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June 21, 2021

Label Problems Slow Production

Paper Packaging Satisfies Consumers With physical stores closed during the pandemic, the boom in online shopping resulted in record numbers of packages arriving on consumers’ doorsteps. Along with all that mer- chandise came a growing awareness of the materials used to package and ship products, and the impact those materials have on the environment. A new survey commissioned by Two Sides North America and conducted by international research firmToluna found that U.S. consumers believe pa- per- based packaging is better for the environment than other packaging materials. Preferred Packaging Survey respondents were asked to rank their preferred packaging ma- terial (paper/cardboard, plastic, glass and metal) based on 15 environmen- tal, aesthetic and practical attributes. Overall, paper/cardboard packaging was preferred for 10 of the 15 attri- butes, with half of respondents say- ing paper/cardboard is better for the environment. Consumers also pre-

by Greg Kishbaugh

M anufacturers in the United States on average incur losses of around $1,174,000 per year due to production line shut- downs caused by label printing problems, a NiceLabel global study of IT directors in manufacturing organizations has revealed. This is slightly below the global average, with many companies losing more than $1.31 million each year.The study of IT direc- tors globally found that on average more than two-thirds of man- ufacturers in the United States (67 percent) were having to shut down their production line for more than an hour if there was a problem with label printing, with an additional 21 percent saying the line had to be shut down for more than 30 minutes. Recovery time was slightly faster but still problematic for U.S. manufacturers, with just more than half (51 percent) expe- riencing downtimes of 60 minutes or longer. Incorrect Labeling More than three-quarters (76 percent) of IT directors in man- ufacturing across the United States, UK, Germany, and France admit that more than 10 percent of their organization’s goods are labeled incorrectly every year.This rises to more than 25 per- cent of goods for more than a quarter (26 percent) of organiza- tions globally and nearly 1 in 5 (18 percent) in the United States.

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Label Problems (Cont’d from Page 1)

the United States (30 percent and 37 percent respec- tively),American manufacturers reported that meeting regulatory compliance (38 percent) was their greatest challenge, followed closely by reducing time to market (37 percent). Given the losses they are incurring due to shutdowns, it is unsurprising that 29 percent of the United States survey sample see“reducing costs”and 22 percent see productivity gains among the main benefits of mod- ernizing/automating their manufacturing processes, including labeling, with technology, while 31 percent reference “eliminating errors” as a key driver. Apex International Partners With Anderson & Vreeland Apex International has partnered with Anderson & Vreeland in Canada. Apex North America has been working with Anderson & Vreeland Canada for more than a decade; Anderson & Vreeland has been repre- senting Apex in Quebec and Eastern Canada.With this partnership, they will now service all markets, includ- ing flexible packaging, labels and corrugated printing. Anderson &Vreeland will have six teams throughout Canada representing Apex.These teams will deliver an all-in-one solution since they will handle everything from creating quotes to providing technical support.

The study also revealed that manufacturers — both globally and in the United States — were having to pause production lines just under six times a year on average due to such problems, with nearly three-quar- ters (77 percent globally and 69 percent in the United States) saying their production line had to be paused four times or more in the past year as a consequence of labeling issues. IT directors say incorrect labeling costs their organi- zations on average $89,000 annually, with 61 percent globally and 47 percent in the United States saying their organization incurred losses amounting to more than $69,000 from mislabeling on average in a year. And these are just the direct costs. Businesses should also be factoring in all the ‘hidden’ costs they may in- cur, such as loss of brand reputation, lost business, or lost time and money as a result of shipping delays, for example. In line with this, minimizing errors that lead to a need to relabel products is the second biggest chal- lenge manufacturers worldwide face in getting new label designs into production, cited by 35 percent of all respondents.The only challenge more pressing was extending the labeling process seamlessly across the wider supply chain, as noted by 38 percent of the glob- al sample.While these issues were also top of mind in

Designed with input from HP Indigo experts, our Parts Washer (model number A-44213-A) was created specifically to clean parts from HP Indigo digital presses. It speeds productivity through an extra long flush hose for direct hands-free flushing of press parts. The Graymills abrasive resistant pump, twin filtration system, and rugged power-coated steel construction are up to the challenge of cleaning with imaging oil. DOES AN HP INDIGO NEED ITS OWN PARTS WASHER? They Thought So.

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Paper-Based Packaging (Cont’d from Page 1)

Get your company in front of the flexo industry’s key decisionmakers. Flexo Market News’ readership is comprised of Presidents, Owners, VPs and General Managers of flexo operations — the key people who make decisions on equipment purchases. An ad in Flexo Market News is a direct sales meeting with thousands of the industry’s best thinkers and most influental leaders. Reach Owners, President, VPs and General Managers The Top Minds In The Flexo Industry Are Waiting To Hear From You

ferred paper/cardboard packaging on other environ- mental attributes, including being home compostable (65 percent) and easier to recycle (44 percent). Glass packaging was preferred by consumers for four practical and aesthetic attributes, including being reus- able (39 percent), having a preferred look and feel (39 percent), providing a better image for the brand (38 percent) and better protection (35 percent). Forty-five percent preferred metal packaging for being strong and robust. Plastic packaging was not preferred for any of the 15 attributes but was ranked second for six attributes. Only one in 10 respondents believe plastic packaging is better for the environment. Brands and retailers play a crucial role in driving inno- vation and the use of recyclable packaging. In response to increasing consumer pressure to operate more sus- tainably,brands and retailers in many sectors, fromwine, spirits and soft drinks to candy, cosmetics and apparel are shifting from plastic to paper packaging. Removing Plastic The survey found that 49 percent of consumers would buy more from brands and retailers who re- move plastic from their packaging, and 39 percent would consider avoiding a retailer that is not actively trying to reduce their use of non-recyclable packaging. “It’s important for consumers to understand that just because packaging is recyclable does not mean it actu- ally gets recycled,” explainedTwo Sides North America President Kathi Rowzie.“Around 66 percent of all pa- per and paper-based packaging and nearly 89 percent of corrugated cardboard gets recycled into new prod- ucts in the United States. These high recycling rates and expected increases are due to the paper industry’s already completed and continuing investment in recy- cling infrastructure, which between 2019 and 2023 will exceed $4 billion. In comparison, the U.S. Envi- ronmental Protection reports that plastics, glass and metals are recycled at just 9 percent, 25 percent and 34 percent, respectively.” As consumers, businesses and governments looks for ways to create a more sustainable, circular economy, waste from single-use packaging, particularly in ma- rine environments, has come into sharp focus.When consumers were asked who has the greatest responsi- bility for reducing the use of non-recyclable, single-use packaging,more than a third (36 percent) said individ- uals have the primary responsibility, followed by 23 percent who believe it’s up to brands and retailers, 23 percent who believe it’s up to packaging manufactur- ers, and 18 percent who believe it’s the government’s responsibility.

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4 June 21, 2021 Flexo Market News

DuPont Installs Cyrel System At Comexi

Engineered Better Anilox Sleeves and Rollers Crafted Specifically For Your Budget, Your Press, Your Job.

DuPont has installed a Cyrel Fast 2000TD,solvent-free thermal platemaking system at Comexi’s Manel Xifra Boada Technology Center in Girona, Spain. DuPont claims that the Cyrel Fast system offers su-

perior productivity and performance while helping to reduce processing costs, processing time, and envi- ronmental impact compared to existing solvent-based platemaking methods. The equipment is the result of more than 20 years of evolution and investment into this platform and has more than 1,500 installations globally. Bobst Details Future Strategy Bobst, in preparation for a post-COVID economy, has announced new procurement decisions to en- sure customers have access to new equipment, spare parts and consumables. Global GDP is expected to rebound by +5.1 percent in 2021, the company notes, which will drive high demand for raw materi- als across various industries. Breaking Bottlenecks In addition, bottlenecks in the global supply chain remain as high as during the peak of the pandemic. In these circumstances, raw material for the packaging industry, as well as some key materials required for the production and maintenance of equipment, including standard components across electronics, electrical, bearings and consumables, are in short supply, gener- ating longer lead times and prices increases.The price of hot rolled steel plate hit record prices across all ex- change markets, increasing by more than 120 percent over the last three quarters. ( L-R ) Ricard Domingo, DuPont, Brandor Beco and Yago Luling from Comexi with the Cyrel Fast 2000 TD platemaking system.

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3/31/21 5:52 PM

IoPP Names Winners Of Packaging Scholarship Fund Each year, the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) awards over $10,000 in scholarships to stu- dents studying packaging or a related field. Chosen from a pool of qualified applicants are this year’s IoPP scholarship winners: • Grace Ellis, a packaging student at Michigan State University (class of 2022) has been awarded the Pepsi- Co R&D Scholarship worth $5,000. •Anna Kent, a packaging student at University ofWis- consin – Stout (class of 2023), has been awarded one of the $2,500 IoPP Packaging Education Scholarships. • Seohee Jang, a packaging engineer technician stu- dent at Conestoga College (class of 2021), has been awarded one of the $2,500 IoPP Packaging Education Scholarships. •Wallace Layman, a dual degree student studying Pa- per Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineer- ing at North Carolina State University (class of 2023), has been awarded the $1,000 IoPP Packaging Educa- tion Scholarship, sponsored by IoPP’s Central Ohio Chapter. • Haliah Offutt, a graphic communications major at Illinois State University (class of 2022), has been awarded the $500 IoPP Packaging Education Scholar- ship, sponsored by IoPP’s New England Chapter.

FPA Publishes Flexible Packaging Buyer’s Guide

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), an advo- cate and voice for the U.S. flexible packaging industry, has released its 2021–2022 Flexible Packaging Buy- er’s Guide . The Buyer’s Guide provides a detailed listing of FPA members’ manufacturing and material supplying ca- pabilities and is a tool and resource to assist users in finding the best flexible packaging solution for their packaging needs. This reference resource provides specific informa- tion regarding the product lines and end uses (retail, institutional, medical and pharmaceutical, and indus- trial applications); value added services; printing and converting processes; and, suppliers of flexible pack- aging machinery, equipment, supplies, services, adhe- sives, inks, coatings, resins, and substrates. It also includes contact information and a brief nar- rative description of each member company. FPA dis- tributes the Buyer’s Guide at industry trade shows and conferences. The Buyer’s Guide is publicly available on the FPA website, .

6 June 21, 2021 Flexo Market News

Registration Opens For Label Congress 2021

impact the future of smart labels and packaging. Day 2 starts with Lifetime Achievement winner Fed- erico d’Annunzio examining how converters should respond to brands’ increasing demands for data trans- parency.This is followed by panel discussions on prac- tical sustainability strategies and how to recruit and retain talent. The next edition of Labelexpo Americas will take place on September 13-15, 2022, also at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. Sun Chemical Raises Prices In North America Sun Chemical will increase prices across a broad portfolio of its packaging and commercial sheetfed inks, coatings, and adhesives in North America, effec- tive July 1, 2021. Raw material shortages are an ongoing concern, ac- cording to the company, and the competition to se- cure these scarce resources has accelerated the cost increases within a majority of Sun Chemical’s raw ma- terial categories. In addition to raw material cost pres- sures, international and domestic logistics costs have soared as the economic recovery drives demand for these services.

BestBrightHalfHOUSE.qxp_Layout 1 9/12/18 4:26 PM Page 1 The Congress conference sessions are broadly divided into Technology and Global Market overviews on day 1 and Future Proofing Your Business streams on day 2. Day 1 features an overview of the global label market, followed by a session on new developments in digital embellishment technology. Panel discussions will look at how to optimize hybrid printing and strategies for diversifying into flexible packaging. The first day con- cludes with a session on how the Internet ofThings will Label Congress 2021 will be built around two days of conference sessions featuring presentations and dis- cussion panel sessions, followed on the third day by a Label Academy master class on self-adhesive materials. Running alongside the congress sessions and master- class will be an exhibition hall that includes the latest technologies from industry suppliers. Registration is now open for Label Congress 2021, reportedly the first in-person networking and educa- tional event for the U.S. label industry since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Organized by Labelexpo Global Series, Label Con- gress 2021 will be held at the Donald E. Stephens Con- vention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, between Septem- ber 29 and October 1, 2021.

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Graham Packaging Releases 2020 Sustainability Report Graham Packaging has released its 2020 sustainabil- ity report, which documents the challenges Graham Packaging overcame in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic while staying focused on helping customers achieve their sustainability goals, as well as Graham’s own efforts to continue innovating within the sustain- able packaging solutions industry. While COVID-19 posed a challenge for Graham Packag- ing, it was far from the company’s sole focus in 2020.The Pennsylvania-based company continued to successfully move ahead on many important initiatives, including: • Expanding its commitment to sustainability by signing on to the UN Global Compact, the largest vol- untary corporate sustainability initiative in the world; • Helping to launch the National Lubricant Contain- er Recycling Coalition, an organization that will tackle issues around oil bottle recycling; • Joining the Digital Watermarks Initiative Holy Grail 2.0 project to improve recycling operations through the use of digital watermarks in sorting efforts; • Continuing to innovate in product lightweighting, durability and reusability, helping to reduce unneces- sary plastic; and • Driving the industry on ethics and governance is- sues, including initiatives on Graham’s codes of con- duct and its strategic response to climate change. Further, Graham Packaging achieved a number of milestones in 2020, which include: • Ranking No. 1 out of 54 companies in the plastic, metal and glass packaging industry in the ESG Risk Rat- ing Report, where 1 is the lowest risk.The third-party evaluator, Sustainalytics, also rated Graham Packaging as No. 3 out of 90 companies in the containers pack- aging industry and overall placed Graham in the top 2 percent of 13,562 companies measured globally by Sustainalytics; • Offering 91 percent fully recyclable PET & HDPE containers and 7 percent sometimes recyclable PP containers; • Accomplishing an 8 percent reduction in climate change impacts from 2019 to 2020; • Reducing its energy intensity by 8 percent from a 2018 baseline, on its way to its 2025 goal of a 25 per- cent reduction; • Winning the 2020 Innovator Award from the Sus- tainable Packaging Coalition; • Earning a 95 percent favorability rating for its En- vironmental, Health & Safety in an internal employee survey; and • Completing 50 life cycle assessment studies to help customers lower their own environmental impact.

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8 June 21, 2021 Flexo Market News

UPM Raflatac Helps Launch U.S. Plastics Pact Roadmap UPM Raflatac helped launch The U.S. Plastics Pact’s “Roadmap to 2025,” a national strategy illustrating how the U.S. Pact, UPM Raflatac and fellow signatories, known asActivators,will achieve each of the U.S.Pact’s four 2025 targets through specific actions, responsibil- ities, and interim timeframes to realize a circular econ- omy for plastics in the United States by 2025. Launched in August 2020, The U.S. Plastics Pact is a consortium led by The Recycling Partnership and WorldWildlife Fund (WWF) as part of the Ellen MacAr- thur Foundation’s global Plastics Pact network, which unites a holistic ecosystem of cross-industry stake- holders behind a common vision and national strategy to address plastic waste at its source by 2025. Value Chain UPM Raflatac joins other stakeholders across the plastics value chain in achieving systemic change and accelerating progress toward the following 2025 tar- gets by inspiring and supporting upstream innovation through coordinated initiatives such as rethinking products, packaging, and business models in order to transition away from today’s take-make-waste model to a circular economy where plastics never become waste: • Define a list of packaging to be designated as prob- lematic or unnecessary by 2021 and take measures to eliminate them by 2025; • 100 percent of plastic packaging will be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025; • By 2025, undertake ambitious actions to effectively recycle or compost 50 percent of plastic packaging;and * By 2025, the average recycled content or respon- sibly sourced bio-based content in plastic packaging will be 30 percent. AAA Press International acquired AAA Press International, Inc. has been purchased by Quality Discount Press Parts & Equipment,Inc. Quality Discount and AAA Press will work together on the transition of all aspects of AAA Press’ business into Quality Discount’s 36,000-square-foot facility in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Quality Discount, established in 1993, is an autho- rized 3M distributor in the United States and manufac- tures and supplies more than 18,000 different prod- ucts for the printing industry worldwide. Jack Ludwig, President of AAA, will be working with Quality Discount to assist in that transition.

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Flexo Market News

Stora Enso Joins WWF’s Forests Forward Platform Stora Enso has joined the newWWF platform, Forests Forward. The platform engages businesses and inves- tors to deliver on forest related sustainability ambi- tions, such as biodiversity protection and forest resto- ration. As participants in Forests Forward, companies commit to engaging in areas such as sustainable forest management and trade, better silviculture, reforesta- tion and ecosystem restoration, and biodiversity pro- tection and recovery. Forests Forward aims to support companies, investors and communities in improving the management of a targeted 150 million hectares of forest globally by 2030. Forests Forward is a natural continuation for over 20 years of collaboration between Stora Enso and WWF. Within theWWF Forests Forward platform, Stora Enso cooperates with WWF Finland to promote the con- servation and ecologically sustainable use of forests among private forest owners. Furthermore, togeth- er with WWF-Russia, Stora Enso supports sustainable forest management in the forest sector by promoting credible forest certification and good conservation values. At the end of 2020, the total area of forests in Russia certified by Stora Enso exceeded 1.3 million hectares. Pack Print International To Be Held In 2022 The next edition of PACK PRINT INTERNATION- AL, International Packaging and Printing Exhibition for Asia, will be postponed to February 9-12, 2022, at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand. The move to next year from the original September 2021 dates will allow for optimum international participation.At the last staging in 2019, international exhibitors accounted for about 60 percent of the 325 participating companies, and the more than 19,000 visitors came from 62 countries. Great Lakes Brewing Celebrates Design Victory The team at Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleve- land, Ohio recently received their trophy for winning the second annual Colored by INX Can Design Contest. The winning can was designed by Jameson Campbell, Creative Supervisor for Great Lakes Brewing Company. His design for introducing a new brand, Crushworthy Lo-Cal Citrus Wheat, used three colors from the INX Metal Color Catalog and collected the most ballots in online voting last month.

Adheso-Graphics, Inc.

AGI manufactures, distributes and converts current technology flexo mounting tapes and backing sys - tems for corrugated plate mounting. Flexstik hard vinyl, FlexSoft, bi.esse brand, Gold Series. Thin tapes for sleeve and Narrow web plate mounting. Specialty tapes that cover the vast thick - ness range requirements and specific adhesion systems for all flexo mounting requirements. We provide technical service and problem solving ser - vices for unique customers & applications. A&V manufactures a complete line of photopolymer plate processing systems and is a leading distribu - tor of flexographic platemaking materials. A&V also sells digital imaging systems and software specifical - ly designed for flexography. Apex International Anderson & Vreeland, Inc. Apex International is an award-winning global lead - er of anilox rolls, sleeves, glue sets, metering prod - ucts, and print maintenance solutions. With five production facilities on four continents, a grow - ing portfolio of clients in over 80 countries, and a high-performance continuous-improvement culture, Apex’s mission is the customer’s production suc - cess. Through technical innovation, service, and manufacturing precision, Apex delivers reliable, durable, and predictable metering solutions to its client’s presses every day. ARC International ARC International is a world leader in the manufac - turing of roller products for flexography. The latest nanotechnology laser engraving in our Charlotte and Las Vegas manufacturing facilities ensures superior quality and consistency in anilox rollers. Eaglewood Technologies, LLC Eaglewood Technologies provides the award-winning Sitexco Laser Systems, Sanilox ™ Systems and Sani- Blast ™ Mobile Service. Sitexco Laser Systems are the latest technology in anilox roll cleaning and are perfect for packaging and label printers. Sanilox ™ Systems are the global standard of reliable, environmentally safe anilox roll cleaning. Sani-Blast ™ cleaning service has been cleaning rolls for over 20 years and offer several cleaning options to minimize downtime.

10 June 21, 2021 Flexo Market News

Call For Entries: TLMI’s Print And Sustainability Awards TLMI has announced that the 2021 Print Awards and Calvin Frost Sustainability Awards competitions are now open for submissions.This year marks the as- sociation’s 44th Print Awards Competition and 16th Sustainability Awards Competition.Winners will be an- nounced and celebrated at this year’s in-person TLMI Annual Meeting taking place October 17-19 at the Na- ples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, Florida. The association’s Sustainability Leadership Awards Committee has redesigned the competition to recog- nize all levels of sustainability efforts. Each award level is open to any TLMI supplier or converter member. TLMI is holding a webinar July 1, 2021 at 1:00 pm EST which will offer instruction to members on how to write and submit materials to be considered for this year’s Calvin Frost Sustainability Awards Program. All TLMI members are invited to join Sustainability Awards Committee Chair, Aimee Peacock, Chief Fi- nancial Officer of FLEXcon, as she walks companies through how to complete the submissions for each of the three award level categories:Trailhead, Journey and Elevation.The awards competition is open to both converter and supplier members

Koenig & Bauer Partners With ACTEGA

BestBrightHalfHOUSEtwo.qxp_Layout 1 9/12/18 4:28 PM Page 1 Utilizing the capabilities of the K&B Customer Expe- rience Center, the combined R&D teams were able to replicate the environment of individual customer sites. ACTEGA, manufacturer of coatings, inks, adhesives and sealing compounds for the print and packaging industry, and suppliers of press solutions, Koenig & Bauer, have maintained their product development program, designing, testing, and rolling out new solu- tions from a dedicated Koenig & Bauer Customer Ex- perience Center throughout the pandemic. “In March 2020, Koenig & Bauer and ACTEGA an- nounced that our partnership would be extended. As it happened, this news broke just a few days before COVID-19 really took hold of the world, disrupting every aspect of business and everyday life,” explained Eric Frank, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Koenig & Bauer.“As a result, it quickly became clear that our partnership was now more significant to our custom- ers’ success than ever before.Time-to-market was sud- denly even more critical for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, for example, and the brands that our customers serve had to adapt and keep pace as consumer buying habits changed overnight.”

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AICC Releases Sales Compensation Report

Flexo Market News

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has released its 12th Independent Sales Compensation Re- port. Based on a survey conducted over the last few months, it is reportedly a comprehensive report of key sales compensation salaries and benefits being paid by independent corrugator plants and sheets plants in the United States.This report received data from 62 in- dependent corrugator and sheet plants.These compa- nies employ nearly 5,700 full-time employees spread across the entire United States. In aggregate, these plants sold approximately $2.1 billion of corrugated products in 2020. As of January 1, 2020, the mean base salary for sheet plant salespersons in the United States was $76,621, which is 5.6 percent higher than reported in 2019. This represents an increase substantially smaller than that observed between 2017 and 2019 (19 percent), but closer to increases seen between 2015 and 2017 (3.3 percent), between 2015 and 2013 (1.5 percent), or between 2013 and 2011 (7.5 percent). Total com- pensation, which adds actual commission/bonus paid in 2020 with the January 1, 2021, base salary, averaged $141,310, which is almost identical to the average re- ported in 2019 ($141,517). The mean base salesperson salary at responding U.S. corrugator plants as of January 1, 2021, was $87,101, which is a 31.7 percent increase over the average re- ported in 2019 ($66,140). However, the average re- ported in 2019 was 17.7 percent lower than the aver- age reported in 2017 ($80,339). Total compensation, averaged $213,475,which is an increase of 2.6 percent over the average reported in 2019 ($208,053).Both fig- ures are much higher than reported in previous years. The Report offers detailed information on sales ob- jectives, base salaries, bonus basis, CRM usage, social media activity, and more both as a national and region- al view to allow independent sheet plants and corru- gator plants to benchmark their companies.

DuPont Packaging Graphics

DuPont Packaging Graphics is the world’s leading supplier of flexographic printing systems in digital and conventional formats; including Cyrel® brand photopolymer plates, Cyrel® FAST processing equipment, Cyrel® round sleeves, mounting and fin - ishing products. For more than 35 years, beginning with Cyrel®, the first photopolymer printing plate, through to to - day’s digital workflow revolution, DuPont has been driving innovation in the Flexo and package printing industries. The Digital Cyrel® FAST imaging system has been broadly recognized for its efficiency, productivity, print performance, and environmental benefits. Flint Group Flint Group Flexographic Products develops, man - ufacturers and markets an extensive portfolio of printing consumables, including: nyloflex ® photopoly - mer printing plates and processing equipment, and dayCorr ® die-cutting blankets and anvil covers. With a strong customer focus, unmatched service and support, and superior products, Flint Group strives to provide exceptional value, consistent quality and continuous innovation to customers around the world. Harper Corporation of America We’ve made ceramic anilox rolls longer than any - one in the world and pride ourselves on being the best in the world. Whether wide web, narrow web, newspaper, or corrugated markets, Harper continu - ously strives to bring new flexographic products and services to the printing industry that will improve the quality of your graphics. Flexotecnica’s patented Safe Sleeve Change ® system and Speedy Clean ® auto washup system are designed to give converters a competitive edge through Flexotecnica’s commitment to research and development. Sales, service and support for Flexo - tecnica presses is provided by KBA North America, Inc. in Dallas, Texas with U.S. resident technicians, an extensive spare parts inventory and an experi - enced, dedicated service staff. KBA-Flexotecnica – Get the Edge

Smurfit Kappa Acquires Cartones del Pacifico

Smurfit Kappa Group PLC has completed the acquisi- tion of Cartones del Pacifico, a paper-based packaging company in Peru, for an undisclosed amount. Smurfit said the acquisition expands its footprint in theAmericas from 12 to 13 countries, and builds on its position as the largest pan-regional supplier in Latin America. As part of the acquisition, Emusa Group has acquired Smurfit Kappa’s flexible packaging business in El Salvador.

12 June 21, 2021 Flexo Market News

FINAT Reconnects Label Industry After Pandemic

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The 2021 online European Label Forum hosted up to 750 attendees from label printing companies, suppli- ers and organizations from across Europe, and provid- ed a platform to take stock of the industry over the last year, and the opportunities in the period ahead. On the first day of the forum, attendees heard from FINAT Managing Director Jules Lejeune and LPC’s Jen- nifer Dochstader, who together analyzed some of the emerging trends and developments in the label indus- try after a tumultuous year. Day two was focused on business strategy, and began with a talk from Prof Andrea Boltho, an Italian econo- mist who lectures at Oxford University. He offered a zoomed-out view of the present dynamics of the Euro- pean economy to put the days’ sessions into context, by looking at the post-COVID recovery and the struc- ture forces shaping the global economy. Nick Mockett from Moorgate Capital and Norman Bremer from IK Investment Partners followed and looked specifically at the challenges and opportunities facing the label in- dustry, through the lenses of M&A and private equity. Strategic Pillars Sustainability is one of FINAT’s six major strategic pil- lars, and with climate change now a major issue at the top of the world’s political and economic agenda, day three was dedicated to understanding how the label industry can serve its customers, while limiting its en- vironmental impact. Maja Desgrées-Du Lo told the forum about her work as an EU policy officer revising the Packaging and PackagingWaste Directive. After that, Ophelie Gourdou informed everyone on CELAB-Europe and how this initiative envisions a circular economy for label materials. Then An Vossen presented the HolyGrail 2.0 project, which is all about intelligent sorting through digital watermarks.The day finished with a brand owner panel with packaging ex- perts discussing sustainability. The fourth day was focused on the future of work and the workforce. Special guest MarkusWörner of the einhorn company in Germany, explained his business concept of “fairstainability”, an approach to business that combines both fair trade and sustainability. He de- scribed how his approach to business, and the alterna- tive business models he pursued were not just good for the planet; they also helped him attract young tal- ent by offering them somewhere inspirational to work. He then went into discussion with a panel of incoming and senior leaders on the industry.The day was closed (Cont’d on Page 14)

SuperCorrExpo 2021 August 8–12, 2021 Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL

Labelexpo Europe September 21-24, 2021 Brussels Expo Brussels, Belgium

CorrExpo 2021 September 27 - 29, 2021 St. Louis, Missouri

FTA Fall Conference October 4-6, 2021 Frisco, TX

Label Congress 2021 September 29-October 1, 2021 Brussels Centre Expo Brussels, Belgium

TLMI Annual Meeting October 17-19, 2021 Naples Grande Beach Resort Naples, FL

Labelexpo Europe April 26-29, 2022 Brussels Centre Expo Brussels, Belgium

Labelexpo Americas September 13-15, 2022 Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont, IL

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Philippe Voet has been appointed new President for FINAT. Voet takes over the presidency from Chris Ellison to steer FINAT for the next two years. Voet,currently CEO at Etivoet Belgium, became a member of the FINAT Board in 2019 and has also been part of the FINATTechnical Committee. FUJIFILM Ken Brown has been named to the newly created role of Global Catego- ry Specialist, Labels and Packaging, for Fujifilm. In his new role, Brown will provide technical and business support to the Graphic Systems Division sales teams in addition to marketing, product management, and senior leadership. Flexible Packaging Association Danielle A. Diehlmann, “Dani,” has been named Vice President, Commu- nications for The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA). In Diehlmann’s 20 years with FPA she has served as an Administrative Assistant, Database Administrator, Membership Coordinator, Events and Meetings Director, and most recently Director of Communications.

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with a special workshop hosted by Mind Gym, which looked at the cornerstones of an inclusive company culture, and the power of inclusiveness to create real world business success. “Diversity pays.” That was the message of keynote speaker Pellegrino Riccardi on the final day of the fo- rum.He explained the value of having colleagues from different countries, with different life experiences and cultural backgrounds, and how to unlock their of- ten-untapped value in making organizations and busi- nesses stronger. The program then continued with Philippe Voet’s maiden speech as FINAT President,after which he hand- ed back to moderator Bert van Loon who led the cere- mony of the FINAT awards, where 16 companies were recognized for excellence in 25 different categories.

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