for seniors and tax rebates for seniors and for those living in Northern Ontario to offset the rising costs of energy and transportation. HEALTHCARE/AGING WITH DIGNITY 350&30 TVQQPSUT B QVCMJD IFBMUI DBSF TZTUFN UIBU QSPWJEFT DPN - QSFIFOTJWF TFSWJDFT GPS TFOJPST Our members share the view of most Ontarians that the province’s highest priority must continue to be timely access to quality health care. We believe the provincial government must commit to providing ade- quately funded programs and services, as well as tax rebates that allow and encourage seniors to age with dignity.

Here for you Now... Here for your Future

18 Spadina Road, Suite 300 Toronto, Ontario M5R 2S7

Telephone 416.962.9463 Toll Free 1.800.361.9888 Fax 416.962.1061 XXXSUPFSPPSHrJOGP!SUPFSPPSH

Above all, RTO/ERO encourages members and the general public to exercise their democratic right and VOTE!

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