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Metrics M onthly December 2020 | UK EDITION In this issue READY FOR A RECORD 2021?

David Wylie predicts a phenomenal spending rebound by the end of the first quarter 2021, as the brakes are taken off pent-up demand

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December 2020 | UK Edition

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Welcome to the December issue of Metrics Monthly!

required resources to fully capitalise on it. Our headline piece this month predicts a record 2021, as CEO David Wylie fore - casts a phenomenal spending rebound by the end of the first quarter. Find out why on page 8 . The inaugural Organic Growth 25 was announced this month, and we're pleased to have been featured. You can find out more about the cohort, what inclusion means and the qualification criteria here . As the year draws to a close, and many businesses begin the wind-down for Christmas, make the most of the quiet period to catch up with the latest news, industry insights and updates in this issue of Metrics Monthly. As always, you can subscribe to the monthly newsletter on our website.


Whilst this Christmas period may be an unusual one, we're still in the festive spirit and looking forward to the end of what's been a difficult year. You can read our full Christmas message on page 7 . As a prominent software provider for many mortgage lenders, we've been keeping an eye on the industry in our past few issues of Metrics Monthly. This month, we're focussed on the mortgage payment holidays still in place for 127,000 customers. You can read more in our In the News section. In addition, we're looking at why the lack of internal alignment could hold back firms from reaching their Open Banking potential as new figures show compa - nies realise the potential of investing in the revelation but may not have the Merry Christmas 07

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Metrics Monthly | 03

In the news

127,000 mortgage holidays still in place Recent figures show that 127,000 mortgage holidays were still in place in mid-November. This is a signifi - cant reduction since June, when over 1.8million people were deferring pay - ments as a result of the pandemic, with analysis showing that 89% of customers who took the mortgage holidays have now returned to making repayments.

assessing customers’ abilities to pay their mortgages, and lenders with an infrastructure capable of assessing individual circumstances are proving better equipped to provide help as and when needed. The FCA’s 6 month extension of the mortgage holiday scheme was a welcome relief for those worst hit by the economic crisis caused by the pandem - ic, but customers are urged to contact their lender directly to discuss their options and receive tailored support. Managing Director of Personal Finance at UK Finance, Eric Leenders, said: “The banking and finance industry remains committed to helping customers get through these challenging times. Mil - lions of people struggling with Covid-re- lated income shocks have been sup - ported through payment deferrals, and lenders will ensure customers continue to receive the help they need.”

Whilst this is good news for the mort- gage payers who are now able to return to regular repayments, thus implying their finances are more stable than during the peak of the pandemic, the number of mortgage holidays that have remained in place suggests some cus - tomers are still facing difficulties. Whilst the volume of payment deferrals has reduced, mortgage lenders have adapted to now providing more tai- lored support for homeowners facing financial difficulties. Factors such as affordability now play a larger role in

New Business Analyst joins the LendingMetrics team

Carl Zimmerman joins the team as Business Analyst Following increased growth, Lending - Metrics decided to add another Busi - ness Analyst to the team. The company welcomes Carl Zimmerman, an expe - rienced senior credit manager with a history of working in the financial ser - vices industry.

decision engines, which will be deployed into their Auto Decision Platform (ADP) or internal systems. The role plays an integral part in the on-boarding of new clients and ongoing support for existing clients.

About the appointment, Head of Oper - ations Paul Brown commented: “We’re pleased to welcome Carl to the team and look forward to seeing the Busi - ness Analyst department grow.”

Carl, who recently relocated from Cape Town in South Africa, brings to the company a wealth of experience in credit, collections and recoveries. He enjoys longboard surfing and joins the company at our UK head office. As a Business Analyst, Carl will work closely with clients to design tailored

Business Analyst Carl Zimmerman

04 | Metrics Monthly

November 2020 | UK Edition

Lack of internal alignment could hold back firms from realising their Open Banking potential

FCA reminds firms to be ready for end of transition period With the Brexit transition period due to end on 31 December, the FCA are reminding firms to be prepared for a number of changes to regulations. In a couple of short weeks, EU laws will no longer apply and the FCA has set out detailed considerations for firms to understand if/how they will be affected and any actions they may need to take. Nausicaa Delfas, Executive Director of International at the FCA, said at the start of December, “with just a month to go until the end of the transition period, firms need to make sure they are prepared for the end of passport- ing, and for the new financial services landscape after the end of the transi- tion period.” More information about the FCA’s guidance can be found here.

A new survey by Tink found that finan - cial institutions see an opportunity in Open Banking but believe that a lack of internal alignment risks holding firms back from realising this potential. Tink surveyed 290 financial executives across multiple European countries and found over two-thirds of those surveyed are aware of the opportuni- ties of Open Banking and believe that the benefits outweigh the potential costs. However, only 43% of product owners believe their team has the required resources to fully capitalise on this. UK and Ireland country manager at Tink, Rafael Plantier, said: “we should not underestimate the enormity of

the task that financial institutions face in transforming their operations to become Open Banking ready. It is to be expected that there are differ - ing levels of buy-in for open banking across the organisation, and pockets of the business that may lag behind in embracing the opportunity.” Regardless, the investment in Open Banking for the future is clear: accord - ing to the report, the average annual Open Banking spending growth rate is 20-29%. Compared to 2019, spend - ing on Open Banking has increased by 63%, with budgets distributed fairly evenly across organisations’ departments. You can read the full report here .

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Metrics Monthly | 05

Premier Power Top 20

Credit Connect announces its company power list for 2020 LendingMetrics are delighted to have been featured as a top 20 ‘premier’ company on the Credit and Collections 2020 power list. companies are a diverse mix of compa - nies that have enhanced technological innovation.” and other well-recognised names in the credit and collections sector.”

The announcement isn’t the only rec - ognition that LendingMetrics have received from Credit Connect recent - ly, after being awarded the Credit Risk Solution award at the 2020 awards last month. The company received a special star award for consistent innovation in this sector by winning Credit Risk Solu - tion for the fourth year in a row. A report reviewing the 2020 awards will be available mid-December and will feature enhanced profiles of the top 20 companies as well as a league table in order to showcase who is leading the way in innovative technology. The 2020 Premier Power Top 20 com - panies, in alphabetical order, are listed below.

LendingMetrics is pleased to receive recognition as one of the top 20 inno - vators in credit and collections, follow - ing a successful year for the business despite the obvious obstacles many SMEs have faced. Colin White said: “The companies that have made the top 20 ‘premier’ list this year are now high - lighted by their dedication to innovation. All the companies listed have provided solutions that have helped to enhance the best customer outcome through lending or collections processes.” About the achievement, CEO David Wylie said: “We’re delighted to be fea - tured on the company power list once again, alongside fellow industry leaders

Now in its second year, the company power list is a round-up of the most prominent and innovating companies in the industry. Each year, Credit Connect identifies the top 20 ‘Premier’ innova - tors based on research into the finalists and winners of the annual awards. The power list acts as an index of compa - nies providing technology innovation and achievement, recognising indus - try-leaders who have contributed to progressing industry standards and excellence. According to Colin White, founder of Credit Connect, “the top 20

Aire Aryza Group Callminer CCS Credit Kudos CRS (Credit Resource Solutions)

Innovation Software Jaywing LendingMetrics Modulr MotoNovo Finance Paylink Solutions SmartSearch TransUnion Webio Zoot

Divido Elanev Esendex IE Hub

06 | Metrics Monthly

December 2020 | UK Edition

Merry Christmas 2020 was undoubtedly a difficult year for many. The Covid-19 pandemic sent shockwaves across the world, and it's still not over yet. There is hope on the horizon, however, and with the first official vaccinations being administered this month we saw a sense of relief sweep the nation. The partial lifting of restrictions this Christmas provides a much-needed opportunity to spend the festive period with our loved ones, and we hope, whatever your plans may be, that you stay safe and have a wonderful Christmastime. From everyone at LendingMetrics; we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


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Metrics Monthly | 07

Ready for a record 2021? David Wylie predicts a phenomenal spending rebound by the end of the first quarter 2021, as the brakes are taken off pent-up demand

2020 has without doubt been one of the most tragic years in living memory. The premature death and serious illness caused by the pandemic around the world will always be remembered by most people as the real tragedy and rightly so. Loved ones have been lost, separated or left scarred from their exposure to COVID-19, and my thoughts are with those families and their friends. There have been many other disastrous consequences of the pandemic, which will also be with us for a long time to come. Countries face eye watering mountains of (albeit cheap) debt that needs to be repaid, economic activity has been crushed, jobs lost, and fami - lies impacted by the crippling impact of such financial shocks. Stretched health services have been unable to maintain the momentum built up over the past three decades in combating chronic illnesses such as heart disease and cancer, and the lack of screening and treatment regimes is predicted to have a long lasting impact on survival rates. But, despite all of these challenges, the world will continue to turn and human nature will endure. Our desire to build,

innovate, provide for our loved ones and enjoy life to the fullest extent we pos - sibly can, will prevail. As the pandem - ic has shown us, life is fragile and too short to take for granted, time is of the essence. So, whilst acknowledging the sadness of 2020 and the likelihood that this horror still has some time to run, in anticipation of the imminent mass-vac - cination campaign, I would like to con - sider what 2021 will hold for us all. After all, life is for living! During this pandemic, tens of millions of us in the UK have had to put plans on hold, whether it be holidays, home improvements, a new car, discretionary spending and even university educa - tion. We have been locked away in our homes, unable to spend money and, in the vast majority of cases, either on full pay or on 80% furlough pay. This has created several anomalies: • Lower spending: No commuting costs, less childcare, no daily lunch and coffee spend, and of course, NO HOLIDAY! Those tens of millions who have remained in work (still by far the majority) have seen their cash pile up.

• Less debt: Many customers have apparently been using this period of relatively stable income and reduced outgoings, to pay down debt. Speak - ing with some of our UK customers, they have reported a drop in demand and an increase in collections. Whilst that may seem positive (and indeed it is so for personal debt levels) in actual fact it results in a reduced loan book for lenders who are seeking to grow their balance sheet. Indeed, to further illustrate this trend, the first lockdown saw some £7.4bn of credit card and loan debt paid off by UK consumers. • Pent-up demand: This is one surely we can all relate to. The thought of being able to get away for a holiday, enjoy a nice meal, upgrade the car, start those home improvements. All those things in most cases we could have afforded, but we haven’t been allowed to. Just this week, EasyJet reported a 50% surge in weekly booking numbers after US drug maker Pfizer announced their COVID-19 vaccine. Imagine what will happen when the immunisation program is in full swing and a return to normality begins.

Lower spending

Less debt

Pent-up demand

08 | Metrics Monthly

December 2020 | UK Edition

Of course, a huge amount of uncertain - ty remains. When will the vaccines be distributed to the wider population, will the Government manage the vaccina - tion roll-out effectively, how quickly will the economy rebound? In truth, no one knows for sure. But my prediction is for a very, very strong rebound from the end of Q1 onwards. Demand for everything will be phenomenal, probably even record breaking. We saw this happen in July, following the end of the first lockdown, when new car year-on-year sales rose by more than 11%. In parallel, we should be prepared to pay more for what we

buy given that capacity has shrunk and the age-old economic rules of supply and demand will likely take hold (try Googling a price for a flight, you’ll see what I mean). So, finance providers need to be pre - pared. Credit demand is likely to be lifted high by this rebound and lenders should be ready to cope. You have been warned: applications for finance will explode on the back of released demand for cars, home improvements, holidays, etc. Until then, stay safe, keep your distance, wash your hands and be ready to be vaccinated.

Above: LendingMetrics Managing Director David Wylie

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Metrics Monthly | 09

Scaleable automation LendingMetrics are delighted to announce that Decimal Factor have selected ADP for their assisted decisioning

Business funding specialist Decimal Factor have chosen to use Lending- Metrics’ Auto Decision Platform (ADP) for their assisted decisioning in order to orchestrate their credit decisioning data and scale their business. Decimal Factor specialises in arranging responsible funding solutions, including business loans, pension led funding and invoice finance. Their goal is to make funding available to small businesses who are struggling to get business loans from high street banks. Having special - ised in the funding of small business loans for over 10 years, Decimal Factor required an automated decisioning plat - form that would allow them to combine all of their data sources together into one approval process, including appli - cation and third party data. ADP was the solution chosen, as it utilises propri - etary data solutions and is a powerful decision engine builder that puts the lender in control of credit rule changes and allows operational/credit risk staff to control changes in real-time through

its comprehensive, award winning user interface. ADP is openly connected to all major CRAs plus many other 3 rd parties including Open Banking platforms. One of the key requirements of Decimal Factor was the ability to incorporate this Open Banking data, which Lend - ingMetrics were able to provide using their OpenBankVision (OBV) platform. OBV allows companies to make better lending decisions and their customers to take control of their valuable bank transaction data. The powerful platform combination allows Decimal Factor to view their customers’ business’s bank statement data digitally in real time, thus being able to make more accurate lending decisions based on fully cate - gorised data. Decimal Factor also required the ability to scale their business, particularly into new territories. They operate in the US already and would like to extend this to further territories such as Dubai. By using LendingMetrics’ ADP and OBV,

Decimal Factor will be able to reduce the number of rejections for borrowers and the number of non-conformant applications for Lenders, allowing them to effectively scale their business. Commenting on the news Madhav Soundalgekar, Chief Digital Officer at Decimal Factor said: “Our partnership with LendingMetrics, is strategic and enables us to adapt to changing criteria and new needs such as CIBILS in the UK and PPP in the US. The platform is easy to configure by business analysts and helps in pre-pro- cessing the underwriting criteria of our lender panel to find the best product match.” David Wylie (Commercial Director at LendingMetrics) added: “We’re pleased that Decimal Factor have chosen our platforms to automate their small business loan decisioning and we look forward to hearing about the future results of implementing both ADP and OBV.”

10 | Metrics Monthly

December 2020 | UK Edition

Two new awards LendingMetrics takes home two awards from two events!

innovation in this sector by winning for the fourth year in a row! LendingMet - rics’ Auto Decision Platform (ADP) is certainly the credit solution that every - body is talking about. It has been recog - nised numerous times with awards and delivers real-time decision making with massive cost savings. At the Car Finance Awards, Lending - Metrics were delighted to win a second award of the day: the Best Technolo - gy Partner award. As sponsors of the event, LendingMetrics were asked to present some of the awards catego - ries, and their very own Georgia Pullen enjoyed awarding worthy winners in 3 of the categories, including the last two of the evening. The online event was hosted by comedian Ivo Graham, and featured as part of Lending Week during Credit Strategy’s Credit Festi - val. Founded in 2016, the Car Finance Awards have since grown to become the only awards programme to connect dealers, lenders and brokers, celebrat - ing success across the industry. Ivo Graham provided great entertainment for the event, congratulated Lending - Metrics for their recent 10 year anniver - sary and praised their celebratory video featuring notable clients popping cham - pagne to commemorate the occasion.

In case you missed it, you can watch the video here . About the events, Director David Wylie said: “we’re thrilled to have been awarded with not one but two awards yesterday, and it’s great to see our groundbreaking technology continually recognised by expert judges in multiple sectors”. With two more awards under the belt, LendingMetrics is fast becoming one of the most widely recognised technolo - gy partners in the industry. To find out what all the hype is about, get in touch with us at or book a demo today!

19 November was a busy afternoon for awards organisers, as we saw both the Credit and Collections Technology Awards and the Car Finance Awards host virtual events. LendingMetrics are proud to have received an award at each of the events, showing their rec - ognition across the industry. The Credit and Collections Technology Awards 2020 was an exciting virtual event, hosted by Credit Connect’s Colin White and celebrating excellence in credit, lending and collections innova - tion. LendingMetrics are proud to have won the Credit Risk Solution award at the event, as well as being awarded with a special star award for consistent Above: LendingMetrics CTO Neil Williams accepted an an award virtually at the 2020 Car Finance Awards

Above: Georgia Pullen, Graphic Designer at LendingMetrics, presented three awards at the virtual Car Finance Awards event

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Metrics Monthly | 11

Auto Decision Platform

Our online Auto Decision Platform (ADP) saves on time, money and errors, driving more profits to your bottom line. ADP assesses your applicants in real-time, 24 hours a day, and delivers consistent and accurate lending decisions in milliseconds. It’s a multi-award-winning automated decisioning and collections platform that puts you in control.

Make better risk and compliance decisions

Convert more applications

Improve collections

Control using the comprehensive user interface

Run scenarios in real-time


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1650 Parkway, Whiteley, Fareham, Hampshire PO15 7AH, UK

+44 (0) 2394 211010

Online gambling

How can you ensure a customer is betting within their means and take into account future regulatory changes? Find out in our latest '10 Things About ADP' video!

Frequently Asked Questions Who is ADP integrated with? All of the major credit bureaus including Equifax, Experian and Illion/Proviso. We are also integrated with Open Banking, Machine Learning, SME–Business data and various other fraud and ID solutions, so you can easily switch bureau or go “multi-bureau” without any fuss. How will ADP save my business money? • More lending with fewer new staff • Better credit decisions = better loan book performance • Trade 24/7 = convert more customers

How will ADP improve my compliance and credit risk processes? By removing human subjectivity and error from those criti - cal aspects of the decision making process and instead making consistent decisions based upon data and evidence, your clients will be consistently checked and verified exactly in accordance with your policies. This makes your systems more robust and enables you to assess performance on a known benchmark rather than unquantifiable “underwriter intuition”. Can I see it for myself? Of course! We can’t wait to show you a virtual demo. Please get in touch via our enquiry form here or email us.

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Metrics Monthly | 13

LendingMetrics named as an Organic Growth 25 business after demonstrating high growth in recent years

invest capital. Organic growth is often under-recognised in the industry, but is one of the most stable and sustaina- ble paths businesses can take. In order to define the list, Buzzacott’s Corporate Finance Team went through an extensive process by assessing all businesses in the UK registered as private, independent and unquoted. The team established 4 main crite- ria for businesses to meet in order to reach the next stage of the process, including a minimum of 100% revenue growth over the last 3 years and no acquisitions totalling more than 10% of the current business revenue. Com- panies that met this criteria were then

shortlisted, and those with the fastest growth made the cut as an OG25 business. Unlike many awards pro- grams, the OG25 did not involve an application process, and businesses were selected simply based on their growth and success, making inclu - sion in the cohort an especially unique achievement. The OG25 report commemorates the companies being celebrated and pro- vides an insight into their business goals, the factors that led to their organic growth success and their plans for the future. This includes a revenue growth rate for the past three years, and LendingMetrics’ revenue

The Organic Growth 25 (OG25) is a roundup of businesses that have scaled successfully and without external investment. The group were selected from a wide range of businesses from different sectors, sizes and geographies, and LendingMetrics is proud to be named as one of the 2020 cohort. Created by Buzzacott’s Corporate Finance Team, the OG25 aims to demonstrate the various different routes to growth beyond the need to

Read the full report

14 | Metrics Monthly

December 2020 | UK Edition

growth of an impressive 462% was the third highest of all of the businesses being recognised. CEO David Wylie elaborated: “This can largely be attributed to our heavy investment in research and develop- ment into our now multi-award-win- ning platforms, which is massively paying off. By initially focussing on building the most advanced and inno-

vative platforms over profit, we are leading the way with automated deci- sioning and Open Banking solutions.” LendingMetrics’ Auto Decision Plat - form (ADP) , in particular, has revolu - tionised the opportunity for the finan - cial services sector to quickly deliver increased lending volume, a better customer experience and reduced overheads using automated lending decisions. Based in the UK and Australia, Lend - ingMetrics has extensive experience in the field of online lending credit risk solutions and was the first UK credit reference agency to become fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their customers recognise the importance of a strong, stable company and LendingMetrics’ consist- ently steady business levels often sets them apart from their competitors. Head of Sales, Claire Januszczak said: “This achievement shows the stability and steadfastness of the company, something we are often asked about by prospective new partners at a time where many SMEs are feeling the impact of the pandemic. Customers want certainty and we’re proud to be able to provide it.” The company’s well-prepared continu-

ity plans and reliable products meant that even during the first national lockdown, business levels remained steady, and they even saw an increase in finance applications processed with ADP. In addition, their LMX platform saw credit searches increase from May to June by almost 19%, and then a further 18% from June to July. Having recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary, LendingMetrics is fast becoming one of the most recog- nised names in the industry, and they pride themselves in being positive- ly disruptive in both innovation and price. The impact they have had on the marketplace has resulted in recog- nition across the finance and lending sectors. Recently, the fintech was fea - tured as a top 20 ‘premier’ company on the Credit and Collections 2020 power list, a round-up of the most prominent and innovative companies in the indus- try. Receiving this recognition for the second year in a row, LendingMetrics were proud to be distinguished as an industry-leader who has contributed to progressing industry standards and excellence. If you want to get in touch about any of our award-winning products, call us today on +44 (0) 2394 211010 or drop us an email.

Matthew Katz, Head of Corporate Finance at Buzzacott, said: Our OG25 businesses

have thrived from adopt- ing a method of growth that is usually under-rec- ognised and striving to achieve high growth in recent years. With this year posing many challenges for us all, it’s been particu- larly important to show- case this under-recognised route to growth and the achievements it can lead to.

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Metrics Monthly | 15

Case study Moneyline chooses ADP by LendingMetrics

The Challenge As part of Moneyline’s growth strate - gy, they needed a flexible decisioning platform to help automate their current manual processes, allowing their advi - sors to focus on the conversation while the system did the automation. As a not-for-profit organisation, Moneyline not only needed a comprehensive solu - tion but also a cost-effective one. Moneyline chose LendingMetrics’ ADP platform as they found it to be “one of the most flexible and powerful plat - forms on the market at a surprisingly competitive rate”. Moneyline wanted to ensure they kept the flexibility and control to manage and adapt their credit risk approach which is tailored to get the best outcome for their customer base and risk profile. As part of their approach, LendingMet - rics provided expertise in helping Mon - eyline produce their decision engine,

which included the design and build of composite rules, formulas and matri - ces. In order to maximise the effec - tiveness of the credit data, the design of the decision engine was combined with credit risk and analytical exper - tise. LendingMetrics assigned a ded - icated team of experienced analysts, who could support Moneyline in turning their granular customer knowledge and expertise into the rules needed to ensure that automation supported and enhanced the current approach. As part of MoneyLine’s application process they also require bank state - ments from each new customer. Lend - ingMetrics incorporated their Open Banking platform, ‘OpenBankVision’ into ADP so Moneyline could run automated credit risk rules, affordability, income and fraud checks over each application. OBV was welcomed by MoneyLine not only for its invaluable data but also its pricing model, which allowed Moneyline

Moneyline is one of the largest social lenders in the UK, focussed on providing financial products to low income households. They have lent more than £100m to 165,000 customers since their first branch opened in 2002. Moneyline offer ‘low-value, short-term loans’ through branch and telephone channels and have a focus on having a great conversation, supported by auto - mation. Moneyline don’t charge an addi - tional fee for late or missed payments and provide competitively low APRs when compared to alternative loans available to their customer. They are focussed on improving their customer’s financial resilience and provide a “round it up” savings product where customers have deposited over £12m in savings deposits.

16 | Metrics Monthly

December 2020 | UK Edition

Summary The combination of highly automated decisioning and long industry experience delivered a scalable solution. Moneyline has successfully migrated to ADP with minimal business disruption and is enjoying the benefits of being in control of their credit risk decisions in real time. LendingMetrics enjoyed working with MoneyLine’s knowledgeable team and both companies look forward to working together on further projects.

access to fully categorised bank state - ment data completely free of charge. OBV was combined with a number of other credit and anti-fraud / ID checks to mitigate the need for manual checks and excessive documentation, allow - ing customers a smoother and quicker journey. This resulted in LendingMetrics designing a multi-functional decision engine to cover all areas of credit risk, utilising credit and new Open Banking data. More recently, Moneyline has moved to using the 12 month OBV service, which has allowed them to start lending to new customers in the post Covid envi - ronment by looking to see what has changed for a customer due to Covid. LendingMetrics have worked closely with Moneyline, building new varia-

bles to support the wider use of open banking data and will continue to work closely with Moneyline in this ever changing environment. Results Moneyline has now successfully implemented ADP and OBV, which has allowed their operation to become highly scalable and has shown note - worthy results. Following the delivery of ADP, the Moneyline team where provid - ed with training sessions on their own decision engine, to talk them through the various components. The Money - line team are now using the ADP inter - face to autonomously manage their credit decisions/policy in real time as well as champion/challenge their rules through ADP’s “great testing (Passive Engines) environments”.

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